Even the gods were pathetically easily. He said he ven regretted getting the game because he cannot enjoy it. If they wanted to ease me into naval combat, they’d have put fewer ships around in the opening area where I cut my teeth. I’m sure it would all go a lot faster if I used an XP booster, but I’ve been leveling up pretty quickly just by exploring everywhere and doing every sidequest I can find. I liked how it was in Origins. If you go 3-5 levels without upgrading any gear you really like, just going through and getting everything updated can almost drain your stocks of said wood and metals and probably money at that point. on nightmare there is a decent chance you can get 1 shot(Crit) by a rando low ranked enemy even with DEF perks, great armour DEF and full HP, no matter the level. Notably, I’ve also been playing the hard version of the Conquest battle that’s available near Delphi. It's true of all games. From the looks like it it only increase the combat difficulty exactly like origin with no bonus from what I can tell but I can be wrong since I haven’t payed that much attention, Thanks, just haven’t heard anything about it this time around. Kirk: It’s definitely nice that you can change difficulty without starting a new game, because I’ve been asking those same questions and I don’t yet have an answer. I’ve actually written about that, about how the existence of microtransactions poisons the video-game well because it causes you to question every decision the developers made. A lot of the time I prefer it on hard, but other times I’m finding I have to bump it down to normal. Stephen: Maybe my first mate Barnabas could stop talking about the scenery and give me some advice? But you don’t regain that much health, and my hull is just getting shredded. I thought that the strategy would be to engage with one, wreck it enough to board it, and then use the health regen that you get from a successful boarding to engage the other boats. I didn't notice any changes to rewards or xp when playing on a harder difficulty level. So, I’m already at a disadvantage even on normal difficulty. Odyssey is considerably harder. Then again, they also sell materials packs, so maybe that’s the squeeze they’re putting on naval players. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). I had been struggling with a Conquest battles, by which I mean I kept dying before the battle would even end. 26 hours in and still havent done the like 3th or 4th main story missions. If ships are like land enemies, they may level up with me. ... discussion and more about Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed franchise. I want to play through on normal as I don’t have a ton of game time to devote but still want to move the story along, but if it means worse gear and lower levels I’ll opt for hard. which makes conquest battles a B**** to do as there is always enemies on u at all times. I don’t know! you can always 1 shot assassinate normal guards on all difficulty as long as the enemy is at or below your level, the weapon your using is at your current level and put at least some points into assassin perks, after leveling a bit i could 1 shot Elites with a CRIT Critical Assassination and this is on a Pure Nightmare Diff, altho if your a pure warrior or hunter build then yeah, you might not be able to assassinate a normal guard. I do know that that upcoming Ubisoft pirate game, Skull & Bones, lets you switch to enemy sails and fool other ships into thinking you’re a friendly. Part of what I’m struggling with is just not understanding well enough why I’m losing my ship battles. The thing I don't like is how enemies feel like HP dummies... For example, in Witcher 3 some enemies are hard but you can deal consistent damage, doesn't feel like you are hitting a sponge. I imagine I’ll keep ping-ponging back and forth between hard and normal for a while longer as I get into the actual groove of the game, which I clearly haven’t done yet despite being about 10 hours in. I thought I’d talk with you about how you’ve been finding it, given that I believe you’re also playing on hard. Alexios shows off how big his mace is Lurk in the shadows. I've tried that by aggroing an entire base to fight me. 327k. If you play on hard or below the combat really isn't difficult. this game is by far not easy. It’s hard for me to parse whether I need to have invested more in arrows or speed, more in weapon strength or in the number of shots I can fire rapidly, or if speed and hull strength are what I should have upgraded first. I think naval difficulty might just be a little out of whack with everything else. Stephen: You shame me, because I love those games and don’t remember the ship stealth. But I had to pay attention to what I was doing. I have a feeling that once my ship is mega-upgraded, I’ll feel more sure about whether naval difficulty is just a little too hard on hard, or whether my ship is underpowered. Kirk: Origins was a little weird for me. For whatever reason, I felt pulled to do Normal in Odyssey though, and I think that was a pretty good difficulty to enjoy the experience. At first it was hard but after some hours I could enjoy the game really. I’ve been happy with how fast I’m unlocking new abilities, too. I played the first time, for review, on normal. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. I'm playing on nightmare and while the fights can be really hard, it doesn't necessarily mean they will take half an hour to finish. which would make sense as your not really an assassin. And well, even later critical assassination would not be enough for some captains (even the unarmed ones).