Add-Ons, Payment Prepare a USB flash drive and check its file system. WAIT! Content © 2020 SKY Cable Corporation. The ever helpful SKY customer service team can now be reached via text messaging on all mobile networks. WAIT! We would like to inform you that as per the FIRST FEDERAL BUDGET OF 2075/76 announced by Nepal Government has made provision to charge 13% Telecommunication service charge (TSC) on internet service and will be effective from 1st Shrawan 2075. Centers, News & Release the buttons when "Starting Loader" appears on your TV screen. You may also refresh your box using the mySKY App. Please prepare your account number when calling the Sky cable hotline numbers.

Text BILL Account Number and send to 23662. Check the dish assembly if it was visibly dislocated or moved from its original position. Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, etc.). If the issue happens on a SINGLE computer in the network, you can have that device checked by a qualified computer technician. 1. and browse popular websites (e.g. Quality level should be stable & above 80%. But one can schedule a recording while recording an ongoing show. This iRecord model can only support recording of one channel at a time. If this fails to resolve the issue, you may need to do a more comprehensive reset. Make sure that the Network Adapter is enabled and the status is Connected. By clicking this button, you agree to the terms and conditions stated above.

Go to Menu > Scan Channels > Scan Channels > LNB Setting > LNB Power. J a n i n e @janine_emmabrie.

Please check or send service repair asap. Signs it may be time to replace your Digibox. Click on My Tasks, and then click on Refresh Box on the menu on the left side of the page.

SKY subscribers now have a new way to send inquiries and request for assistance when they need it. © 2020 SKY Cable Corporation. Sky Cable hotline through their mobile phone number: 0917-631-0000 (Globe) 0918-863-1000 (Smart) That was the Sky Cable Hotline Number for 2020.

All Rights Reserved. No special keyword is required. Open the app, select your CABLE account, then tap "Refresh" beside the box you want to refresh.

SHARE ON FACEBOOK (02) 381-0000, (02) 636-9292 (main office), 09173702545, 09276451292 and 09172431045 (Luzon area, Cavite), (032) 344-1998 (Cebu area) and (032) 345-2278 local 1 (Cebu area). If it is still OFF or just keeps blinking, please contact SKYbroadband Support for further assistance. What is the recommended hard drive size for recording? While the upgrade is in progress, do not turn off your box. Check the channel line-up of your subscribed plan. Are you sure you want to change your location? May 8, 2020 6:19 AM. Rommel @Rommel34882028 @SKYserves hi. Check your TV Source setting (“No Signal” message displayed on TV). To do so, you can click on the button below to go to the myAccount page(you need to be signed in to refresh your cable box). Skybroadband Service is not yet available in Valenzuela,Caloocan,Bulacan,NovalichesTondo LAS PIÑASAyala Southvale-Sonera Philam MAKATIA. We have no signal / cable connection since yesterday. All Rights Reserved.

Subscribers can also directly call the 24-hour customer service hotlines at 381-0000 for Metro Manila, CAMANAVA, and Rizal; 484-4701 for Cavite; 534-1555 for Calamba and Binan, Laguna; 520-8560 for San Pedro, Laguna and Carmona, Cavite; 693-5877 for Bulacan; 305-5456 for Davao; 442-4841 for Baguio; 432-0051 for Bacolod; 300-1210 for Iloilo; 225-1010 for Dumaguete; and 301-3134 for Gen. Santos City. Content For prepaid subscribers - Check your remaining balance. Hi @SKYserves PLEASE RECONNECT MY CABLE CONNECTION. The recommended hard drive size is 320 GB and up for optimal recording and playback. ... @SKYserves hi sky no internet in my address. Those who would rather make inquiries via social media can log-on to the following websites: or You'll find handy guides that deal with all kinds of issues and queries below. Restart the third party router and/or the affected computer/device. By clicking this button, you agree to the terms and conditions stated above. A bigger, brighter world of digital cable TV entertainment and blazing-fast broadband speeds is opened up to subscribers with this new, highly-accessible customer service via text.

Know what to watch. Are you sure you want to change your location? For postpaid subscribers - Check if your payment is up to date. Once the app reset is done, it will return to the Sign In screen. The box will resume boot-up. In some cases you may need to refresh your cable box. Updates.

If possible, check if you will get same result when using other web-browser and computer. Sky (One Sky Fiber Broadband Unli Plans) Sky offers many different bundles and plans for broadband, cable and both. For more information, please visit their official website here. Iloilo (033) 503 4000: Bacolod (034) 432 0051: Metro Manila (02) 381 0000: Dumaguete (035) 225 1010 Launch the YouTube App using the "YOUTUBE" button on your remote control.

Check the computer's network status and make necessary changes if needed. Plug it into your PC and check storage details under Removable Stage.

TEXT SKY APPLY TO 23662*, View and pay your bills Your TV screen will display "USB UPGRADE" along with a status bar of the software upgrade.