we don't celebrate gotcha day Gould is “much more willing to concede that science might not be able to account for everything about human existence to every thinker’s satisfaction.” (p.94). The idea of a scorching hell and an angry judging God scares away a lot of possible believers. This was a hard chapter to get through!

While I believe that God created science, I also believe that man can get so wrapped up in it that he ignores the true meaning of it–Christ, and our relationship to Him. Chapter Six: Science Has Disproved Christianity, Chapter Seven: You Can't Take the Bible Literally, Chapter Twelve: The (True) Story of the Cross, Chapter Thirteen: The Reality of the Resurrection, teaching or studying The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism. Stephanie, you’re so right. (p.99) “The Bible tells us that God did not originally make the world to have disease, hunger, and death in it. What I enjoyed about this chapter, though, is how it has made me think deeper and review some of the things I already knew, in order to have an educated discussion about the topic. As a leader of a young women’s small group, I want to be able to answer the questions they have about all aspects of faith. affording adoption But if there is a Creator God, then miracles would be a natural, and expected, overflow of His creative genius. Science vs Christianity has never really been an issue for me. Amy. “How amazing to calculate how many miles from earth the sun is!”…and exactly the right distance from the sun so that we don’t freeze nor burn! My basic response is, “I just believe.” Call it blind faith; call it lack of intellect; call it whatever you want, but I’ve concluded that I don’t have to fully understand how or why God created everything to believe that He is the Ultimate Authority and no thing or no one is greater. To look at the vast universe and believe it all came together randomly? yep– apologia did it for me too!!!! gawsh. There is an argument by Keller that evolution versus philosophical naturalism is the better debate than Christianity versus evolution. I think it takes faith to live in the unknown. However, I do believe in Genesis 1 and do believe God created everything. everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of The Reason for God. “Nor is it required that I understand everything for “it “to still work and that it is OK to not understand everything for ‘it’ to still work and that it is OK to not understand everything” Love it! He refers to the account in Matthew’s Gospel when the apostles meet the risen Jesus. Of course, he adds, there will always be arguments over the interpretation of the passages, “but it is false logic to argue if one part of the Scripture can’t be taken literally then none of it can be.” (p.97), Keller says the point isn’t a debate over evolution and the Bible. Your thoughts and perspectives are opening my eyes and helping me so much.

I respectfully ask – if you are not participating – that you refrain from commenting on the Reason for God posts, simply to help keep things well… simple. special needs: my .02 So, how about all the highly “intelligent” scientists who are atheists? The Reason for God by Tim Keller: Chapter 7. like you said, stefanie, i simply need to ask for His wisdom…He will provide. “Alister McGrath, a theologian with an Oxford doctorate in biophysics, writes that most of the many unbelieving scientists he knows are atheists on other grounds than their science.” (p.93) One of the other reasons, a leading sociologist notes, is our relationship with fellow humans, Keller says. Keller argues that much of the debate between science and Christianity is due to the media’s need to portray the news in terms of a good guy and a bad guy – we naturally respond more passionately to a battle between good and evil, regardless of the side you find yourself. Each year Christians celebrate miracles such as the incarnation, the birth of Christ, and the resurrection. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.