Please use this up to date list of Biblical name as a reference to name your kid/child.

I have an unquenchable fire in my heart for God As a mom of 4 (3 girls and 1 boy), my husband and I would create our own lists of names we liked by researching online or going through Pinterest baby name boards and then we would pitch our names to one another. The most famous Ethan in biblical times is mentioned in 1 Kings 4. It would be the perfect baby shower present, or push present!

A few things about me: The three men, however, emerged unharmed. The name is first mentioned as the grandson of Judah in 1 Chronicles 2:6; the name appears twice more in 1 Chronicles 6 as two of Levi’s descendants. Mourning Of Sickness. Judging by the use of Ethan the Ezrahite as a comparison for Solomon’s wisdom, it can be safely assumed that Ethan was considered to be one of the wisest men known.

Meaning “rich,” Ophir is a name that serves as both a person’s name and a biblical place name.

Cyrus the Great is known in world history for conquering Babylon and founding the Achaemenian Empire.

For my last baby, our first boy, we were stuck between naming him our absolute favourite biblical baby boy name – Gideon – or going with a childhood friend’s name that I was inspired by – Thaddeus. We recommend moving this block and the preceding CSS link to the HEAD of your HTML file. He was a member of the Christian church in Antioch despite being identified as from Cyrene, a city more than 6 weeks travel away. Non-gerderized Biblical. Azariah was the Hebrew name for Abednego, the Israelite who was taken captive by Babylon alongside Daniel. They have escaped while the brave Jason and a few other unnamed Christians face down the mob searching for the Apostle. In 2016 Ethan was the 10th most popular name in the United States, the second most popular in Canada, the seventh most popular in Australia and the 18th most popular in England in Wales. The most popular boy’s name over the last century in the United States was James with John coming in a close second. I was torn right up until that very moment! There are affiliate links in this post that I make a small commission from, please support my blog by clicking them! Perhaps you want your boy to stand out amongst the rest, and you want to give him a good start by giving him a unique name. There are an overwhelming number to choose from, but here are seven lesser known biblical boys’ names that would, even today, serve a child well. In Acts 17, Jason offers shelter to Paul and Silas. Derived from the Latin word lux, meaning “light,” the biblical men who carried this name were far more moral than Rowling’s slippery character. Ophir is listed among the songs of Joktan in both Genesis and 1 Chronicles. He is a “fellow [Jew]” who sends his greetings with Paul to the Christian church in Rome. Beliefnet is a lifestyle website providing feature editorial content around the topics of inspiration, spirituality, health, wellness, love and family, news and entertainment. A Chain, Strength, A Stag. It is therefore a wise idea to use this time proactively and research the baby name you will eventually choose.