National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Behavior in Fire: Increases flammability of combustibles.

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National Ocean Service, SILVER NITRATE Pictogram Signal word Danger Hazard statements H272 May intensify fire; oxidizer. 0000013387 00000 n "c" indicates that although not listed by name and CAS number, this chemical is reportable under one or more of the EPCRA section 313 chemical categories. Pure Silver Nitrate does not absorb moisture. endstream endobj 27 0 obj <. Black precipitate, silver nitride exploded on stirring [MCA Case History 1554 1968]. See 50 Federal Register 13456 (April 4, 1985). A typical reaction with silver nitrate is to suspend a rod of copper in a solution of silver nitrate and leave it for a few hours. Prolonged exposure to fire or heat may result in an explosion. When a mixture of 28% ammonium hydroxide and silver nitrate solution was treated with a small amount of sodium hydroxide. 0000019434 00000 n Silver nitrate is toxic and corrosive. <<0AA8CC9B3A710D45A9625719AAB365E3>]>> Reaction with ethyl alcohol (or other alcohols) may produce silver fulminate, which can explode when disturbed [Bretherick 1979 p. 200]. f to transport Oxygen, causing headache, fatigue, dizziness, and a blue color to the skin and lips (methemoglobinemia). f Inhaling Silver Nitrate can irritate the nose, throat and lungs. 0000019050 00000 n Little exposure to the chemical will not produce immediate or even or any side effects other than the purple skin stains.

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listed below. 26 0 obj <> endobj Web site owner: known to react with the SILVER NITRATE is noncombustible but, as an oxidizing agent, can accelerate the burning of combustible materials. Failure to has caused accidents. It is used for aldehyde tests and should be prepared . 0000006806 00000 n SILVER NITRATE is noncombustible but, as an oxidizing agent, can accelerate the burning of combustible materials. %PDF-1.3 trailer G�dN�F�[\�. �,z�S�q�x�����՟&�@'�x������+4��W��#�g�WW�(��8 Mixtures with phosphorus, tin(II) chloride, or other reducing agents may react explosively [Bretherick 1979 p. 108-109]. The silver nitrate reacts with copper to form hairlike crystals of silver metal and a blue solution of copper nitrate: Solid . 0000012391 00000 n x��y��6r��秠�:f�� o���J��|�eG��j��R�UI�I�N*_?�F�H�ϣHU$ 6������=�:�{^����.�ˮ����}U�>7F������G��W?������������W^�6e^�vk ٛ��>����'���ٯ&�+P���o�dp�[.ꡰ��ՔE��F�yzG���&�{���5��;qwgs���9�|��*o��w�����r����l��ȵy쎯/��:�|}�~]��{4���Ra�� �ݍkP\et�o��J��{@��� �R����/��g��CV8kS�E�n���쥌������vCQ9#����@��9��Y��d�BQ:ۉ�ٶɢ���N��eQ����(�Ѧ�Q������Ρ��*s�\�MW]_[8�+���'���T5����U��BȦ�,��7�6��}����3� �5�)J�( �8�ȮCۊ����@��Fҧ�4:/=-畉(�,��V�t�i+Fq \��E�&��i��f��n~;zl�r׃ѹJ4ӻ���N�R�u�_e��uUѵM�w]��G�| -ZU�j�6U�55d���(��iB|�����+���e���^T��5���E=>���M�2?��##��jM�ʖо��z2����$3��i+��T}�U�T�zz�����;����2E��z���t�m�cU����c��zc���*��ٔ�X�@y.�-r��U^�z���@_��fLn�L4c���QP�-�0G}��Tg���O�+Ϯ2�b����)X}[�{����[�G�����{��団q���1�\�pG==b蹣������{ 0000003111 00000 n 0000001925 00000 n Ingestion will produce violent abdominal pain and other gastroenteric symptoms. H290 May be corrosive to metals. only on a test-tube scale, when needed, and discarded into plenty of water within ½ hour, otherwise explosives may form. An explosion occurred when purified phosphine was passed rapidly into a concentrated solution of silver nitrate [Mellor 3:471 1946-47]. stream

0000007781 00000 n A colorless or white crystalline solid becoming black on exposure to light or organic material. Mixtures with alkyl esters may explode owing to the formation of alkyl nitrates. %��������� absorbents 0000004528 00000 n

More info about absorbents, including situations to watch out for... National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

0000000016 00000 n 0000000976 00000 n If large quantities are involved in a fire or the combustible material is finely divided, an explosion may result. Office of Response and Restoration, f Exposure to Silver Nitrate can cause headache, dizziness, nausea and vomiting. It is VERY poisonous ! This section provides a listing of alternate names for this chemical, 0000002524 00000 n 0000001302 00000 n Silver Nitrate is not light sensitive although impurities in air will make cause sensitivity to light. 0000009473 00000 n 0000003572 00000 n H410 Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.