General resume, to include previous work experience, personal or professional Search and Rescue experiences, medical experience, list of current certification, and references. Alexandra enjoys using her knack for reporting and storytelling to instill in others a better understanding of and appreciation for nature. Now we are proud rangers with life-changing careers", "Wildlife conservation is broken. ", "Wildlife crime is a global criminal enterprise that is beyond the scope of most traditional conservation NGOs", "Until National Park Rescue gave us this opportunity, we were single mothers with no income.

NPS currently faces $11-plus billion in deferred maintenance costs, which.

rs in recent years.

In fiscal year 2017 alone, deferred maintenance increased by $275 million, or 2.5 percent, due to an increase in park attendance.

When Congress established Yellowstone as the first national park in 1872 — sparking a national movement, Leaving civilization behind is the goal of many of us hikers, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Hiking was also the activity most likely to result in fatalities. The surge in SARs in recent years is taking its toll, both physically and financially, on NPS and its staff. He believes this leads more people — lured by nature’s beauty — to head into the wild without doing their research. At national parks nationwide, these operations involved 84,000 man hours — more than 12,000 of which were fulfilled by non-NPS employees such as volunteers or members of the U.S. military. Furthermore, in New York, forest rangers reported conducting approximately one SAR operation per day in 2016.

In exchange, the SAR team member is provided a tent cabin at the Camp 4 walk-in campground or a campsite in Tuolumne Meadows campground. However, only applications received by January 31 will be considered for the up-coming summer season. During this on-call time SAR team members are considered volunteers and are not paid. New edition contains SAR from -. Access to the Friends of YOSAR Insurance Reimbursement Program. Overall, many SAR incidents are due to hikers underestimating Mother Nature and exercising poor judgement. Furthermore, in New York, forest rangers reported conducting approximately one SAR operation per day in 2016. In 2004 there were 190 Search and Rescue incidents in the park, a very small number considering there were about 3 million visitors to the park in that same time period. Our Ranger Force gives wildlife the security it deserves, with a defence proportional to the threat.

ll just short of 2016’s record-setting total — by less than 90,000 visits — it represents an increase of 45 million visitors from 2014. The Yosemite SAR Program is looking for highly motivated and skilled individuals to assist in all aspect of emergency services.

These statistics are largely the result of inexperienced, unprepared hikers and backpackers heading into the wilderness without enough food or water, lacking proper gear or clothing, without knowledge of where they are going, or attempting to hike above their skill level. We risk our lives every day to save wildlife on the frontline. sulted in fatalities. The majority of these — 563 — occurred in Lake Mead National Recreation Area, followed by the Grand Canyon with 290 and Yosemite with 233.