Crystallophile- A love for crystals or glass. Aichmophile- People with this paraphilia are aroused by needles, pins, or other pointed objects. (Astraphile, Astrapophile). ( associated terms are Domatophile, Oikophile). Dendrophile- People with this philia are aroused by trees.

Maiesiophilia: sexual attraction to childbirth or pregnant women Teutophile- Aroused by German or German things. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This means that the taste of any sour food, liquid, or anything else causes people with acerophile to become sexually aroused in an abnormal manner. Panophile or Pantophile- Aroused by everything. Masochism: is the recurrent urge or behavior of wanting to be humiliated, beaten, bound, or otherwise made to suffer Bathophile- This paraphilia involves sexual aroused by the idea, thought, or sight of depth. Other items on this list are rare, if Judeophile- Aroused by Jews, Jewish culture or anything Jewish. Counterphile- People with this philia have preference for a phobic for fearful situation. Batophile- People with batophilia are aroused being close to high buildings, or by height. Exhibitionism – a desire to/act of exposing one’s genitalia to an unsuspecting person/people, or … Acrotomophilia: love of (or sexual attraction to) amputees Monophile- Aroused by solitude or being alone. Anthropophile- People with this sexual fetish are aroused by the presence or thought of people or society. People who experience one paraphilia may also experience other paraphilias. Iatrophile- Aroused by going to the doctor or of doctors. Hypengyophile or Hypegiaphile- Aroused by being responsible or having some responsibility. Frotteurism: sexual arousal from the recurrent urge or behavior of touching or rubbing against a nonconsenting person Ailurophile- This paraphilia is characterized by sexual arousal triggered by domestic cats. Apeirophile- A rare sexual fetish involving sexual arousal by the symbol, thought, or talk of infinity. The list of types of Paraphilias mentioned in various sources includes: Pedophilia. Eicophile- Aroused by home surroundings. Philemaphile or Philematophile- Aroused by kissing. Amaurophilia: sexual arousal by a partner whom one is unable to see due to artificial means, such as being blindfolded or having sex in total darkness. Celebriphilia: pathological desire to have sex with a celebrity. Doxophile- People with doxophilia are sexually aroused by expressing opinions or of receiving praise. Bufonophile- People who identify as bufonophiles are sexually aroused by toads. Spermatophile or Spermophile- Aroused by germs. Opiophile- Fear medical doctors experience of prescribing needed pain medications for patients. the recurrent urge or behavior involving acts in which the pain or humiliation of the victim is sexually exciting. Paraphilia (previously known as sexual perversion and sexual deviation ) is the experience of intense sexual arousal to atypical objects, situations, fantasies, behaviors, or individuals. Deipnophile- Aroused by dining with people or having dinner conversations. Also Aroused by magic. Scelerophibia- Aroused by bad men, burglars. Acousticophilia: sexual arousal from certain sounds Chionophile- People who are aroused by snow are chionophiles.

Catoptrophile- The sight, though, or presence of a mirror causes sexual arousal for people with this philia. People in this category may stay in sexually abusive relationships, or sexually abuse people. Cyberphile- People who are aroused by computers, using the internet, or working on a computer. Androphile- This is one of the most popular sexual fetishes in the world. Anemophile- Sexual arousal in this case is triggered by air drafts or wind. urges and sexually arousing fantasies generally involving nonhuman objects, the suffering or humiliation of oneself or partner, or children or other non consenting persons. Sociophile- Aroused by society or people in general. Nosophile or Nosemaphile- Aroused by becoming ill. Novercaphile- Aroused by your step-mother. Hygrophile- Aroused by liquids, dampness, or moisture. Transformation fetish: sexual arousal from depictions of transformations of people into objects or other beings Illyngophile- Aroused by vertigo or feeling dizzy when looking down. Information provided on this site is for informational purposes only; it is not intended as a substitute for advice from your own medical team. (Cibophile), Snakephile- Aroused by snakes. Febriphile or Fibriphile or Fibriophile- People with this philia are aroused by fever. Erythrophile or Erytophile or Ereuthophile- 1) Aroused by redlights. Necrophilia: sexual attraction to corpses (Sarmassophile). Xenophilia: sexual attraction to foreigners (in science fiction, can also mean sexual attraction to aliens) Arsonphile- People with this sexual fetish are aroused by fire.

Phengophile- Aroused by daylight or sunshine.

(associated term is Amathophile). People with this philia will engage in. Phallophile- Aroused by a penis, esp erect. Peccatophile- Aroused by sinning or imaginary crimes. Phthiriophile- Aroused by lice. Koinoniphile- Aroused by being in a room or thinking of rooms. Eisoptrophile- Aroused by the presence of mirrors or by seeing oneself in a mirror. Take our user survey and have your say: By using this site you agree to our Terms of Use.

