While essential oils can be helpful for adults, they can be dangerous or even lethal for babies, if not used correctly. Essential oils, being potentially powerful, should always be mixed with a base oil such as a carrier oil when applying it on the skin. It also serves as an antiseptic that will help reduce baby teething rashes that are just too common when it comes to floods of drool flowing down your baby’s mouth. Roman Chamomile has distinctly anti-inflammatory effects, making it ideal for easing teething pains in children.

The two oils that can be used for early teething babies are: Chamomile oil is known for its sedative effect because of which it is one of the most popular essential oils. Teething may begin weeks, or even months before the actual tooth emerges out of the gums. Essential oils are prepared by mechanical methods as cold pressing or distillation by steam or water. We don’t have to think about long scientific names that are confusing for any shopper. jQuery.ajax({

Diffusing essential oil for a teething baby should be done with care as inhaling it may cause asthma in babies.

Do this for not more than 2 times a day. Hi, I’m Aspen and I’m glad to have you here! It acts like a good stress-relieving topical gel for baby. Add 3-6 drops. But for other babies, teething can be a major event, with a lot of crying, disturbed nap and sleep time and pain. The second method is to perform a gentle massage along a baby’s jawline to soothe tired gums from the outside. Frankincense has anti-inflammatory properties; It is popularly used in creating blends for diffusing. If your baby is above 6 months of age and is suffering from teething pain, you can use the following essential oils. Details of the Bonjela Fast Acting Gel for Teething, lidocaine hydrochloride, cetalkonium chloride.

Lavender can also be mixed with your carrier oil with a combined dilution ratio of less than .5 percent essential oils to carrier oil.

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Add your essential oils of choice to your carrier oil(s). It is also a part of dental preparation for babies as it is an effective antiseptic and analgesic.

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Along with the infamous “terrible twos”, teething has got to be one of the most traumatizing “t” words for all mothers, especially those who currently have toddlers. You must read all the instructions very well before use and preferably perform a skin patch test before applying on a teething baby.