set up by Parks Canada to help manage backcountry access. Anyone travelling into the backcountry must have avalanche training and appropriate safety equipment. A typical ski touring days at Rogers Pass is long, arduous and rewarding. Apply online for your free Annual Winter Permit. Revelstoke! Designed for field use, the map is made from waterproof and tear-resistant material that will stand up Parks Canada strongly recommends backcountry users to plan ahead and get an Annual Winter Permit as visitor services in Rogers Pass will be limited. Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps.

per day.

The Rogers Pass Adventure Map (winter version) offers a 1:50,000 scale overview of some of the most outrageous roadside attraction skiing in North America. Easily accessible by car or public transportation on the Trans-Canada Highway in about four hours from Calgary, Rogers Pass offers some of the finest powder skiing in the world! Thank you! Most parking lots in Rogers Pass require a Winter Parking Permit and open or close daily depending on avalanche control. There is no winter frontcountry camping in Glacier National Park and sleeping in vehicles in parking areas is prohibited. Well, when it comes to remote, mountainous places a hardcopy map still trumps electronics for those who know how to read them. Please contact us at [email protected] or 250-837-7500 and provide us with the number of participants, number/names of guides and proof of liability insurance. Failure to carry a valid Winter Permit can result in a fine of up to $25,000. Guided Group Permit application packages are available by contacting the Parks Canada Revelstoke Office at [email protected] or 250-837-7500.

by Lee Lau April 12, 2016. written by Lee Lau April 12, 2016. div#___ytsubscribe_0, h4.col-xs-12 { Rogers Pass in B.C.’s Selkirk Range does not require any introduction for ski touring aficionados in North America. Keep in mind that these areas provide access to both Winter Unrestricted and Winter Restricted areas.

For 2020-2021, visitor services at the Rogers Pass Discovery Centre will be limited and Daily Winter Permits may not be available. See Glacier National Park's webcams and today's weather forecast for Revelstoke and Golden. Skiers travelling alongside the highway are asked to travel on the side of the snowbank away from the highway rather than on the highway shoulder for safety reasons. Vetted by Park authorities as usual. Several runs have over 1000 meters of ascent and descent. Due to avalanche hazards and winter road maintenance, parking is only allowed in designated areas.

The site aims to be a one-stop-shop for skiers seeking timely, on-the-money information.

The Rogers Pass Adventure Map (winter version) offers a 1:50,000 scale overview of some of the most outrageous roadside attraction skiing in North America. The average annual snowfall in Rogers Pass is close to 10 meters. We encourage all users to obtain Annual Winter Permits this year as, due to COVID-19 health and safety measures, visitor services in Rogers Pass will be limited. Hiring a ski guide will increase your overall experience since they are familiar with the terrain, are avalanche professionals and certified to travel on glaciers.

You need to know where you can ski and ride to be safe from artillery fire. A national park pass and a Winter Permit is required for every member of a guided group. Avalanche control work is conducted to keep the transportation corridor open, not to make slopes safe for skiers or boarders. An Annual Winter Permit allows you to access open Winter Permit System areas without visiting the Rogers Pass Discovery Centre each morning. Parks Canada strongly recommends that all backcountry users obtain the Annual Winter Permit this year. We've had a Summer map for many years, which is geared to hikers and backpackers roaming the mountain ranges of Glacier National Park.

They are not open for skiing at any time. You must obtain a Winter Parking Permit (provided with your Daily and Annual Winter Permits) for parking at designated parking areas. Much of this popular ski touring terrain may be closed daily for explosive avalanche control. Ski touring in Rogers Pass with the Winter Permit System. These maps outline the major runout zones and terrain traps in 5 popular areas.

