Start easily consuming insights and proactively reducing risk today. Investigate your options for interacting with elite security intelligence. Recorded Future arms security teams with threat intelligence powered by patented machine learning to lower risk. We pose the query IPO 2010 and get the following results. Learn more about how Recorded Future works or request a live demo of the service itself. Recorded Future has raised $57.90 m in total funding. eSentire provides information security solutions and protects enterprises from advanced cyber threats. Finally – remember that we’re always very interested in your feedback – leave any comments below! The lag exists for two reasons: a) companies try to time their IPOs to maximize valuations by waiting for strong market conditions, and b) investors are more willing to take on the risk that IPOs entail when the markets are healthy. Therefore, a dearth of predicted IPO activity during an otherwise seemingly good time in the market may indicate upcoming weakness. Another use for Recorded Future’s predicted IPO events is to form judgments about the current health of the market based on what RF predicted for ‘now’. Explore the world’s most advanced security intelligence platform. The level of IPO activity tends to move in step with the strength of the market. By accessing this site and any pages thereof, you agree to be bound by our Terms of Use.EquityZen and logo are trademarks of EquityZen Inc. Other trademarks are property of their respective owners.© 2020 EquityZen Inc. All rights reserved. Insert unprecedented intelligence into the security tools you already use. The Recorded Future Connect Partner Program is dedicated to putting elite intelligence in the hands of more defenders — where and when they need it — empowering them to protect their organizations and disrupt adversaries. Recorded Future Joins Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSOAR Marketplace as a Launch Partner. Between SEC filings and all of the speculation and rumors that are reported in blogs and by the media, there is plenty of information available to create an accurate forecast of upcoming IPO activity.

IPO activity will taper off as investors grow adverse to risk and become increasingly skeptical of unproven stocks.

And just as important, it’s silent when there’s nothing to report. ", "With machine learning and automated security intelligence from Recorded Future, only the really important alerts bubble up to my team, and there are very few false positives.". After the IPO is issued, the investors get chance to buy company shares directly from the stock exchange at the amount traded in the exchange. There are some financial firms waiting in the wings such as Imperial Capital (U.S.), Samsung Life (South Korea), Punjab and Sind Bank (India) and Fideuram (Italy), but it is a small amount of predicted IPO activity given the recovery in the sector. "Recorded Future empowers teams with accurate, actionable intelligence when there’s something to report that presents real risk. Since IPO activity is a direct result of market strength, there is a lag between the time the market turns and the time IPO activity increases. Since it is difficult for an investor to directly monetize the knowledge of a specific upcoming IPO, we will focus on what light the level of overall IPO activity can shed on the condition of financial markets. Insert unprecedented intelligence into the security tools you already use. Mouse over the objects!

Everything you need to reduce risk faster — without any of the noise. While the aforementioned private equity giants KKR and Apollo may tap the public coffers this year, it is important to keep in mind that the cream of the IPO crop can complete deals in just about any market.

This correlation means that investors can use IPOs, like other corporate actions (see M&A as Indicator of Economy Turn Around and Novel Economic Indicators), to gauge the health of equity markets. Learn how we produce superior security intelligence that disrupts adversaries at scale. A strong market has consistent IPO activity and a lengthening pipeline. On October 5–8, 2020, more than 5,000 security professionals from the most influential... September 1, 2020 • While Predict 2020 looked a bit different this year, the world’s largest security intelligence... September 30, 2020 • February 23, 2010 •

Because of this lag, clues to the timing of upcoming IPOs typically don’t appear until after the market starts to move. While knowledge of the upcoming Visa IPO may have allowed some investors to profit by trading MasterCard in early 2008, we would not be utilizing Recorded Future to the fullest by simply searching for IPO timing – there are SEC filings, financial services and Google searches to tell us when a specific company is set to go public. The Recorded Future Security Intelligence Platform dynamically categorizes, links, and analyzes intelligence from an unrivaled range and variety of sources in real time — and it instantly integrates with existing security tools. Investors must be able to afford the loss of their entire investment. Another use for Recorded Future’s predicted IPO events is to form judgments about the current health of the market based on what RF predicted for ‘now’. With the help of Recorded Future’s database and visual outputs, we can easily identify expected periods of increased IPO activity in the overall market, as well as within specific sectors or geographic regions. Recorded Future Security Intelligence Platform. What we know Both exchanges, located in Hong Kong and Shanghai, issued statements to this effect. Learn how we produce superior security intelligence that disrupts adversaries at scale. Want to leverage such queries using our news analytics?

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RF’s predicted IPO activity can lead to a lot of speculation about the overall market because of the relationship between IPO activity and market strength. Customize the precise security intelligence solution your organization needs. October 9, 2020 • Booming markets are typically accompanied by an increase in IPOs, while IPO activity can come to a standstill in the worst of bear markets as we saw in the U.S. during the first quarter of 2009. Considering its strong performance in the latter stages of 2009, there is not a long line of financial service firms knocking at the door. Instead we want to focus on the overall trend in IPO activity. Explore the world’s most advanced security intelligence platform. Equity securities are offered through EquityZen Securities.