Citicorp is building a new headquarters in Manhattan. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link at the bottom of every newsletter. Oh, that’s the story about how all the African-American women who were mathematicians as part of the Space Programme.

In 1978 the structural engineer in charge of the building, William LeMessurier (what a great name for an engineer) gets a call from a uni student.

The Citicorp Center (now known as the Citigroup Center) is one of the most recognizable features of the New York City skyline. There is so much training in the engineering field around data, precision, left-brain stuff, that it is sometimes difficult to get by the gate and talk to engineers about the power of story. Definitely. For me the thing that grabbed me was the humanity of it. So, there’s actually a lesson there on just those small flag wavers who could be vital. Then put the written version aside and tell the story to someone and notice what you include. In juni 1978 naar aanleiding van discussie tussen Diane Hartley, een student civiele techniek aan de universiteit van Princeton, en Joel Weinstein, ontwerpingenieur, herberekende LeMessurier de windbelasting op het gebouw, dit keer met inbegrip van wind op de hoeken. [2], Uiteindelijk had het verkeerde ontwerp geen kwalijke gevolgen. You can still see that building in Manhattan. He decides he needs to do more testing and he talks to the builders and talks about the construction methods. He decided to return the call but the Times and other major papers in the area had gone on strike leaving the public unaware of the building’s structural instabilities [2] . Uit windtunneltesten met modellen van Citigroup Center bleek dat de windsnelheid die nodig was om het gebouw te doen instorten gemiddeld plaatsvond eens in de 16 jaar. A four? Het gevaar werd bijna 20 jaar voor het publiek verborgen gehouden. The other way I use it too when I share it with engineers I get them to talk about some of the issues that spring to mind for them and also as a story trigger. We’re going to segue into a different type of story; an engineering story. There are some events that just must be told such as receiving the phone call from the student, the retesting of the wind models, the realisation that the student was right, the discovery of bolts instead of welding, telling the client, fixing the problem. They ended up having the first floor (about 30, 40 feet) suspended in the air with these four pylons.

You do have a connection to that story; more power to you. Well. He went, ‘holy smoke’, goes up to his cabin in the woods, spends the weekend thinking, ‘this is the end of my career, my reputation is absolutely in the dirt’—he’s on the edge of suicide. "The curtain wall, a light and delicate layer, folds out at the base and signals the building's various entry points," added Whitlock. I like to tell it to engineers now and then to get them talking about it. But as a business storyteller it’s important to understand that if you are talking to engineers then they are most interested in engineering stories. Contrasting the written version by Joe Morgenstern with my oral retelling gives you a good example of how much is left out. Zaha Hadid Architects' Hong Kong skyscraper is "a fresh take ... Visit our comments page | Read our comments policy, KPF completes Beijing's tallest skyscraper. In the 70’s, Citicorp developed this brand spanking new big headquarters in Manhattan and designed it in a funky new way. So, she’s running all the way out to the toilet and all the way back (because this is a high-pressure job she’s in). This synchrony of tower and landscape, coupled with its simple, sculptural form, define CITIC Tower.". Citi strives to create the best outcomes for our clients and customers with financial solutions that are simple, creative and responsible.

We often get asked “does storytelling work with finance folk, scientists or engineers?” There’s an assumption in their question that some professions only care about the numbers, the facts, and they don’t have time or an interest for stories. They kept it a secret for at least 20 years. The Citicorp Tower is a famous case in engineering ethics that is often celebrated as a positive example, rather than the more notorious case studies of ethical failures. Aug. 4, 2020 $5,500,000 . According to the firm, the skyscraper's shape is based on the form of a zun – a type of bronze or ceramic ceremonial vessel that were first made in the bronze age.

Anecdote International is a global training and consulting company, specialising in utilising storytelling to bring humanity back to the workforce. Dezeen Weekly subscribers will also receive occasional updates about events, competitions and breaking news. Morgenstern, J. I hope he went on to a great career. You’ve got this structural engineer who’s built his career on doing the most amazing buildings and it’s potentially coming to an end and he’s got the point of almost saying, ‘enough’s enough’ and he’s going to do his life in but then realises no he can’t. De problemen werden ontdekt in juni, het begin van het orkaanseizoen, en moesten snel worden aangepakt. Voor zijn oorspronkelijke ontwerp had William LeMessurier windbelasting berekend op de zijkanten van het gebouw, maar niet op de hoeken (onder 45 graden op het gebouw). 2. Het gebouw wordt sterk gekenmerkt door het schuine dak (45° helling) en door drie gigantische 'steunpilaren' waarop het gebouw staat. Calls the architect, client, insurers, lawyers. Now imagine you were to tell this story, Mark, (and this might be a big gap to leap across) but where would you use this story? De bouten konden het begeven en het gebouw zou kunnen instorten. It has been designed to be a visible anchor at the northern end of the district and a landmark for the whole area. So, what’s the story we’re going to talk about this week? It just reminds them of things they’ve done themselves. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Stitcher | Spotify | RSS.