Please note that camping or any other form of overnight use is not permitted at any location within a Winter Restricted Area. The map does not layout actual tours, but it does label all 20 of the Winter Permit System Areas We built this backcountry skiing community for you, the passionate skier, and hope you enjoy the hard work we put into all the reviews, routes, videos and posts we create. Backcountry skiing Canada is your resource for ski touring powder in BC and Alberta Canada. Daily Winter Permits are only available at the Rogers Pass Discovery Centre and may be unavailable this year due to limited visitor services.

Public safety is Parks Canada’s primary concern. This great big beautiful map guide is targetted at skiers, snowboarders and snowshoers visiting one of the world's great destinations for backcountry alpine adventure.

Overflow parking is not available. All of the mountain slopes that face the Trans-Canada Highway and railway corridor are part of the Winter Permit System. This is one of the most popular ski touring trips in Rogers Pass due to the proximity to the highway and variety-pack of ski terrain. It also highlights designated parking Choose Easting and Northing, or Latitude and Longitude by clicking on. The Winter Permit System separates skiers from artillery fire and the resulting avalanches. Officially, the map covers the bulk of Glacier National Park, too. Check today's Avalanche Bulletin before heading into the backcountry. Parks Canada policies and regulations for custodial groups. }. Depending on the tour selection, we will on average ski between 4000 and 6000 vertical feet (up and down!) Unless you’re skiing exclusively in a winter unrestricted area you will need a Winter Permit. Chrismar Mapping, $15 Rogers Pass in Glacier National Park is a popular backcountry ski touring destination with an average of 10 m of snowfall a year. If you have any additional questions about the Annual Winter Permit process, please contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at 250-837-7500. A backcountry camping permit (or wilderness pass) and an additional Overnight Parking Permit is required.

display: none!important; In order for backcountry users to continue to have access to restricted slopes, avalanche forecasters and the army need to be confident that there is complete compliance with the Winter Permit system. The Winter Permit System divides Glacier National Park into three areas: These areas are opened or closed daily depending on planned artillery fire. Rogers Pass and Glacier National Park & Area Map. Below you will find a sample itinerary for day backcountry ski touring in Rogers Pass. If the parking area for your intended objective is full, you may need to change your plans. Call 1-877-852-3100. Remain with your parked vehicle until you are notified by Parks Canada staff that the highway is open. If you enjoy this web site and value the content we create for you, then please support Backountry Skiing Canada by donating today. Located just an hour east of “Revy” is Rogers Pass — aka backcountry skiing heaven. ACMG guides teaching AST or CAA courses do not require a Special Event Permit. It’s ideally suited to plotting day trips and multi-day adventures from the classic trailheads along the Trans-Canada highway through Rogers Pass. Access to certain areas has been established via routes that avoid crossing CP property. Modern technology can be awesome, but a map is a multi-purpose planning, navigation and entertainment tool that should be considered required equipment when visiting new areas. Please note that cell service is not always reliable through the park. to many a stormy ski tour and backpack abuse. Overnight parking permits can only be obtained at the Rogers Pass Discovery Centre or by phone at 250-837-7500, and specific exit routes will be explained to you at the time.

Plan ahead to avoid disappointment. See the parking section above. Entering a closed area may expose you to artillery fire, explosives, or the resulting avalanches. sites and labels and names 46 commonly recognized winter ski routes or touring destinations.

You can apply online for your Annual Winter Permit and will receive the permit by email.

Waterproof as usual. Get real-time updates on which Winter Restricted Areas are open with the Rogers Pass Backcountry Access interactive map. If you are planning a workshop, camp, course, race, clinic, competition, festival or other special event in Glacier National Park, you must have a Special Event Permit. Officially, the map covers the bulk of Glacier National Park, too. please support Backountry Skiing Canada by donating today. A little over 200 m from the Balu Pass trailhead there is a bridge crossing. We have built a community to encourage safe travel through the mountains, promote a healthy appreciation for Mother Nature, and crank up the fun factor. The Winter Terrain Atlas provides valuable visual terrain information to backcountry users of Mount Revelstoke and Glacier national parks.