They are: For those that have achieved the CFI designation, this course counts as 20 continuing education credits towards renewal. Preventing Shop Theft, Employee Training - Take a Good Look - Duration: 2:35. stopshoptheft ... CCTV Cameras and use in retail security, Store Detectives - … Note: All courses are built within a flash based program and are not supported on an iPad.

This 10 hour course covers the proven techniques developed by Wicklander-Zulawski (WZ) on interviewing and interrogation skills. flag_two = 0; //Verification code You can complete the online course at your own pace and convenience. It is designed to develop the skills and training needed to catch shoplifters, identify dishonest employees and prepare them for the next position in their career as a manager. This course is open to the public (no Guard Card required).

At the end of the training you will understand all aspects of shortage and safety control and how to engage employees to “make it happen”. Apply to Detective, Loss Prevention Officer, Store Clerk and more! They will work on Android or Windows-based tablets. // {

// flag34 = 0; After completion of the course, a training completion certificate will be made available to you. // if(document.frmcontact.txtCode.value != document.frmcontact.vericode.value)

",document.getElementById('err_name')); Store Detectives, also referred to as Security Officers or Security Guards, guard, monitor or patrol buildings, stores or other such premises. It is designed for the loss prevention professional that oversees safety and for the dedicated safety professional responsible for distribution centers or malls.

Once all four courses have been completed and successful passing of all four tests, you will have the opportunity to print the certificate of completion for the LP "Master" Course immediately from the site and email the results to up to 5 individuals. // else ",document.getElementById('err_vcode')) == false) All rights reserved. All fees are Non-Refundable. License terms: Note-The course will be available for completion 90 days from the date the course is opened. Here's how it works! // { // var checkbox = document.getElementById('verifycheckbox'); var flag_three=1; This course is designed for someone who is currently in Loss Prevention, used to work in Loss Prevention and wants to review the key concepts for the position. © Open Universities Australia 2020. // } Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL), The Security Providers Association of Australia Limited (SPAAL), Contacts the police or fire department in cases of emergency, Inspects security systems for proper functioning, Monitors cameras to observe activity on premises, Utilise's an authorised vehicle to transport individuals for security purposes, Security Agent Private Investigator Security Adviser. // if(checkbox.checked) Please email us for extensions. { This course would also apply to law enforcement officers that need additional training in this area of crime. E-Learning goes beyond an E-Book format and offers the training material with voice over, interactions and quizzes after each module followed by a final test at the end of the course. This course covers topics like: From Apprehensions to Management in your LP Career, For those that have achieved the CFI designation, this course counts.