Thank goodness my husband is handsome, funny, articulate and smart as well as savvy. SEERL.

event. But, gentlemen, I am not blind and you are not getting away with it.

“Everybody judges everybody about everything. I look at who I am now and what I have to work with now. Not sleeveless, mind you.

Or actually slim, toned anything. If it pleases me to cover something, or reveal it, I do it. Average rating: 5.0 out of 5 . How about one saying: Yes, I’m older, and yes I have underarm flab … but, I have always liked sleeves as T-Shirts. I’m not fat, but everything on my body has “gone south” and since I don’t find bare sags/bags particularly aesthetically pleasing myself, I’ll assume that others don’t either. I am 78 and slim but self conscious about crepy arms.

I am 73 and my age is obvious even if I have long sleeves on. J Taylor Womens Boat Neck Short Sleeve Blouse. (Fortunately, I live in the Pacific Northwest, and we don’t get much “sleeveless” weather.).

I have also let my hair silver and have it long and wear it up. If you navigate away from this siteyou will lose your shopping bag and its contents.

We are much more than our bodies. I see other females my age (67) or younger wearing shorts that are too short, tights (when it’s clear they are not exercisers!!) Just go to an art museum. I am not ashamed to say I cover my arms because I am vain. I seldom go sleeveless or even short-sleeved because I get cold in the overly air conditioned restaurants and stores so prevalent in the South.

I am 62 and due to my mindset wanted to wear a sleeveless dress to an afternoon outdoor reception in which it will be near 100 degrees today, but was quickly nixing the idea due to my usual mindset of being too old to wear it.

If you’re wanting a polished finish to your look, try one of our women’s blazers. However you want! You can only speak for yourself.

I do admire women who have courage to uncover flab and all. However, if I want to wear sleeveless I will wear sleeveless. Satin Animal Print Long Sleeve Shirt. This is just my personal opinion about my own clothing predilections–to each her own.

But I’ve also noticed that that problem is accentuated by wearing elbow length sleeves. It makes me crazy. All my life, and it has been a long one, I have been amazed at the arrogant ability of men to be completely blind to how they look with their flabby arms and knobby knees and man tits and stomachs hanging over their belts. Are you kidding? Go Girls defy the critics. It’s o easy to revert to old patterns of thought. Underlying the notion that this doesn’t look good on a woman of a certain age or that doesn’t look good is the “what will HE think looks good” paradigm. Senior Planet’s comments are open for all readers/subscribers; we love hearing from you! Classic Clothing Shop . arms that would gladly trade with you!” Be thankful !!!!! At Matalan we have a wide range of sleeveless and long sleeve blouses to suit all occasions.

(sorry for graphic description…). Just trying to decide about a beautiful top and found this. Location. Nonetheless, I just bought a mess-o- sleeveless dresses and have been wearing them confidently until reading some of the comments here. Tops & Blouses.

And, if there’s something we can do to fix or improve, why not?

$18.99 $ 18.

I am comfortable with my average two children body.

Thursday, February 18 Public service message.

Ever, in your whole life?

But my arms have wings, crepe and assorted other non-toned issues. Regardless of your flab or plumpness, believe me, some men are finding you extremely desirable. on people but I guess I just don’t mind. Speaking as a man, I love womens’ arms, all ages and sizes. Women's Loose Ruffle Hem Short Sleeve High Low Peplum Blouse Top. Long Sleeve Dresses.

Covering up or enhancing any feature you don’t personally find pleasing about yourself — whether it’s gray hair, wispy eyelashes, or underarm flesh — is a personal grooming choice, not a denial of your age. Ladies Cotton sleeveless Vest.

I very thin built! Click here to change your country and language. 99. 41 Comments I wonder if it’s their choice.

What a nice post!

I can’t see sweltering on a hot New York summer day covering up my upper arms so that people who see me think I am dressed appropriately.

Take Iris Apfel, the famous “geriatric” style icon who in 2015 told the Guardian: “I think when you’re paying $15,000 for a dress you’re entitled to a pair of sleeves. When hot weather comes, I go sleeveless and I go swimming. Not already logged in? The current round of sleevelessness–a style that I’ve seen come and go–may have started with Michelle Obama, an attractive and exceptionally fit middle-aged woman who looks terrific in sleeveless garments. $14.98 with code. We found no results matching your search. And of course, men like “young women?” But why? I tried a larger size bathing suit but didn’t help, it was worse as the garment hanged at the bottom!!! Or to FORCE ourselves to “show”? Absolutely. Search: Skip to Main Content » Skirts. Women's Shirts & Blouses. I’m pushing 80 and first of all, major “kudos” to you for doing water aerobics.

