All our foundation of modern electrical engineering is from them. He made ground-breaking discoveries in the understanding of hysteresis that enabled engineers to design better electromagnetic apparatus equipment, especially electric motors for use in industry. In the groundbreaking paper, "Complex Quantities As for Imperial College: attacking an large organisation is not (IMHO) to be recommended for individuals, they will get you back, they have the cash and resources to do so. Steinmetz also made greater strides to the understanding of lightning phenomena. The “new and enlightening inspiration” was already there, Tesla et al had it and Einstein knew they had it but he wanted particles. Following the Gymnasium, Steinmetz went on to the University of Breslau to begin work on his undergraduate degree in 1883.

This was despite the use of the highly sensitive mirror galvanometer.

Steinmetz served as president of the Board of Education of Schenectady, and as president of the Schenectady City Council. If he did not break any libel laws against individuals and / or companies, there are no legal reasons for his being jailed.

At least the punter is fully aware, and knows the score. How can that person claim he is a scientist??? When you see spacetime as a field, the electron begins to look like one part of a wave (negative amplitude) with the proton as the positive part. r/FringeTheory is the subreddit for people who are interested in various types of fringe theories. Hi CADXX, Thanks for that email address, but I won’t use it, unless it becomes necessary. I have a challenge: to find a situation where the knowledge of the electron has been useful apart from the fact it was used to set-up a new branch of science. Shortly after arriving in the U.S., Steinmetz went to work for Rudolf Eickemeyer in Yonkers, New York, and published in the field of magnetic hysteresis, which gave him world-wide professional

Nikola Tesla is a stark reminder of how physics got it so wrong.

I’ve been around the web a lot longer than he. Tesla, Heavyside, Maxwell, Steinmetz and Faraday created our entire electrical system on the theoretical basis of aether. But it didn’t. As can be seen from the Wiki timeline, the Victorian era was a hot bed of electrical invention and discovery unequalled in the years that followed. Something to refer them to. Looked at Karpen’s battery at the above, it’s a free energy device and therefore taboo to science. He used a single wire with an Earth return to save on expenses and found it needed no batteries. Einstein mentioned that in one of his autobiographies, but the scientists did not like Einstein’s Aether comments, and changed the wording to suit their agenda!!! I’m not saying it is, but it’s a thought. I have direct proof of this corruption. It may interest you, as they are claiming to be using Nikola Tesla’s wireless power technology to span the globe.

They may have nailed him with libel accusations.

Because his nonsense is running out of hand. Hence the stupid big bang and multiverse theories!! It can be bent, or curved by mass... which is how physics tells us gravity is caused. And spacetime is intrinsically tied to the EM field.

What Wiki fails to say due to bias is that Heaviside fixed the transatlantic cables.