We have been part of the Snack Crate family for four months now, and everything we have received has been wonderful. I Tried Universal Yums, But Was It Worth The Money? I received three different types of gummy candies, and well the flavor profiles of them were the same, I do feel like I would have been excited by a wider variety of sweets or other types of snacks in my universal Yum‘s box. Skip to content. Including everything from toys, to snacks, to...whatever, if it's in a box we want to hear about it. So when I saw the stickers at the Emerald of the equator, I had no idea what country can be featured in this box. Subreddit for everyone to discuss all the monthly subscription boxes we love, like, and are just not that into. Genuinely surprising snacks, new flavors, extremely high quality. I do feel like I got introduced to new flavors and new types of snacks in my box I have yet to ever tried before. I’m also a little bit frustrated, but I felt like I received the same types of candy in my universal Yum‘s box. BOX ADVICE. I’m not a huge candy person, but the taste of this melon milk chew was very refreshing. Posted by 5 months ago. I love the texture of these little tapioca snacks, although I wouldn’t say that I would get these again because I just wasn’t nearly in love with them as I was with the crackers. 79% Upvoted. Thanks for Universal Yum‘s, this bag of corn nuts that I received with garlic seasoning has me 10 out of 10 obsessed.

I have a munchpak subscription, it’s alright. I thought of this combination sounded so delicious, and I wasn’t exactly sure why I hadn’t received anything like this previously and any other subscription box that I’ve tried. I appreciate universal llamas repackaging the smaller candies. Customer Reviews. What do you think of the Universal Yum snack subscription box? The actual wait for real itself was extraordinarily delicate, and as soon as I bit into this, it completely fell apart. I wish the snack subscription boxes would ask if we have any allergies before sending us out a box. The last snack that I received in my universal Yum subscription box with this chocolate banana wafer roll. I was much more impressed with universal yums. When you Purchase this box, and email with all the Tracking information. Press J to jump to the feed. I can now officially say I tried a grilled beef-flavored snack! Universal YUMS offer s great gift subscription option. The HelloFresh Review You Have to Read (From a Very Busy Woman), 11 Best ButcherBox Alternatives on the Market. How many countries to they do shuffle through in a year?

We plan to renew for another year since we had fun with it. I see Universal Yums is one country a month while Munchpak is just anything goes box. Universal Yums Alternatives. I love little gummy candies come out because I think you’re so fun to look at. Overall, I was very excited about the content that I received for my universal Yum‘s box. Close. Not necessarily indicative of the country of origin. Snack Crate is amazing. I ordered a monthly box to try and see how it goes before I commit over $200 for a annually subscription. If you're on the fence about getting one DO IT! It’s fun seeing and trying new flavors for countries you wouldn’t otherwise even really think of buying snacks from (our first months box was Scandinavia).

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I have a very high intolerance to red dyes. I’m currently with Snackcrate and I’ve about had it with boxes coming super late and not much communication. Some of her current favorite boxes are Stitch Fix, Boxycharm, Quirky Crate, and Sephora Play, but she’s always looking for more boxes to add to her subscription list! Overall, I was very impressed with Universal Yum’s, and I would sign up for another subscription with them. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. They didn’t taste anything like beef jerky, which is the only thing that I could think to compare against. There is nothing on this earth that I will not try at least once. This would also be something that I would go out of my way to purchase again. Click here universalyums.com. Love with Food vs NatureBox: Which Will Win Out in My House? Menu . save. I will admit that I was caught off guard because the waiver roll was sweet, but it was like a sweet and salty combination with the flavor of the cheese. I do have a few complaints about universal Yum, but overall, this is the best snack subscription box I’ve ever tried before. The snacks are OK.

