I have a sprint hot spot and was wondering if this uses a better carrier and would get better signal in areas that my phone does not, I live some where where there is no towers and my phone doesn’t work at all for about 8 mile would this work. Price good … Pro Tip: If that works, checkout as fast as you can. (Please note that because this device is pre-packaged with a free GB of data, you’ll either have to use the full 1GB or contact customer support to in-bundle it if you want to switch to the unlimited plan).

What about watching Netflix? Mainly uploading pictures and videos to website. Does this device act like a Wifi extender?

Living outside the city limits all we have for internet service is satellite. User rating, 3.4 out of 5 stars with 48 reviews. SIM-free, hassle-free, no overage charges. consulter la circulaire Walmart Canada en ligne. For every day checking emails or searching websites would this be the best thing for us. Add To Cart. A browser capable of storing cookies is required to view the Walmart Canada website. Find modems from brands you know, and all at everyday great prices. The Solis connect up to 10 devices so in addition to my laptop I use it with my phone and then use WiFi calling. Great connectivity, easy to use, and reliable.

We would simply take the Skyroam with us knowing that our devices would connect automatically in a couple minutes.

You do have to buy data, but it's pay as you go - no contract, no commitments... you just download the Skyroam mobile app through the app store, then select the data plan that suits your needs best. High speed data up to 20GB, slower after. Good luck! Having the Skyroam while abroad was so helpful. Buy the Solis Lite Global Hotspot based on your travel plans. - Worked 100% of the time on 3 devices It is perfect for travel or even when I am working in my backyard - my new work from home office. You can stay online anywhere to navigate your journey or share moments anytime.

Coming Soon. Looking for a device like this to connect laptop and work. That’s just outrageously unrealistic if I’m downloading large files. Customer service has been helpful. If you travel....BUY ONE! I did both options at different times - did you want to watch a movie on Netflix? Buy and activate 24-hour daypasses, GoData Pay-Per-GB or Unlimited Monthly Subscription anytime to get unlimited global internet anywhere.

Global WiFi, No SIMs. Get 1 GB of fast, 4G LTE WiFi per month. Enjoy unlimited data and fast secure WiFi connection across 135+ countries all at one flat daily rate and the convenience of pay-as-you-go with no contracts. Yes, you can use Skyroam to watch Netflix. Vos renseignements personnels, comme votre adresse d'expédition, ne sont jamais sauvegardés dans un témoin. Yes this device would be ideal to connect to your laptop to use for uploading pictures and videos to a website.

Stay connected around the world in up to 130+ countries with 4G LTE WiFi.

How much is it to use Wi-Fi a month on this device. What a disappointment, and when I needed it to do my work, too. You may also browse the Walmart Canada flyer without cookies. 8€ for 24 hours of unlimited WiFi. Skyroam is ideal for checking emails and searching websites. I love this portable WiFi device. Hello G! For service on up to 10 devices.

Supposedly the speed drops to 2G once you hit ~500MB limit. We would just like to note, this isn't ideal for replacing a home internet system, but it is great for traveling!

It is easy to set up using the Solis App. Occasionally the Skyroam would take a few minutes to connect to our mobile devices, but it never deterred us from going somewhere. Do I need to have a plan with a provider to use this device??? The hassle-free Virtual SIM™ technology offers easy … However, it does require cellular coverage to work, so in remote areas where no local carrier has coverage, it will not work. With secure, fast WiFi, presenting in meetings, downloading from the cloud, and sending that last email before take-off has never been easier. When you turn it on, you have to install an app on your phone on which you buy the data. We have several types of wifi pricing plans offered on our websites to best suite your needs. It saves me money when I travel internationally too. This will cost way more to run.. for example $6 per GB It works ok for working from home and streaming movies (yay!) Hassle-free Virtual SIM™, easy access to unlimited … I live in the country and thought this would be a worthy replacement for my horribly unreliable satellite internet, but I was wrong.

I bought this for a temporary internet connection. You can buy data online at a.skyroam.com or using their Solis WiFi app available on iOS or Android App stores. I bought this device to work from the beach in Miami.

Hello B! I've used a few other hotspots through carriers in the past and would ALWAYS lose my connection. A constant supply of WiFi helped us travel around foreign cities without getting lost and allowed us to keep in touch with our relatives at home. It is so light and portable I just stick in my bag or back pocket. We have used this device in multiple foreign countries (no, it doesn't work on cruises though). Shortly, the button below will turn back to yellow (unless we sell out). I bought it for camping in Wisconsin where my phone doesn't have signal and drops to 1G.

You pay by the day, month, or GB for the data depending on how you want to use it. Shop now! Sign Up for a SpecialWelcome Offeron Skyroam.com! Keep your all your devices or friends online too! And does whatever You want to do.

Share the WiFi love with those who matter to you most - for work AND play ! 3 diff skyroams? The Solis Lite has the same technical specification as the Solis X except that it lacks the integrated Camera. Thank you for your interest in Skyroam! For instance, if you want to use the Wi-Fi globally, you can get an unlimited … Please see our. I will never travel abroad without it!!!

Battery life was top notch as well, I used the device for a total of 6 hours on the road and got home with more than 80% left.

Cookies are small pieces of information stored securely on your computer. Solis Lite is the perfect hub for any on-the-go lifestyle. The reviews kind of scared me because people were saying it’s not the best device but I had no issues getting service anywhere there was cell service. I would advise infrequent travels to rent the latter device by the day. BEST BUY, the BEST BUY logo, the tag design, and MY BEST BUY are trademarks of Best Buy and its affiliated companies. Price Match Request ) $119.99: Decrease Qunatity Quantity Increase Quantity. Makes Traveling Around a Foreign City so Convenient and Easy. They have $6/1GB option, a 3 month/$27 option, or unlimited data for $99. Browse Walmart.ca for a wide assortment of modems & modem routers. Simply turn on the hotspot, press start and connect up to 10 gadgets at once. Can't recommend this device anymore, very content! I am able to check email and be online in these types of areas. - Outstanding customer service Hello J, if there aren't any cellular towers in the area Skyroam will not connect.