Once in the heart tower, you can see there are a lot of treasure where the heart used to be, head down.

Before doing so, in front of you there is a cage holding several boulders. turn left along the corridor to obtain x1 Storied Soldier's Soul., keep going until you reach a gap and wait for the elevator to arrive.

There are two corpses near it, that contains x1 Shard of Moonlightstone each. In this Dirty Colossus Archstone Walkthrough we help you challenge the bosses of the area. Again by going forward and hugging the right wall you will come to loot another x1 Storied Hero's Soul. Now start going up and once you see the boulder coming down, go back as fast as you can. Turn back and take the wooden platform at your left. Head towards the gateway that's underneath the stairs. Behind the table where the Fool's Idol appears you can loot x1 Baby's Nail, behind a column on the right you can loot x1 Storied Soldier's Soul, on the left of the fog door you can loot x2 old Spice. Read on for a full Fool's Idol Archstone Walkthrough. Try to take them one at a time and attack their weak spot: their backs. Go through it. Remember that killing Satsuki shifts World Tendency by -3. Enter the Jail cell that he was in, and it will take you all the way down to the swamp.

Now go to the left of the entranceway you just left. But the 3 clumped together contain the, Remember the location of these two side gates. There's a mid-level you can fall to from the elevator, to loot a corpse that gives you x1 Shard of Clearstone. At the top of the staircase, you will spot a Blue Eye Knight.

Once you have dealt with both of them, continue forward to the fog door. Head up the stairs. At the top you will find the Dregling Merchant.

The Dragon will send a terrifying screech and will come at you breathing fire, killing all the Enemies at the bridge. Don't go up just yet, smash the crates in front of you to reveal some remains, examine them to loot x5 Firebomb.

Leave the room, turn right and press on forward. Go down the broken path towards the narrow corridor. Fool's Idol Archstone (Also known as World 3 - 2) is a Location in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. The Valley of Defilement leads to a huge swamp into which all that is unclean flows, becoming a nest for putrilage, vermin, and plague. At the bottom, you’re faced with a choice of going down more stairs or going onto another walkway where the jail cells are. Go back to where you fought the three Giant Man Centipede and keep going forward. The boss drops Grey Demon's Soul. Now go to the start of the platform. Go up using the wood beams and you will meet the Filthy Woman, a merchant. Take the narrow path and you will find a Crystal Lizard, enter the broken building and you will find a corpse containing x2 Shard of Cloudstone. Turn right to the next plaformt and move forward to reach it.

With it you can open that locked gate in the previous hallway. Collect the Renowned Hero’s Soul and then head right and pass through the archway. Next, choose to take the next set of stairs down and take the keys from the wall as you emerge into a new corridor. Now climb up the rubble and you will be in front of another fog door. Further there is a Depraved One, behind it there's another lootable corpse that contains x1 Shotel. Leave the cell, and keep going through the corridor, on your left you will find a hangin body that contains x1 Renowned Hero's Soul. Latria, land of the queens ivory tower. Once you've dealt with them, enter the room that Fat Official was in. Once you enter the room, you will be attacked by 6 more Prisoners. There's a corpse there containing x1 Compound Long Bow and x13 Light Arrow. This room with filled with Iron Maidens.

Keep advancing hrough the narrow path, once it branches out turn to your left and you will see a Crystal Lizard. Once you enter, a Mind Flayer will come from the left corridor. There is a wooden bridge, but trying to cross it will cause it to crumble, leaving only one wood beam to cross. Demon's Souls Remake

Go left instead, you will be attacked by another Gargoyle. Keep going until you reach the stone stairs at your right. ├ Classes Continue until the end of the corridor and turn left, to obtain x1 Stone of Ephemeral Eyes. Keep going forward for the only way available, two Boletaria Soldiers will emerge from the building to the left, deal with them as fast as you can. The output damage remaining is the dealt to the NPC. A Boletaria Soldier shooting you from there. The strong ranged magic attacks are from the guards, the two. At the end of the stairs, there is an Imperial Spy. Keep going along the corridor, you will find a cell filled with 5 Prisoners. You can lure him towards the room before the bridge, and make a run for the other side of the bridge if you don't feel like fighting it. Now you can loot all the treasure from the dead bodies. Go down, and return to the platform from where you shot down the Rats. There's a vertical wooden plank that you can lower to use as a shortcut, that leads to the beginning of the area. The open room leads to another locked gate, you can unlock it to reach yet another open corridor. Shrine of Storms feature the island shrine of the Shadowmen, who worship storms & mourn the dead. Head outside, on the right side there's a x1 Unknown Soldier's Soul. Drops nothing if killed, unless he's killed before he gives the Dull Rat's Ring. Ostrava, of Boletaria gives you x1 Pure Clearstone. Keep going until the area opens up in a cavern-like structure, evade the shiny flying orbs, if one hits you, it will explode. After you’ve looted everything, take the corridor leading north, but do be wary of the mindflayer patrolling the immediate area.