womens size range. Tops. M&S Collection . Has anyone noticed? I still don’t. Some people comment that I have nice biceps (thanks, I worked at that), and if other people think, “Yeuww, extra skin with wrinkles,” they don’t say it out loud. My upper arms are crepy two but look better with sleeveless. I am not a product, nor even that egg producer that the male of the species once saw me as and that I pandered to in a mutual attempt to keep the species going. I can’t cover up ALL the signs of old age….why make jiggly upper arms such a big deal? Open Thread Update: The Best Book(s) You Ever Read. Free - Google Play.

what one thinks of your arms, or wrinkle neck or??? She got to be sexy and trendy without baring her arms. Because it’s a reflection of years of practice, of years of working with the medium that is just the right one for me, of years of becoming comfortable in my own skin and of years of finally having grown out of the “what will He think” paradigm. I take water aerobics 3 and 4 times a week and only noticed it a year ago (I’m 80s!).

When I hit menopause I got hotter and sweatier, and long sleeves just didn’t cut it on hot days. DOROTHY. You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. I wear bright Colours and do not care a jot for others opinion.

Bare Arms for Older Women?. The View’s sleek and fashionable Joy Behar, 73, always wears sleeves.

Just as a short dress or lingerie may be sexier than plain nudity.

same day pickup. 4.0 out of 5 stars 3,871. I haven’t appeared in a bathing suit for at least 10 years and won’t be doing so anytime soon (read: ever again). Judy Dench, 81, is known for her flowing long-sleeved red carpet gowns. short sleeve. I admire a Florida friend who is pushing 70, has chubby arms and always goes sleeveless in her fashionable flowing outfits.

Well, because it’s in their DNA, that’s why. River Island Pink Light Pleat Sleeve Shirt Mini Dress, River Island Black Contrast Chiffon Shirt, River Island Black Spot Organza Rib Puff Sleeve Shirt, White Stuff Green Linen Collared Jersey Shirt, River Island Blue Light Puff Sleeve Shirt, Monsoon Cream Ditsy Embroidered Sustainable Shirt, Ted Baker Ayvaa Drawcord Waist Utility Shirt, Ted Baker Ayvaa Draw-Cord Waist Utility Shirt, New Look Leopard Print Short Sleeve Shirt, White Stuff White Coastal Path Jersey Shirt, Regatta Womens Mindano V Short Sleeve Shirt, Yours Curve Striped Embellished Tie Front Shirt. Even if you are in shape the skin texture really deteriorates after a certain age. Seriously, I wish I had your—or Aretha’s—courage because sometimes it’s just too hot to cover up my huge, flabby underarms.

194 Results. There they are, dressed in lightweight sleeveless tops while at work in (likely) chilly newsrooms during the middle of winter. Matalan App. If it is, no problem, although I still shiver for them. deals & promotions.

The truth is, I am ambivalent about showing any part of my upper arms.

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I thought it would rot in my closet before letting anyone see me in it again.

Go Susan!! Ladies, start dressing “age appropriate”– your kids don’t think you’re cool dressing like them, they think you’re silly! Nope. Not sleeveless, mind you.

Whatever one is comfortable with is the deciding factor. Snake Print Long Sleeve Shirt. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. lol! I either wear long or 3/4 sleeves! Anything can be art, including pieces of poop, Including my flabby upper arms and my flabby hangy down ass and even my flabby boobs. Got it! Ladies short sleeve Seersucker Blouse in Lilac.

I love the dress, which is my coolest comfortable option for this day, and after reading your comment, have decided to wear it! Get it as soon as Thu, Nov 5.

Would I cover my face because my skin is no longer taut?

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Being happy goes beyond wrinkles & saggy skin!!!

Sort By: featured. I’m not an air-brushed beauty but I have a lot to offer. Many of us (and yours truly) may feel extremely self conscience by making ourselves live with an “attitude” which we don’t entirely feel…, I admire both kinds of women – those who have the courage of showing it ALL and those who have the courage of covering it ALL. Another part of me – the evolved, wise part – says as others here have. brand. Are you sure you want to navigate away from this site? “Like gray hair, flabby or wrinkled upper arms are one of the signs of age that women think they have to cover up — but plenty of women who’ve chosen to reveal the gray still hide those arms.

So yes, I do bare my arms. “There are MANY ladies with NO

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How about you? I walk and use resistance bands for exercise, both of which I can do fully clothed, thank goodness. Let’s just call it Darwinism and leave it at that. It is a lose/lose. Women who are 60 (or plus) and dress like they are 30 look ridiculous– let’s face it: we’re NOT that age any longer!!