International snack box from a different country each month. It just really caught me off guard seeing this in my Indonesia box. How is universal yums? However I figured id try both because a few website reviews liked munchpak better overall. It provides you with 10-12 full-sized snacks. The box that I received at my door was a super cute package. I see Universal Yums is one country a month while Munchpak is just anything goes box. They have a slightly gummy texture, so although they were gummy candy, they weren’t so tough that they were un-chewable. Hopefully they switch up the snacks they use for the same countries they use. I didn’t enjoy this candy, but I did have enough to hand out to the rest of my family members. Nadine West vs Stitch Fix [2020]: Which Will You Love More? More posts from the SubscriptionBoxes community. I also feel like this subscription box was very affordable for the number of products that I received in my box. I’m someone who loves a heavy garlic seasoning, and I really feel like this Presto corn delivered precisely that.

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How is universal yums? Plus, universal Yum’s also ships to Canada, Israel, and the UK. I love how bright green the packaging was, but I had no idea what panda flavor was.

Try these two different and unique flavors from across the world. However, this cheese and cheese jumbo wafer role was unexpectedly amazing. Are you interested in learning what I received in my very first at universal Yum‘s box? There was only a small selection of sweets inside of this box, and they were really small so that they would have easily gotten lost in the box. If you go for a Mini box, you’ll receive five full-sized snacks, which comes to $12 per crate for first-time customers. This extraordinary Yum bag containing a selection of candies from Indonesia. No duds. Snackcrate has been so bad. No duds. I’m sad to say that I did not try this, as I’m allergic to banana. Some not so good. Click here universalyums.com. Discover (and save!) However, I felt like these were delicious just by themselves and would 10 out of 10 purchase these again. Corn nuts or one of my favorite snacks to grab from the grocery store. Lisa H. 4/09/19. I can’t tell you how obsessed I am with these crackers. Seems it’s a little bit of a clusterfuck and for the amount of money I spend for 6 snacks plus shipping, it’s not worth it. Home; Learn. Nadine West Review (Why I’m Canceling) [2020], Ipsy vs Boxycharm [2020]: Another Beauty Product Showdown. I’m a self-proclaimed cheese addict. Universal Yums | Snacks from around the world delivered monthly . I love how Universal Yums always has a fantastic combination of fun candies and snacks that make me feel both mature and child-like at the same time as I’m unboxing their subscription. hide . There’s a bunch of cool facts the educated me about Indonesia, such as famous landmarks, such as what country surrounded Indonesia and other fun information. I love how airy and like the actual cake was and that the overall profile of this layer cake wasn’t too sweet. Information in the box about the country and describing the history of each snack in the box is always an intresting read. Thankfully, there is a map on the inside of the box when I first opened it up it said Indonesia. It’s really more of a novelty thing than a “value” thing, that being said I do think Universal Yums is a pretty decent value compared to other snack crates I’ve tried.

My children are very picky but they try everything in their snackcrate each month. Applications & Tools; Blogging; Business; Design Try delicious snacks and candies from around the … UY is reliable and always shows up on time. However, I do appreciate the unique experience at this cheese roll gave me. I spoke to them about it and they said there's nothing they can do. Scentbox vs Scentbird (2020 UPDATE): Which Scent Box is Better? The Original box is the most popular, which hosts $20 per crate for new customers. Universal Yums vs Munchpak. The next candy that I tried from this extraordinary bag was a Tamarind hard candy. These TickTac snacks were unlike anything that I’ve ever tried before and had a savory taste of grilled beef. I love learning about the snacks that I’m being sent, as it helps to give me an understanding of what the snack is is, since some of the snacks do have a foreign language written on them. On the back of my map was a find a puzzle, which I honestly didn’t complete because I was so excited to get to the snacks.

While I understand that there’s a lot of people with a lot of different allergies out there, I do feel like by adding in an allergy selection list, it would help to make their subscription box a lot more inclusive. Apr 4, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Jamie Burke. I’m very allergic to pork, bananas, and a lot of other types of food that I won’t go on about because there’s so many. 0 comments. Do they filter the same snacks whenever they do the same boxes? The first snack that I tried with this layer cake but had a cream filling. We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

I would never have thought of this would be a snack that the people of Indonesia and joy, but this coffee biscuit certainly paired exceptionally well with a cappuccino.