- Killer Instinct*). Wiz: And he's obviously very resilient to pain, like when he survived jumping out of an Ultratech skyscraper, based on the amount of time it takes other unfortunate visitors to fall from the top floor, this building must be one thousand sixty-two feet tall. Combo's down! Now for his challenger, a heavyweight champion with a shady history, who's here to prove he can beat the best of the best, even without awesome metal arms!

Only, I don't think his head's getting reattached... Wiz: This was an extremely close bout, in fact, both fighters were evenly matched in a lot of unexpected ways. Boomstick: Damn! Wait a minute, isn't that the band from "A Goofy Movie"? Balrog, the crazy buffalo from Street Fighter. (*Cues: Yo Check This Out - Killer Instinct again*). Announcer: JUST LIKE THAT, BALROG PUTS COMBO IN A CORNER! Balrog dashes over to the corner and starts beating TJ to a pulp rapidly, but as he charges a strong blow, Combo rolls out of the corner. Both also have connections to the main evil organizations of their respective series (Balrog works for Shadaloo and TJ Combo had worked with Ultratech to get his cyborg arms) it is also a battle of opposites as Balrog continues to cheat and do whatever it takes to win and TJ Combo is looking to redeem himself from cheating. With both prizefighters back to their respective corners, Balrog sheds his robe, beckoning TJ to challenge him. A missed overhead punch frees Balrog up to be caught from behind with a leap and a Tremor punch downwards that lands right on Balrog's face, knocking the crazy buffalo down. Announcer: Whoa, whoa, wait a minute! That's right, this is a boxer who kills frickin' velociraptors on the regular. Courtesy of Ultratech's machinations and experiments on him, TJ also has an enhanced healing factor and can enter a berserker state in Instinct Mode, which enables him to move and punch beyond his limits.

spin to it. Did TJ just turn this around? Balrog: I can almost smell the money now. Hey, you gotta start somewhere. The crowd bursts into an uproar, boos and jeering flooding the stadium. Boomstick: Aw, shoot, man, this poor guy just can't keep it together, can he? But this time, TJ refused to go out in disgrace. I Love This Battle, Nice Job for doing this! Before the two men can come to blows, the bell rings, signaling the end of round one; the pugilists return to their corners and catch their breath for a few brief moments before the bell heralds the start of round two.

Boomstick: Being a slugger, Balrog was obviously used to having the strength advantage, but TJ actually had him matched. Boomstick: You could say he was really "cleaning it up" in the ring, until he finally got a shot at the Heavyweight Championship. Wiz: And ignoring his training until he lost the title. Specifically, slugger-style punches are powerful, but also predictable and consume more energy, meaning a well-trained outboxer can keep their distance from the slugger, capitalizing on their mistakes and wearing their foe's stamina down over time. This is the last episode to feature music from the source material as part of the analysis, excluding minor jingles and Weiss's analysis. The hosts admit the fight between the pugilists was an incredibly close matchup, with both combatants being equals in a number of fields, comparing the pair's striking power. Layne: And Killer Instinct's Jago. Boomstick: Nickname? From Balrog the hosts move on, and on they move to TJ Combo, who was once born to a poor family as Tyler-Johnson Garrett. I mean, really, look at those eyes! Balrog stands in his fighting pose, punches in the air and yells. Folks, it looks like Balrog clearly had the range in this fight, but I'd say TJ proved he can give as good as he gets! Wiz: At six-foot-four and two hundred ninety-eight pounds, Balrog is a monster. When Balrog tries throwing a punch forward, TJ dodges it and punches Balrog's arm so hard it snaps in two. Halo has been quite busy lately, doing other things. Boomstick: But TJ smashed it to pieces in front of a live audience, because screw perfectly legal, long-term business contracts. Never shut up! He joined the crime syndicate Shadaloo, and basically punched his way up to become its founder's right-hand man. Title: The Rising Champ Balrog: (laughs) You won't even make it to Round 2, wimp! 2K Views. to feature both a 2D sprite animation and a 3D animation as Torrian animated the actual fight and Luis Cruz animated the part where TJ Combo is shown as a janitor. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. An overhead punch swiftly dodged by TJ costs the Texan dearly as Balrog hammers him with a volley of hooks. With regards to Balrog's elephant-killing punch, the hosts translate its 10,000 pounds of force as 44,482 newtons; TJ, in comparison, can knock even quarter-ton Fulgore units 13 feet into the air, which would require 44,820 newtons, giving TJ the strength advantage, but just barely. Balrog, surprised, turns around to see TJ running to him before punching him into the corner. What the hell are you talking about? Boomstick: And Balrog embodies this style to a tee! He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick. But Balrog's strength REALLY shines with his famous Gigaton Blow, or with his incredibly deadly Turn Punch... if he's able to hit anything with it, that is. Now is Balrog's turn to strike, and strike he does, going all out with a Violent Buffalo attack, knocking TJ senseless with a series of alternating overhead hooks and uppercuts. Ponyville has woken up from its blissful night time, the shining sun pouring down its light onto the land. He would spend his days afterwards scraping a living out of fighting in the streets of Las Vegas and in underground circuits, trying to find money however he could. Boomstick: They waited twenty whole years to cash in the favor? Nobody's that patient. Screaming at the champion, Balrog unleashes his trademark Gigaton Blow upon TJ, time seeming to slow down for an instant as the champion drops face-first upon the fractured mat. Although the hosts do note that individual boxers are different and thus the theory may not apply to all, it still holds up for the most part, with Muhammad Ali's victory over George Foreman in the famous Rumble in the Jungle as evidence. Layn. Dazed from being hit by the post, Balrog is left open to a hastened rush of punches, the announcer's shock emphasizing the speed and ferocity by which TJ Combo lives up to his sobriquet.

