Dress Suit Pants by Achete - $5390 [Bargain Hunter Set +5% Vehicle discount] You should equip any Clothing Set you have that gives you bonus Police XP for better results. Go meet Teng and after the cutscene, you'll automatically get Ace's phone number.

After the phone conversation, text Hotshot to challenge him. Knock Off Frisky Sunglasses (Red) - $110

It is Chinese New Year in Hong Kong, but something strange is going on. The HKPD Police Van is included as part of the Law Enforcer Pack DLC on the PS3. J. Jiggler Canvas Sneakers (Green) - $1,565 ~ The only feasible method is to repeatedly bet on the Cockfight in west end of Kennedy Town which earns you $50,000 to $100,000 per victory. Walkthrough

Couronne V-neck- $620 Step 2 - Secondary Content and Collectables. J.Jiggler Canvas Sneakers - $1368 Number of missable trophies: None Normal kills and repetitively using the same melee moves will result in lower XP earned. yewjhin & BreadSkin. Gold Link Bracelet - $$269500 [Venerable Face +15% Face XP]. Bug the kidney surgeon’s office and crack open his safe for further evidence.

You unlock your first song as per story progression. It is important to note that you must kill the Jiang Shi with your hands or else your stat number will not increase. 1st Case, Final Case (Prerequisite: Complete Story Mission “Important Visitor”), You need to complete all of the following Favors (including Dates with each girl), in each of the 4 districts of Hong Kong. Collectables will be shown by pressing on the map. Couronne Fubar Hoody - $4,100 Use the surrounding Jiang Shi to build up your face meter. Earn all the Sleeping Dogs™ trophies to unlock this platinum trophy. You will unlock the ability to perform an action hijack as part of the story. This store includes all the DLC outfits that comes bundled with the game, and they are required for this trophy. Favors are gradually unlocked as you progress and complete the Story Missions. That means pilfering every Lockbox, collect any remaining zodiac Jade Statues, hacking any un-hacked cameras, and paying your respects to remaining Health Shrines. © 2020 METACRITIC, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. After you've finished these, you should have all 5 DLC trophies! - CS 750 R $69,300 Cambria Scallop Watch - $24500 [Honored Face +10% Face XP] Burnout Paradise becomes backwards compatible. Does difficulty affect Trophies: No Get to her before she dies, photograph the car, then call Teng. Savings City (North Point, Night Market) Knock-Off Hang + Sui V Neck - $125 Story related, cannot be missed. You will know how well you’re singing by the applause meter on the top left corner of the screen. I love the story, a dark and brutal foray into the untraveled in video games East. Counterfeit Couronne Verdant V Neck - $355 After driving to the docks, you will tasked with protecting the boat you are in. J. Jiggler Track Top - $1,299 ($799) [Police Constable +5% Police XP]

- Blast $336,000 Either disarm them or defeat them and pick up the weapons they drop by pressing . Note that you will need to be completing the Cases regardless as part of the story, as certain story missions are locked until you close specific cases. Play as Martial Arts Master Wei Shen once more as he finds out what is going on and puts a stop to it. Mixed or average reviews- based on 387 Ratings. I think it still holds up well despite a being a few years old. The story is bland and the voice acting is the physical incarnation of AIDS itself, but the gameplay is fun and challenging. While doing this, complete any Favors and Drug Busts that you have left. Equipping these while completing the Cop Cases and Drug Bust events will help tremendously with XP and save alot of time and effort. Defeat the thugs and free the girls. The 5 stat awards and their requirements for gold are: Martial Arts Clubs basically pit you against 6 waves of enemies, increasing in difficulty after each and every wave; more enemies, different enemy types. Change all your clothes in your wardrobe or a clothing store. [PST Would Like to Thank Coop for this Roadmap]. Couronne Classic - $7,920 [Police Inspector Sergeant +10% Cop XP] - Executive $210,000 Story related. Now that you've finished the story missions it's time to finish up all the other events, shrines, and stat awards that you may have missed along the way. All 24 previously available DLC extensions from the Xbox 360 version have been integrated into the game, including the story-extending episode Year of the Snake and the horror-themed Nightmare in North Point. Cambria Insider - $107800 [Venerable Face +15% Face XP] Vehicle Stores are marked as on your map and mini-map. Couronne T-shirt - $420 Simply head to one of your apartments or a nearby clothing store, and purchase and equip one item in each of the following categories.

Manually. For the best route, you will want to start on southeast corner in HK on the highway, after the tunnels for best route. Finally, you must go to a location and defeat the enemies there to finish the mission. Throughout the story, you will be using your cell phone for a range of things, from picking locks to hacking cameras in order to progress. The city of Hong Kong is in Sleeping Dogs is separated into four districts - Aberdeen to the southwest, Central to the north, Kennedy Town to the east, and North Point to the east. Published in 2012 Sleeping Dogs offers an open world experience on Xbox, PlayStation and Windows platforms. Grab a nearby vehicle, and press to aim and to fire your gun while driving. Step 1: Play through the game doing whatever side missions and collect any collectibles you come upon, at your leisure. Baseball Cap (Red) - $245 Aspirazone Dress Suit Pants - $10200 [All Business Set +10% Vehicle discount] Do a favor for him by collecting some debts. Overview Replay "Civil Discord" or "The Funeral" and utilize the Assault Rifle with Grenade Launcher to blow up cars and enemies if necessary. Talk your way in so you can play Poker Mahjong with Mr. Yar. Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 Generic V-neck - $340 Every time you complete a mission of any sorts, you will gain experience towards Cop upgrades in addition to triad experiences. : N/A Jade Necklace - $150000 [Venerable Face +15% Face XP] You have to input a 4-digit code consisting of numbers 0-9. Due to strict gun laws within Hong Kong, firearms are limited and difficult to obtain in Sleeping Dogs. Even the slightest bump on the road or a slight scratch against a wall or another vehicle will reset the counter. To enter these areas, grab a nearby boat from a pier, and ride it to the location. Make sure to wear the appropriate clothing for additional bonus experience before replaying them again. After completing the story everything you need will appear on the map.

Bought it on psn for only 4$ just recently and cannot stop playing this game.

Once these tanks are broken, fishes will drop out and flop about on the ground. Story related.

Couronne Tank Top - $1,080 [Blue Lantern Set +5% Triad XP] This game is the kind of stupid fun that you have drunk with your friends and i love it to death. For this trophy, all you have to do is simply place a bet against either rooster, and win. Kill all the enemies when you get to your destination, and arrest the suspect to finish the mission and the DLC. Look out on your minimap for a single enemy icon. T-Shirt - $70 There are 3 Trapped Civilian missions (represented on the map by a blue speech bubble with a man inside), 4 Jiang Shi missions (represented by a blue swirl), and 3 Yaoguai missions (represented by a purple swirl). You will gain Bomb Squad after the first mission and Cult Master after finishing the story. Cars range from Class C, B, A and motorcycles range from Class B and A. Baseball Cap - $60

Bruno James Formal Suit - $42350 [Police Inspector Set +15% Cop XP]

Aspirazone Malavitorsi Black - $22240 [Police Inspector Set +15% Cop XP] You need a firearm for this trophy.