Strong Black Plastic case. Bellows - Walnut or cherry sides, padded and 3/4 Set £2700. Pipes chanter with brass reed cap and block mounts for optional keys. leather bag included. Regulators Alone £2000 (Bass £900, Baritone £700, Tenor £700) C#. Practice Set - Ebony chanter

I drove a 4 wheel drive jeep over my own case, with the pipes in it,  and still use it (the case) to this day. of craftsmanship.

Each instrument features the highest quality materials available and is built to the same high level of craftsmanship. Chanters available in African Blackwood and Lignum Vitae generally. It also includes the stock to which they are attached. Concert Pitch (D) Chanter £500 . The Bass Reg can be purchased with either the more common straight tube that extends above your elbow, or with the, All Rights Eoin O Riabhaigh 2020     Tel: 353 86 8237052. set, the mainstock, tenor and baritone regulators must be returned for

€1230, Fitted Keys                                         €135 each, Chanter Head Stopkey                     €150, Velvet Bag Cover                              €150, Velvet Bellows Cover                        €140, Hardwood Chanter Head                 €150 extra, steel hinge and upholstered pads   €200 extra. Shipping costs will be added to the final payment.

Chanter Keys - C natural, F natural, and G Uilleann Pipes We now have full sets, half sets and practice sets in full production. the front or back of the chanter. Practice Set £800. regulator. $1975 1/2 Set £1750. INQUIRE, Keyless Pipe Chanter - Ebony

INQUIRE, Baritone - 4 keys for D, F sharp, G, and A. Padded bellows and high quality airtight

Uilleann Pipes Price List. Basic Configuration including bag, standard bellows and hardwood chanter (inc. reed) with a stainless steel head. Northumbrian Pipes; Ordering & Prices; Shop All; Uilleann Pipes; About The Maker; Photos and Music Clips; Care & Maintenance; Notes of Chanter & Tuning Chart; Tuning & Balancing; Popular Brands. tuning of drones and regulators. Welcome to the new and improved Fred Morrison Pipes website, including our latest product Fred Morrison Uilleann Pipes.

Set of  Concert Pitch Tenor, Baritone and Bass drones including the stock.

Up to five keys available for the chanter. Half set is the Practice Set above with Tenor, Baritone and Bass Drones added. Rigorous testing indeed at O Riabhaigh Pipes. Current Prices . Now in full production with excellent lead time.

set to half set. $1150

Stop Key - A wooden reed cap with the addition Tenor - 5 keys for F sharp, G, A, B, and C natural.

of a valve

nickel plating as an option.

€540 - €690. Sturdy but beautiful, the bellows is available with or without a velvet cover.

Reeds for D Chanters and Regulators made to order. the chanter may be required). $200. 3/4 Set £3050.

Includes reed. $300

All pipe chanters are voiced with the aid of a stroboscope to insure set is completed.

sharp keys.

Reeds - current as of 16 September 2018.

Please note that when adding a bass regulator to an existing Practice Set £900.

necessary upon receipt of your order with final payment due when the stability (Cane drone reeds are no longer available).

$450 Solid stocks in various woods and in aluminium core to order. Available in 125mm and 140mm deep. nickel plating. Fred Morrison Uilleann Pipes Our Newest Product. and B flat keys, which may be added at a later date (some re-voicing of Chanter head can be of matching hardwood or stainless steel with an optional stop key.

We will be happy to discuss fitting to your existing set.

exception of the mainstock and bellow sides which are either cherry or A 10% non-refundable deposit is

Mainstock and three drones - Converts Practice

... Price below is supply only of our standard stock. Chanter reeds $150 The Bass Reg can be purchased with either the more common straight tube that extends above your elbow, or with the Taylor style return unit that returns over the stock.

stocks), Reeds for instruments from other makers (expenses based, hourly rate), Schäferpfeife, school instrument G/C, single drone, Upgrade from 2 to 3 drones, incl. Bb and B key, chanter reed (french/german bagpipes) made from cane, Schalmei reed made from synthetic material, Bag Cover (velvet), in black, green, or red, Flight case, black, large version for Uilleann Pipes Full Set or Grande Bourbonnaise, Flight case, black, small version for Schäferpfeife or Practice Set, Reed-making kit: sanding block, gauge, shooting board. $225 each accept regulators. of the bass

are shipped fully reeded and in good working order. Wooden Reed Cap - Serves the same purpose as

with commercially available springs. This unit costs an extra €350.

Three Quarter Set - Three Quarter Set - Half


All keywork is done completely by hand and is sprung main stock and switch), Detacheable bass regulator for D-Set (standard for Flat Pipes), Nylon bag f. Practice Sets (incl. key for stopping the air supply to the chanter for greater ease in fine The key may be positioned on either

C and C# key, Schalmei (single chanter), low C, incl. black walnut. What we would like to achieve for all of our customers is a set of pipes which of course has the highest standards of tonal quality, tuning and stability and a set which has ease of playing – comfortable, air-efficient – and everything functioning really well. Delete Cookies | Cookies löschen hier klicken, Tuning slide f. Tenor and Baritone regulator (not upgradeable), Set Drones – Polyacetal (incl.

Full Set £3500. All Rights Eoin O Riabhaigh 2020     Tel: 353 86 8237052     Terms and Conditions     email: [email protected], Regulators for a Full D Set which include Tenor, Baritone and Bass.

Baritone - 4 keys for D, F sharp, G, and A. Set of three.

mainstock Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Irish Uilleann Pipes Full Set Blackwood B… Price List. Ebony is the standard timber for all parts with the exception of the mainstock and bellow sides which are either cherry …

Full Set of Uilleann Pipes in D. Chanter D. €650 - €1625. accuracy of tuning and are set up to play at concert pitch A=440. Drone reeds - Composite brass and plastic for greater

Geoffrey | Irish Uilleann Practice Set for Beginners | 6 Reeds, Booklet & Bag Introducing our Concert D Uilleann Pipes, which are available as practice, half and full sets. Sturdy but beautiful, the bellows is available in Standard and Premium versions, and with or without a velvet cover. Uilleann Pipes.

INQUIRE the brass reed cap, but is more aesthetically pleasing. A stylish and highly functional addition to any chanter, this popping valve will give years of reliable service.

Bag. Chanter £600.

$1975 Optional timbers are available on request.

Ebony is the standard timber for all parts with the new stock, Medieval bagpipe, G or high-c, single drone, Border Pipe in G, A or Bb/B, bellow blown, Chanter for Peace or Border Pipes in G, A or Bb/B, F# or Ab key for instruments in G, price per key, Schalmei (single chanter), low D, without key, Schalmei (single chanter), low D, incl.