Adam French, co-Founder of Scalable Capital and CEO of its UK business, commented: “We are delighted to have convinced so many clients about the benefits of Scalable Capital and our risk management technology within the course of just one year. Delivered Monday at midday. The firm was launched in 2016 across both … Scalable says its average portfolio size has fallen from approximately £40,000 back in April 2017 to £28,000 while the average age of clients has increased since the firm’s launch.

Share. Wealthfront and Betterment both took longer to reach Scalable's current AUM with the former needing 30 months and the latter 48 months although it should be noted that this was in the very early days of the 'wealthtech' trend. Scalable capital doubles AUM News Team, 17/12/2019. In the eleven months that followed, assets then increased fivefold to €500m. As you were browsing something about your browser made us think you were a bot.

Long-term structural winner from scalable industries. The median portfolio size is over €100,000 (£84,000) and around 20% of total AUM come from portfolios of more than €500,000 (£418,000). We are therefore convinced that the majority of investors will use digital investment solutions in a few years' time. Due to the lack of official reporting obligations, however, all figures are to be taken with a pinch of salt and may actually be considerably lower. The firm also expects future growth in AUM from existing clients with more than half already making use of a monthly savings plan with an average payment of €500 (£420). Scalable Capital most recent partnership was with ING-DiBa, Germany's third-largest bank in terms of customer numbers, began in September 2017. Your daily 7am download of all things alternative finance and fintech. EC2V 5DU. “Our rapid growth shows, above all, that there is a real demand for digital wealth management. Scalable Capital claims lead in Euro robo race as assets hit €2bn. You're a power user moving through this website with super-human speed. Until recently, Blackrock-backed Scalable Capital could help individuals with any questions about its service, whether via e-mail or over the phone, but it was unable to give financial advice. The firm’s operational process involves an initial evaluation of its client’s risk tolerance, after which a tailor-made investment portfolio is constructed purely from exchange-traded funds, each targeting a specific asset class including equities, government bonds, corporate bonds, covered bonds, commodities, real estate and cash. Fintech and alternative finance headlines with an exclusive Editor's Note each week. Rival digital investment manager Moola is set to launch in the UK in January 2017 having recently received authorization from the Financial Conduct Authority. While the mean portfolio size is reported to be approximately €42,000 (£35,000), the company has also captured growth by attracting several high net worth clients. “Using modern technology, providing full transparency about downside risks and offering lower fees allows us to convince our clients to move away from cash savings to investment accounts. "We’ve grown our assets under management faster than the robo-advice pioneers from the US who started a few years before us and which now manage more than ten billion US dollars,” he said.

ABOUT US. . With the exception of Scalable Capital competitors’ AUM are still in the tens or low hundreds of millions. Its first major partnership, with Siemens Private Finance, and second with BlackRock, also offer their respective employees wealth management services have also greatly contributed to the rapid growth in AUM. You've disabled JavaScript in your web browser.

Our growth story is just getting started, and we look forward to more success in 2017 as we build on strong momentum in the UK and our market-leading offering in Germany.”. Back in January it made the move into 'hybrid' robo-advice' with the launch of human advice from regulated financial advisers on demand for customers. Scalable Capital now manages more than two billion Euros for private clients across Europe. Reaching this milestone so quickly underlines the trust our clients put into us. "The market for digital wealth management is currently growing faster than the ETF market did in its early days. Robo-advice. Scalable Capital has reached the milestone of €100m in assets under management (AUM) just 10 months after launching in Germany and four months after expanding into the UK. The digital wealth manager is hot on the heels of Nutmeg, the market leader, in terms of gathering assets. The firm also recently partnered with AJ to offer a SIPP and early in 2018 it launched in Switzerland. Now, six months after this, Scalable Capital manages more than a €1bn. Bamboo: Lessons from 4 years of Open Banking… not a typo, Alternative Lending State of the Market Report, Experian leverages Open Banking to factor Spotify and Netflix subscriptions into credit scores, Exclusive: New ESG fintech Spark Change raises £3.5m led by Barclays, Freetrade sets sights on European domination as it gears up to launch in Sweden, Freetrade completes Series A with $7.5m from Draper Esprit after hitting crowdfunding limit.

Robo-adviser Scalable Capital has passed €1 billion (£873 million) in assets under management (AUM).. Scalable Capital has reached the milestone of €100m in assets under management (AUM) just 10 months after launching in Germany and four months after expanding into the UK. “The majority of our clients work with data, formulas or software on a daily basis. "This is a significant milestone for our company and we are all the more delighted that we managed to reach it so quickly," says Simon Miller, UK co-founder and UK CEO of Scalable Capital. Scalable Capital has passed more than €1bn of assets under management (AUM) just 2.5 years after launching its digital wealth management services, according to a statement by the firm. Partnerships with ING-DiBa in Germany, BlackRock and Siemens Financial Services have been important drivers of growth, the firm says. The UK is seeing a growing number of such firms entering the market with companies such as ETFmatic, MoneyFarm, Netwealth, Nutmeg, and Wealthify already operating in the country. This makes Scalable Capital the clear market leader in Germany and one of the leading firms in Europe behind one of the industry pioneers in the UK Nutmeg which manages more than £1bn at the last measure back in 2017. Adam French, co-Founder of Scalable Capital. Scalable Capital doubles AUM to €200m in three months, Robo-advisor Scalable Capital launches in the UK, BlackRock buys minority equity stake in Scalable Capital, ETF robo-advisor Scalable Capital reaches €500m in assets. You reached this page when attempting to access from on 2020-11-12 07:52:08 UTC. How is the Covid crisis changing lenders' attitudes and methods for measuring affordability?

The use of leading technology and the cost advantages are compelling reasons to use digital wealth managers rather than invest in actively managed funds. They understand the quality and cost benefits of a technology-driven investment approach”, notes Dr. Ella Rabener, CMO and UK co-Founder of Scalable Capital. By continuing to browse the site, you are indicating your acceptance of these terms. A third-party browser plugin, such as Ghostery or NoScript, is preventing JavaScript from running. Brilliance Capital is a bottom up equity investment manager We focus on consumer, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, internet and cyclical sectors We invest in China A, Hong Kong and US ADRs Our team is …