A new marker will appear nearby. He will agree that he has been unfair to Damalis and will cease his probings. Find the lady at the magnifying glass in the large plaza. Inquire about Myrrine and she is a bit evasive but it is clear that she knows something.

You can finally question Anthousa about what she knows about Myrrine. [3] At some point, she met a musician, who saw in her her very own muse, and fell in love with her. He will be accompanied by a pair of heavily-armored thugs and once again a cutscene will show him threatening Myrrine and he will be revealed to be a Cultist. After talking to Damalis, the quest To Help a Girl is over. Next, you will have to investigate the mysterious place. Raid the three treasures to complete the location. You will earn an around 21000 XP, cultist clue, artifact fragment, and Spartan hero war helmet. Biographical information

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Erinna is missing after she became concerned about her friend Kleio's disappearance. To avoid griefing, you will not be able to post or report for the first %d hours upon visiting this forum for the first time. Thanks to that you get clues that will help you with the upcoming dialog.

She won a ship called Siren Song and sailed away. Travel to Korinth.

A cutscene will roll where you team with a fierce Spartan soldier named Brasidas to massacre a group of The Monger's thugs. Rewards: 8,700 XP. Kleio will beg you not to bring her back to Korinth and bring her to Mykonos instead. Join Erinna at Korinth and follow her to the port (picture1), she will then show you the boat on which her friend was seen (picture2). The voyage to Mykonos from Korinthia is an epic one. In the novel, Kassandra saves the baby in Argolis. Advance past the rubble and enter the ornate chamber with much of its floor missing. Destiny 2: Beyond Light mission list – all missions in the story campaign, Godfall Shift Codes – active codes and how to redeem them, How to get more falcon flap energy in The Pathless, How to command your falcon in The Pathless. She suspects that they were The Monger's minions.

Watch a cut-scene during from which you can learn a little bit about your mother's past.

Your own level should be sufficient to take him on, so take a skiff to Salamis. There will be a short cutscene after which you will have to kill the guard, return to Damalis. Anthousa has arranged a drama at the local arena where he will be shamed and killed in full view of the public. One will be on the ground floor and one on the upper floor. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Guide and Walkthrough, Lastly, you have to choose the option with. It seems the hetaerae are more than just courtesans.

Climb on the top and you will reach discover the Temple of Aphrodite.

While talking to the client he will spot Phoibe and he will call the guards. Apparently. First, kill the guars to make your job easier and then target Monger.

Drop onto the ornate treasure chest.

You can use her to spy on the client. [SPOILERS] AC Odyssey canon playthrough decision guide // Discussion.

Anthousa would not tolerate her girls presence in the area with The Monger's army on the loose. Brasidas is in Korinthia working in Sparta's interests, which includes eliminating The Monger. This initiates the mission, Abandoned By The Gods. It is a threatening note directed to the client, demanding that he bring Damalis to a villa. Defeat a few enemies and then destroy a few vases that block the entrance.

Kleio was a Korinthian hetaera who worked under Anthousa during the Peloponnesian War.

Move the storage rack to expose a gap. Kleio was a Korinthian hetaera who worked under Anthousa during the Peloponnesian War.

You can climb atop the wooden scaffolding and use your bow to even the odds. If you do the latter, you will get another quest.

Choose according to your preference. Pick anything it does not affect the upcoming quest outcome. After the main quest Follow That Boat Kleio wants you to take her to the island of Mykonos. Harpe of Perseus - How to Get & Weapon Stats, Korinthia - Side Quest List & Walkthrough. This quest will be instantly available after you are done talking to Anthousa. You need to find a girl - you learn that you have to reach Akrokorinth. Once the site is secured, speak to the frightened worshippers.

This generates the side mission, Escort Service.

Move inside, away from prying eyes and tell her that Alkibiades suggested speaking to her about your search. Slide through, quickly get off the spiked plate and take the south passage to make your way to the exit.

Do not cleave the ship in half, as Kleio, the woman meant to be rescued, will die. Speak with Erinna.

You suggest that she does some additional snooping while you engage the client and hold his attention. The boat in the ocean, take your boat and attack the ship. During her time with the Korinthian hetaerae, Kleio befriended Erinna, another hetaera.

Go back to Damalis and give your report. She doesn't want to alarm Anthousa about the situation or involve the hetaerae.

After some confusion, Kleio explained what she'd been up to.

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She still wants to go to Mykonos and will pay you well to get her there.

Attack the ship, deal enough damage and then board it.

If you are spotted then you will be attacked by all of them. After all enemies have been slain, a conversation with Kleio will begin.

Kassandra then made her choice, either returning Kleio to Erinna,[1] or agreeing to escort her to Mykonos. The passage is winding but straightforward.

They say that The Monger, the local crime boss, has his thugs terrorizing the locals and the hetaerae are not immune to their actions.

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This ends the quest. Her friend Kleio failed to join her for morning prayers and she is concerned about her absence. Once you reach the spot you will have to visit the Leader House. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad.

If you destroy the ship the mission will fail you just have to reduce its health bar and kill the captain to save a women name Kleio.

There will be different choices while talking to Anthousa, she will ask you to help her to get rid of Korinth of the Monger. She will tell you about hetaerae.

Kill the thugs who are threatening the worshippers and then talk to them.

If Kleio is returned to Korinth, she remains for a while by Erinna at the port, before moving to stand within Anthousa's home by the Porneion and the Leader House. Recently he has become probing and aggressive about Anthousa and her finances.

The quest is over after the discussion. …

A thug has caught Phoibe and he enters the chamber. [1], She didn't tell about her plan to anyone, lest she endanger her success. You can choose either plan. The objective marker will take you to the region in the center where you have to start your investigation.

Return to Erinna and deal with her. You embark on a journey to the port - go back on your boat and follow Kleio's kidnappers. It is a big place you can avoid the guards in your way. They point you to another place. It is the place where you will be doing your investigation. If you manage to board the pirate ship and rescue her, you'll find that she wasn't abducted. The goal is to damage the ship in order to board it to effect the rescue. Once the battle is joined, you can easily be surrounded in the grotto. All Rights Reserved..All trademarks, character and/or image used in this article are the copyrighted property of their respective owners.▶Assassin's Creed Odyssey Official Website. The choice is yours. The first objective is to investigate the Porneion in Korinthia to learn about Anthousa. When The Monger lies dying, the public can witness Anthousa and her girls take out their vengeance on the thug when they draw their daggers and savagely send him to Hades. Speak with Erinna in Korinth. Confront the client, using the information about Phaia's Pig Farm, the deed and the name Deinomenes to shake the man. The correct dialog lines are: These dialog lines will allow you to solve the conflict without bloodshed. There will be more guards around the warehouse. Tell her what happened with Kleio, and after the conversation ends, the mission will come to an end. This is optional and can be done when convenient. It has a few red clothes on the top and there you will find a few civilians.

Meditate until nightfall and tag them with Ikaros.

Anthousa says that she will meet you there. She will be aboard and the voyage will be much shorter.

She still wants to go to Mykonos and will pay you well to get her there. After reaching Mykonos, do yourself a favor and place the fast travel station at the dockside Pillar of Lindos on the map to make the remote site more accessible.

Follow the objective marker that will lead you to Anthousa. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.