Instead, U2 would approach Steve Lillywhite, a young producer who had gained some notoriety producing Siouxsie and the Banshees, Peter Gabriel, Ultravox, and The Psychedelic Furs. CBS Records.

Lyrics are transcribed as heard and are presented here under a provisional license by Universal Music, granted in 2005. This image was changed to a long black and white silhouette of the band for the US and Canada release due to worries about it appearing too sexually suggestive. The child (who has since been featured on many of U2's albums) is Peter Rowan. Released in October of 1980. Peter also appeared on the covers of “Three“, “The Best of 1980–1990“, and “Early Demos“. Two years ago, he photographed the band's Dublin concert, and has since gone on to photograph other performances. New versions of “Out of Control”, “Stories for Boys”, and “Twilight” were recorded for inclusion on the album instead of relying on earlier recorded versions released on singles. Photographer: Hugo McGuinness. Pelosi calls on Republicans to 'stop the circus and get to work' on COVID, You're Probably Asking Yourself This Question, Few legal wins so far as Trump team hunts for proof of fraud, Denzel Washington 'safe’ after firefighters respond to smoke call at his L.A. home. The band's first album. By RonanGil, February 21 in General Forum Released in September of 1979. All of the songs from “Boy” have been performed live by the band over the years. The album would reach #52 in the UK album charts. "Bono lived across the road and was friends with my brother," says Rowan, whose brother actually gave Bono (real name Paul David Hewson) the nickname that stayed with him for the rest of his life. Thankfully, in recent reissue campaigns the original cover has been restored. Rowan, now a 37-year-old photographer with a daughter of his own, lives in Dublin, Ireland, and still stays in touch with Bono and The Edge. Pressings of “Boy” have yielded some variations in track listing and timing. Lillywhite was working as a staff producer at Island Records. This was removed from later pressings on vinyl, and has never appeared on CD until the 2008 remastered edition of the album.

War can also be a mental thing, an emotional thing between loves. "A guy started talking to me about my camera and said he used to be a photographer and his most famous picture was 'War.' Crew: John Kennedy, Pod, Amigo O’Herlihy. Agent New York: Frank Barsalona, Premier Talent. Geburtstag?

Here's Why. Die Band verbindet bei The Joshua Tree den selbstbewusst … Studio: Windmill Lane, Dublin. The North American cover, referred to as the “Stretched Faces” cover, featured four images of the band which are distorted, and also has the title and name of the band displayed prominently. The North American release would follow five months later on March 3, 1981. The design of the original album cover was by Steve Averill working with Bruno-Christian Tilley, the in house designer at Island Records, The cover artwork for the album’s initial release was a photograph by Hugo McGuinness of a young boy, with his arms behind his head. U2 Shop; U2 UK Shop; Sign Up / Sign In; albums ; singles ; DVD ; limited editions ; Reissues ; Compilations ; other ; Lyrics; Songs of Experience 2017. In 1980, U2 released a debut album, "Boy," with a memorable album cover photo featuring a six-year-old boy staring directly at the camera. Another high contrast black and white shot, shirtless and touching his shoulder with a gaping mouth. Two memories from the day: I didn't like the soup, and I was nearly in a crash.". The remastered version released in 2008, supervised by the Edge, broke these tracks apart and followed the UK split of 4:47 and 3:28. The Joshua Tree 1987.

The second single “I Will Follow” was released close to the release of the album in both Europe and North America. März 1987 von dem Label Island Records veröffentlicht.

Site formerly known as The original cover was censored/edited by Warner Records for fear of Pedophilia claims. LP Mastered at the Sound Clinic by John Dent. Rattle and Hum 1988. The information presented within these pages is accurate to the best of our knowledge but is based upon information provided by other fans, research into individual items and several books, and U2 Songs takes no responsibility for any problems resulting from use of the material as presented within. "But when people find out, sometimes they say my eyes are still the same.". This release came in at number 15 on the Record Collector list. Originally U2 had approached Martin Hannett, who produced “11 O’Clock Tick Tock,” to produce the “Boy” album as well. References to “Stories for Boys” has been made throughout the Vertigo tour.

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In Sweden, a special limited edition version was pressed in blue vinyl and in a 2005 column, Record Collector magazine placed that at number 5 in a list of U2 rarities.

In 1980, U2 released a debut album, "Boy," with a memorable album cover photo featuring a six-year-old boy staring directly at the camera. In 2008, the original artwork of “Boy” the 1980 UK release cover with Peter was made the standard cover worldwide. "It is funny that I'm a photographer now," Rowan said, and the arc came full circle when U2 used one of the photos he took for a T-shirt and a poster. “ Boy ” the debut album from U2, was released October 20, 1980. All pictures are property of U2 and their respective publishers. Peter shows up in his classic shirtless "laid back" posture sporting an angelic face. The Joshua Tree ist das fünfte Studioalbum der irischen Rockband U2 und wurde am 9. It would enter the US charts a few months later upon release, and reached number 63 on the Billboard 200. “Boy” the debut album from U2, was released October 20, 1980.

I said 'that was me!' “The Ocean”, “An Cat Dubh” and “Into the Heart” last appeared during the Vertigo tour.

The album “Boy” was remastered and released on July 21, 2008 in the UK, with a North American release the following day. In fact in the early days, the band had so few songs to pick from, they would often repeat songs in the encore. I am enjoying it.' Rowan debuted on the cover of U2's first EP album, "Three," when he was 5 years old, and he was only 8 when "War" was photographed. Mit Sternchen (*) gekennzeichneten Verweise sind sogenannte Provision-Links (Affiliate-Links). Wide Awake …

The album was released on CBS Records in Ireland, and Island Records or associated labels throughout the rest of the world. The original sleeve featured the 'boy' Peter Rowan but Warner Bros, fearing controversy, released a different album cover in North America, featuring a stretched and distorted picture of the band. Songs Of Innocence 2014. In 1980, U2 released a debut album, "Boy," with a memorable album cover photo featuring a six-year-old boy staring directly at the camera. This site is not officially authorized by U2 or Peter Rowen, and exists purely for your information and enjoyment. Two singles were released to promote “Boy”.