After killing the Dual-Katana Skeleton, look for a pathway along the left side of the cliff to walk up. This will lead you in front of the big iron gate at the beginning of the level. If you stay on the elevator until it goes all the way down, you will encounter Blacksmith Ed, he can upgrade your Weapons and also forge some Unique ones given the right materials. Leave the cell, the next one, to your right has nothing inside so you can ignore that one. Continue right to find another set of items on the wall. At the end of the room, you can loot a body to obtain, x3 Shard of Hardstone and x3 Shard of Sharpstone.

Go back to the place from where you dropped.

Pure White World Tendency required. On the left side of the battlefield, you can loot x3 Full Moon Grass, on the right you can find x1 Shard of Darkmoonstone. Once past it turn right. Inside the third one, you will find Sage Freke, the Visionary but you can't unlock the door right now. Get out of the cell, on your right there is a locked door. You will see a switch that triggers a trap, before a body that contains x1 Unknown Hero's Soul. At the end, grab x1 Shard of Darkmoonstone. In order to defeat her, you’ll need to avoid the green circles she lays down and when she teleports and summons clones, you’ll find that the real one is the one that doesn’t have a health bar when you lock onto her or attack. You can see that you are behind the optional boss Vanguard, the same one you faced on the tutorial level. There are also Boletaria Soldiers shooting you from an upper platform, so beware of the arrows. Enter the fog. Leave the room from the balcony you originally entered and take the elevator up again. Prison of Hope, 2F East is accessible after you free Rydell, and let him live. So, open it and do so.

You will see a sword between them. This one contains x2 Crescent Moon Grass. Go back to the entrance of the balcony, this time head down the stairs, you will find x1 Shard of Moonlightstone. Pass through the fog and you’ll face the boss, Fool’s Idol. Keep going along the corridor, turn right to obtain x1 Storied Soldier's Soul. On the other side you will find Patches, the Hyena. Turn around the corner where you fought the two Silver Skeleton, turn left twice. Once you've dealt with the Rats, you can loot the body on the room to obtain x1 Crescent Moon Grass. After the cutscene, move up the stairs and use the teleporter after grabbing her soul, unless you wish to try the next level.

Do not stop sprinting until you reach the end.

Head out and reach the end of the corridor to open another iron gate. You will find some crates. Penetrator Archstone (Also known as World 1 - 4) is a Location in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. He asks you to kill his father and gives you  x1 Mausoleum Key that allows you to access the Boletaria Mausoleum.

One Black Phantom Giant Man Centipede on a bridge leading to second chain tower, just past the Crystal Lizard. #5 - Tower Knight Defeated! Head back  to the entrance of the hall, and this time take the stairs at your right.

Turn left and you will find a Fat Official, he drops the Bloody Iron Key.

Now the Dragon stays at the bridge, making it incredibly difficult to pass. He will appear whether you have freed him or not.

The dragon will appear again and unleash his fire attack again, so if it catches you mid-bridge you will die. You can obtain a x1 Unknown Soldier's Soul. Keep going forward until you reach Ostrava, of Boletaria. Once the boss is gone, the archstone will appear, touch to obtain x1 Storm Demon's Soul and x1 Pure Cloudstone. Keep going almost until the end, turn right and drop. Take the ladder, at your left there is a narrow corridor, but there's nothing on it. Past the Skeletons, to the right there is a fog door. Due to its slow movement and limited moveset, King Allant is an easier fight than most of the previous Bosses. Walk slowly and you will arrive to a corpse containing x6 Soul Remains. You can obtain x1 Penetrating Sword from Metas, x1 Tower Shield from Alfred and x1 White Bow from Oolan. On the next cell, there's also a Prisoner.

Turn left again, keep going without stopping because an archer will start to shoot you from a roof.