Note: Adult children enrolled in TRICARE Young Adult don't qualify for dental benefits. TOPDs will also complete and submit your claim submission documents to United Concordia. You also explicitly consent to the automated decision making by us, which may include the processing of your health data, to the extent that it is necessary to process your health claim swiftly and efficiently. (ii) when required valid requests by law enforcement. Box 69452 Harrisburg, PA 17106 Fax: 844-827-9926 (toll-free) 717-635-4520 (toll) Quality of Care/Grievance Inquiries.

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Box 69452 Harrisburg, PA 17106 717-635-4520 (toll)

You'll need a referral from your dental clinic, even for short trips. You are under no obligation to seek care from TOPDs in any OCONUS location, even if they are listed on this directory.

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Falls Church, VA 22042-5101, and book your appointment directly with the dentist, or, Call a Dental Care Finder at 1-866-984-2337 to book the appointment for you, Call United Concordia at 1-866-984-2337 before seeing a dentist, Tell them about your extended leave status, You can get dental care from any network dentist. (ii) when required valid requests by law enforcement.

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