(Blennophile), Nebulaphile- Aroused by fog. Ankylophile- People with this fetish are sexually aroused by immobility of a joint. Meningitophile- Aroused by brain disease. Types of Birth Control, Advantages and Disadvantages. (Heterophile). Ergasiophile- 1) Aroused by work or functioning. Chronomentrophile- Often confused with chronophilia which is arousal by time, chronomentrophiles are Aroused by clocks. Stenophile- Aroused by narrow things or places. Ereuthrophile- Aroused by people blushing. Fetishism: is the use of non-sexual or nonliving objects or part of a person's body to gain sexual excitement. Cathisophile- People who are aroused by sitting are called cathisophile. Chorophile- People who love to dance and get aroused while dancing are chorophiles.

All rights reserved. Sadism: the recurrent urge or behavior involving acts in which the pain or humiliation of the victim is sexually exciting. Scotophile- Aroused by darkness. ( associated terms are Sitophile, Sitiophile). Kolpophile- Aroused by genitals, particularly female.

Sitophile or Sitiophile- Aroused by food or eating. Lilapsophile- People with this paraphilia are aroused by tornadoes and hurricanes. Pharmacophile- Aroused by taking medicine. Poliosophile- Aroused by contracting poliomyelitis.

Odynophile or Odynephile- Aroused by pain. Sinistrophile- Aroused by things to the left or left-handed. Epistaxiophile- Aroused by seeing a nosebleeds or having a nosebleed. they exist at all, and are not documented in any reliable source. Acrophile- The opposite of the common fear of heights, people with acrophilia are sexually aroused by heights, the thought of it, or watching content that involves height. Trichophilia: love (or sexual arousal) from hair Taphephile Taphophile- Aroused by being buried alive or of cemeteries. They may or may not engage in sexual relations with the consent of these people. ( an associated term is Haphephile).

Triskaidekaphile – Aroused by the number 13. Hematolagnia: sexual attraction to blood Barophile- People with this philia are sexually aroused by gravity. Sinophile- Aroused by Chinese, Chinese culture. Nucleomituphile- Aroused by nuclear weapons. Hybristophilia: sexual arousal to people who have committed crimes, in particular cruel or outrageous crimes Eurotophile- Aroused by seeing, touching, or thinking of the female genitalia. Meaning that people with this philia become sexually excited when they are in dark places, watch content that shows dark places, or when they think about darkness. Allodoxaphile- Sexual arousal caused by allodoxaphile is triggered by opinions or arguments.

Trichopathophile or Trichophile- Aroused by hair. Exhibitionism. (Malaxophile). Ouranophile or Uranophile- Aroused by heaven. Asthenophile- This is a sexual fetish that has to do with getting turned on by fainting or weakness. zoophilia (animals), coprophilia (feces), klismaphilia (enemas), urophilia (urine). ( An associated term is Aichmophile). Politicophile- Fear or abnormal dislike of politicians.

Aerophile- People with this philia are sexually aroused by anything that has to do with air, drafts, airbourne noxious substances, air swallowing. Necrophile- Aroused by death or dead things. (Achluophile). Necrozoophilia: sexual attraction to the corpses or killings of animals (also known as necrobestiality) (See: sensory deprivation) Coprophile- A paraphilia where a person is aroused by feces. Heliophile- Aroused by being in the sun, thinking of the sun, or watching the sun. Hellenologophile- Aroused by hearing, reading, or using Greek terms or complex scientific terminology. Pteronophile- Aroused by being tickled by feathers. Astrophile- This is a rare sexual fetish activated by the sight, thought, or talk of stars or celestial space. Bacteriophile- A rare sexual arousal triggered by bacteria. Isolophile- Aroused by solitude, or by being alone. Pictophilia: sexual attraction to pictorial pornography/erotic art Altophile- … Equinophile- Aroused by anything that has to do with horses.

Hadephile- Aroused by the thought or idea of hell.

Enosiophile or Enissophile- Aroused by having committed an unpardonable sin or of criticism.

Gynephile or Gynophile- A common philia that has to do with rousal by women. Amaxophile- This paraphilia is characterized by sexual arousal triggered by riding in a car. Lust murder: sexual arousal through committing murder Galactophilia: sexual attraction to human milk or lactating women (incorrect term) Nepiophilia: the same as infantophilia sexual attraction to children between the age of 0 - 3 yrs. (associated terms Gallophile, Galiophile), Frigophile- Aroused by cold or cold things. The American Psychiatric Association, in its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Fifth Edition (DSM), draws a distinction between paraphilias (which it describes as atypical sexual interests) and paraphilic disorders (which additionally require the experience of distress or impairment in functioning).