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Sale. transition: opacity 500ms; Pillow protectors are, as their name suggests, a way to protect your pillow from stains, spills and sweat, which will lengthen the lifespan of your pillow by allowing it to remain more hygienic and plump for longer. Experience the difference a good night's sleep can make with a Tontine pillow.

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Our Doonas and Quilts come in different weights and warmth ratings, such as: Light weight/Low Warmth or medium warmth quilts, Medium weight/Medium or High warmth quilt, and Heavy Weight/Super warmth for extra cosiness. } These Australian made Tontine Allergy Sensitive Pillows have been designed to assist those with asthma and allergies who prefer pillows with a medium profile and medium feel, which is ideal for sleeping on your back or side., and like their pillows to have a regular … },500); font-size: 22px; } Once dry, they can go straight back onto the pillow without the need for ironing. var el_style = window.getComputedStyle(el), var cp = provariation[vid];

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Be sure to also score some amazing offers at our pillow, Doona® and quilt sale here. AVAILABLE ON PURCHASES FROM $100 - $1,000, Tontine uses the latest and most reliable options for a safe and secure transaction. var dpm = (m*2); } Tontine has been providing Australian families with quality pillows, quilts, toppers, mattress protectors and pillow protectors for over 60 years. Soft & Snuggly Mattress Topper Covered with a super soft microfibre and filled with anti-bacterial treated ultrafibre® this soft and snuggly mattress topper is an absolute must for your bed. if (calContentHeight > top ) { var el_max_height = 0;

width: 70%; height: 16px; el.setAttribute('class', 'snv-app1-details-price'); form = jQuery('form[action="/cart/add"]'); Brampton House Anti Bacterial Quilted Pillow Protector, Brampton House Stain Resistant Pillow Protectors, Brampton House Regular Pillow Protector 2 Pack, Brampton House Stain Resistant Pillow Protector, In Your Dreams Waterproof Pillow Protector, Brampton House Waterproof Stain Resistant Pillow Protector, Tontine Comfortech Classic 2 Pack Pillow Protector, Tontine Comfortech Quilted Pillow Protector, Tontine Comfortech Allergy Plus Pillow Protector, Tontine Comfortech Stain Resistant 2pk Pillow Protector, Jason Supreme Comfort Pillow Protector 2 Pack, Everyday Value Pack Stain Resistant Pillow Covers 4 Pack, Brampton House Anti-bacterial European Pillow Protector, Brampton House Stain Resistant European Pillow Protector, Brampton House Stain Resistant V Shaped Pillow Protector, Brampton House V Shaped Anti Bacterial Quilted Pillow Protector. var dpp = (cp*dp)/100;

This VIP program has more exciting, varied and deeper discounts than the old Tontine member discount that it replaces, which was a straight 10% discount off RRP prices and could not be used in conjunction with other offers, such as site wide discounts. opacity: 1;


Although they are not in any way dangerous, they may cause skin allergies, breathing difficulties, sinus trouble and worsen the effects of asthma. Spotlight has a large range of pillow protectors from stain-resistant to hypo-allergenic beddings. jQuery('input[name^=id]:checked, select[name^=id] option, input[name=id], hidden[name^=id]', form).removeAttr('disabled');

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} Rate this product: (143) Reg: $50. = '100%'; Some anti-allergy or anti-bacterial pillow protectors may have been treated with specialist materials and may have different laundry instructions.