Then read it again and note the facts and figures, the names of people and places (you have to rote learn these). But given that I think I’d still give it a 7. Thanks guys. 18 month plan worked out to replace all bolts with welding. It doesn’t look like an impressive monument given the size of buildings these days but in terms of engineering it was a great feat in how to deal with a difficult problem. This view if common if you haven’t read a story and then retold it off the top of your head, no notes. It’s kind of a bit too technical. Het gebouw herbergt het hoofdkwartier van het Amerikaanse Citigroup, een van de grootste banken ter wereld. His name has been lost in time because when LeMessurier got the phone call he just hears ‘blah, blah, blah, your building’s going to fall down’ and he just goes click. I sometimes tell this story to engineers to get them thinking about what does it mean to be a true professional. It’s a new design and 59 stories making it the 7th tallest building in the world. When there’s a really big problem, collaboration is a great way to tackle it. I think it is interesting that you talk about “Engineer stories”, because I have found myself up against a paradigm that says that on the whole “Engineers are not for stories”. But the great thing about this was the CEO who gave this presentation; it just had a great impact. We will never give your details to anyone else without your consent. In this video, Dr. Michael Loui summarizes the highlights of the case, including the fact that: The design flaw was revealed by a Princeton University engineering student who was analyzing the… The Fifty-Nine-Story Crisis. In 1978 the structural engineer in charge of the building, William LeMessurier (what a great name for an engineer) gets a call from a uni student. Oh my god—arrow to the heart. (1995). Evacuatieplannen werden uitgewerkt met de lokale besturen, maar de orkaan week gelukkig op tijd af. That’s the one and the women were actually called computers. Dit gebeurde 's nachts, zonder ruchtbaarheid. And they usually have heaps of stories to tell. "In all, we feel that CITIC Tower's graceful skyline profile, dynamic street-level presence, and transparent lobby and observation hall answer its architectural mission.". And tune in next week for another episode on how to put stories to work.

To me that’s a nice turning point in the story, one of those ones that give the humanity and people involved in those big structures being created. LeMessurier ontdekte ook dat zijn bedrijf de bundelveiligheidsfactor van New York had gebruikt van 1:1 in plaats van de kolomveiligheidsfactor van 1:2. De tekst is beschikbaar onder de licentie. David Adjaye and Aston Martin design five residences in New ... "This is going to be the future of many metropole cities ... Kris Provoost captures "immense density" of Hong Kong's housing, Farrells completes six interconnected skyscrapers in Shenzhen. But there are lots of possibilities in re-watching those movies. The Citicorp Center still standing at 619 Lexington Ave, Manhattan. We will only use your email address to send you the newsletters you have requested. I think I could tell it even better with a bit more practice and better understanding of the elements and trying to work out what to emphasise. You might think this is a lot of work just to tell a story. So, she has to go about half a mile away just to go to the toilet. As you said, engineers are influenced by stories just like anyone else. "We abstracted the zun's elegant form and focused on its gradual transformation, applying this motif across immense scales: from the tower's overall massing, all the way down to its curtain wall, entry vestibule, and interior detailing. They had some design constraints: a church they had to build this building on top of. But it also seems to spark other conversations for us doesn’t it? The New Yorker, 29/5/1995, pp 45-53. He goes up to Canada, to a modelling group up there and runs a bunch of weather models and realises there is a situation where this building can come down.

Na zes weken, toen het werk half af was, kwam de grote orkaan Ella recht op New York af. That’s your first version. It was a 59-story building—at that time the 7th tallest building in the world. The 528-metre-tall CITIC Tower designed by American firm Kohn Pedersen Fox is the tallest skyscraper in Beijing, the fourth-highest in China and number eight worldwide. Het Citigroup Center is dankzij haar schuine dak een hoogtepunt uit de postmodernistische architectuur. Now work out the point of the story and then tell it again prefacing the story with your point. It’s about a little-known near-disaster from the centre of New York City that was averted through the good work of engineers, lawyers, clients, insurers and city officials.

A good way to get a written story converted to an oral story is simply to read it and really picture what’s happening, hear the sounds, take in the smells and tastes. Yeah, look it’s quite an enjoyable process.

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