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Kellogg's Special K Ingredients Rice and Wheat. |

Each single serve assists your body with protein, fibre as well as essential vitamins and minerals.With a balance of a healthy varied diet and physical activity, you’ll be well on your way to living a nourished lifestyle!Features & Benefits• Source of Protein: contributes to maintenance of muscle mass and bones mass• Source of Fibre: supports regularity• Good Source of Calcium: contributes to maintain healthy bone and teeth• Source of Iron: supports normal immune system and metabolism• Good source of Vitamin D: supports healthy bones and teeth• Folate: contributes to a reduction in tiredness• B Vitamins: contribute to normal energy metabolism• 4 health stars, Kellogg's® Special K® High Fibre Advantage. Company, Brand & Sustainability . ®, Registered trade marks.

Recipe courtesy of Meg Hewitt developed specially for the Kellogg’s X Kawa Cereal Café in Sydney. | All rights reserved.

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8 SERVINGS, Honey Hot Cocoa Kellogg’s® Special K® Shooters, Honey-Hot Cocoa Kellogg’s® Special K® Shooters, Cranberry Cobbler à la Kellogg’s® Special K®, Kellogg's® Special K® Chocolate Almond Chewy Nut Bar, Kellogg's® Special K® Spinach, Egg & Cheese Medley Flatbread Breakfast Sandwich.

12 SERVINGS, 130 MIN The presence of these ingredients contributes to the 0.5 g total fat and 7 g protein provided in a single serving of Kellogg's Special K cereal, according to Self Nutrition Data 1. Enjoy these fulfilling, nutty, golden snack balls with warm cardamom, saffron spices, chia seeds and crunchy cacao nibs.

Special K cereals & cereal bars (excluding Biscuit Moments & Special K Protein Bars) contain ≥ 15% of the nutrient reference value of vitamins B3, B6 and B9 which contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Special K® Original is made with rice, whole wheat and oats. This formulation was similar to the original Special K introduced in the US in 1955. It’s the unique lattice shape that makes each pillow crispy, while the honey and corn combine to create a taste sensation! With kale, spinach and broccoli and delicious crunch from green apples and Kellogg’s Gluten Free Special K, this salad is a must try! Each 1-cup serving of this cereal contains 22 g of carbohydrates, Self Nutrition Data reports 1. |

| People with celiac disease, a condition characterized by an allergy to gluten, should not consume this cereal due to an increased risk of experiencing a severe allergic reaction.

Delicious mornings await when you take Special K® and combine it with milk, almond butter drizzle and fresh banana slices. ", "Are the plastic bags in your Australian packaging recyclable? Start with Kellogg’s® Special K® Original, and add leftover roasted butternut pumpkin, kale, coconut milk, toasted coconut and slivered almonds for a hearty and delicious morning. Dairy and Protein. |

9 SERVINGS, 25 MIN 1 SERVING, 35 MIN With less than 4g of sugar per serve.

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Oh, it’s time. Kellogg’s Specially K Original is great for breakfast as it's …

It’s the unique lattice shape that makes each pillow crispy, while the honey and corn combine to create a taste sensation. Special K has launched a new campaign in partnership with the AFL Women’s League to drive the rise of female athletes everywhere.

Malt flavoring is an ingredient that gives Kellogg's Special K its distinct flavor 1. As one of the founding sponsors of AFL Women’s League, Special K celebrates the inspiring stories of AFLW athletes as they navigate life, work and professional sport. These carbohydrates, which the body uses to generate energy, predominantly come from the rice and wheat ingredients in Kellogg's Special K cereal 1. Allergens .