They stopped in front of the castle and knocked on it three times, no sooner than later Spike opened the door, greeted them and allowed them in. TJ starts punching Balrog in his head, legs and then chest. Race: Human

TJ rears an arm back, a massive influx of cyan energy surrounding his fist as he prepares a final Vortex. Boomstick: Plus, TJ's got plenty of experience outside the ring, without implants, he's defeated the secret agent, Orchid, the upgraded warbot Fulgore mark II, and killed multiple Ultratech super dinosaurs! Layne: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, skills, and tactics to determine the winner... of a DEATH BATTLE! The two boxers counter and clash with their gloves, causing the ring to start crumbling apart from their sheer power. Balrog headbutts TJ right in the face before stomping on his foot and throwing a ferocious rabbit punch; his Dirty Bull combination sending TJ tumbling to the mat. Devastated at his loss, TJ was offered a deal by the Ultratech corporation, who gave him cybernetic implants in his arms and genetically-amplified his strength. By comparing that to the with of the river as seen here, we can estimate the cliff to be one thousand two hundred seventy-two feet high. Wiz: Also, while TJ's Out-Boxer style is quick and resilient, it can be overwhelmed by an aggressive enough opponent, if he gets overconfident, he's sure to lose an important fight sooner rather than later. Boomstick: Like when Ali took the title from slugger George Foreman in the famous "Rumble in the Jungle" by using those Out-Boxer tactics.

Born and raised in a ghetto neighborhood, the young brawler to be had one goal: to leave his poor family and taste that sweet, sweet American dream. Whimpering in agony from his broken arm, Balrog fails to spot his opponent staying on the offensive, hooks sweeping across him in quick succession with no mercy; Balrog is only able to utter pained groans. (*Cues: Theme of Balrog - Street Fighter V*). Why don't you go to hell!? Taking advantage of his vulnerability, Balrog lands some blows before unleashing his Gigaton Blow. Born to a poor family on the Texas coast, Tyler-Johnson Garrett was in for a rough road to fame and glory. Even their ability to take hits were pretty similar, like Balrog falling off the cliff, or TJ jumping out of the Ultratech skyscraper, both of which were at similar heights. Wiz: But instead of learning from his mistakes and trying again the next year, TJ replaced the padding in his glove with a roll of quarters and got his revenge with one savage blow. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from [email protected] The cameras flash as TJ falls to the ground. (*Cues: The Instinct - Killer Instinct (2013)*). TJ then goes to his opposite side, landing a few blows on him. This is also the reason why Boomstick claims the feat used is not his strongest feat of strength. Announcer: I-I can't believe it! TJ and Balrog punch their hands to each other. Boomstick: Standing six-foot-one and weighing two hundred twenty pounds, TJ Combo is the definition of a champion.