That overlock stitch is essential if you want your stretch knits to keep their elastic character. Before tightening the screw, make sure your new needles are seated properly in the clamps. One thing to watch out for is that the needles in a Serger do not sit parallel to each other. When you think about it having a Serger around, next to your sewing machine, you have the flexibility, the tools you need to make sure your sewing projects are not delayed. Making simple skirt can be the perfect project using a serger. What this does is get the tension mechanisms open and ready to receive your thread. Be careful of backstitching - your Serger may be able to do it but it also can cut those stitches you just laid down.

Take some time and look at a lot of them to make sure you do not over or underbuy. 4. But you do not need one if you want to sew.

2. There is a correct threading order - Don’t ignore or violate this procedure. 4. Having professional-looking results should earn you lots of praise. • Wave Stitch: The wave stitch, which is an exclusive Baby Lock serger stitch, is a decorative stitch comprised of a needle thread and upper and lower looper thread. Better results - A Serger should give you professional-looking results that are second to none.

On top of that, the time and effort you save can be invested in other family duties. With both machines, you are properly equipped to handle most sewing projects you like to do. That ability should save you some time as blind hems are not always that easy to get done. How to Get Wrinkles Out of Velvet Easily, Cotton vs Silk: 12 Differences Between Cotton and Silk, Why Use a Serger Instead of a Sewing Machine?, Do I Need a Serger And a Sewing Machine?. They are very efficient and are a big help to you.

When this happens there is a risk that the loose thread may catch in a moving part and ruin your day. Thread from scratch - this is better than tying a knot in the old and new threads and letting the machine do the work. You can relax and concentrate because the machine is handling those annoying little jobs while supplying you with a great stitch to protect your clothes. Making this kind of clothes can be a little bit tricky because it involves precise and neat rolled hem to create the perfect finish. As you gain confidence, start using the serger for more challenging garments. We are going to say yes to that question. Use multi-colored thread - That versatility will add to the attractive look of your sewing project. When you get a Serger don’t toss your regular sewing machine away. If you do not do this you will end up with a bad stitch pattern and look. Often the serger is my preference for woven fabrics that are being used in a garment. Get the one that fits your sewing needs the best. Good machines are not always the most expensive.

The differential feed lever is on the right side of the Serger and it controls the front feed teeth, not the back. That characteristic makes sewing a little more enjoyable. Your clothes are more durable and should not fray. Sure! There are also numbers of pattern pillow to get the project started. If you do then you are not going to have very good stitches and the look will be less than professional. Also, it can’t do a regular straight stitch. In this case I may use a five- or four-thread stitch. 2. They can stretch the fabric where you need it to go. Serging, Tips & Tricks. Here is a little list of things you can do when you place a Serger in your home next to your regular sewing machine: 1. Read More, At some point in your sewing life, you’ll ask “Should I buy a serger?” Maybe that’s how you found your way to... When making any garment that happens to be knit, this is my go-to machine for construction. I always make sure that I am matching my stitch type to my fabric type. Personally, I have made everything from pants, dresses, to coats and knit garments. All Rights Reserved. The machine will certainly save you time while making good and tidy clothes. By adjusting the threading path of the upper looper a wave is created in the stitch. There are more things that you can do with your Serger. Sometimes, buying clothes from stores are not actually fit with our perception. Your clothes are more durable and should not fray. It may be puckering as you sew. Your email address will not be published. The top of the stitch looks like a straight stitch and the underside looks like a flat loop. Fabric Sides: How to Identify Right and Wrong Side of Fabric, How to Cut Stretchy Fabric Straight (Helpful Tips and Guide), Viscose vs Rayon: 9 Differences Between Viscose and Rayon. A good quality thread should prevent this from taking place frequently. 4.

Using Serger, you can just make any kind of clothes that you want. You do need some sewing talent to make sure you create beautiful clothes and more.

This will help you to understand more about fit garments. The overlock stitch allows your fabrics to stretch properly while giving the seams the strength they need to endure that stretching. After you know how to handle the fabric, how to thread, and also know a little bit about sewing woven fabrics; it is the time to move to knitting. Check out the Baby Lock Acclaim, Accolade, Celebrate, Triumph, Vibrant or the Victory for more details. There is one thing to remember when making a scarf with Serger is that the machine’s knife cuts off the seam while sewing. For example, cooking one of those meals you always wanted to try and make, playing with your kids or just having the energy to be romantic with your spouse. Check the needles - On common Serger machines, there should be 2 needle clamp screws for each needle. A regular sewing machine can do things a Serger cannot and vice versa.

Don’t have a lead foot - a Serger machine moves faster than a regular sewing machine. It is all your choice. Listen below as one of our Baby... Listen to an episode about serger stitches on Mallory and Zede Donohue's...

It has the information you need to know about before you jump on the Serger bandwagon and spend money you may not need to spend. These kinds of fabrics are quite easier to handle compared to slinky fabrics such as silk, rayon, linen, or polyester.

As you read earlier, the Serger is not without its limitations and the regular sewing machine fills those gaps so you are never at a loss when it comes to difficult patterns and sewing. Serging the raw edge of any garments from any fabrics that you use will help prevent it from unraveling, fraying, and also unsightly rolled edges. Using more than one thread also saves you time on replacing one thread multiple times. Are you wanting to learn more about serger techniques and accessories? • Chain Stitch: The chain stitch is a needle thread and a chain looper thread.

One is located in the front while the other is in the back. Instead, it is a complementary machine that gives you more options and more tools to use. The left needle is higher than the right. In this case I may use a five- or four-thread stitch. • Overlock stitch: An overlock stitch contains at least one needle thread and an upper and lower looper thread. 3. For example, trim, sew and also finish a seam in on quick and easy step. Not only does the cutting blade trim the fabric edge, but the upper and lower looper threads wrap around the fabric edge, securing or protecting the fabric edge. Fabric Burn Test Chart, Can You Iron Velvet? Besides making a classic pillow, the scarf is also another great project to start sewing with. This stitch is available on the Baby Lock Acclaim, Accolade and the Triumph. 3. Also, a Serger can save you time.

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That aspect is very important when you are trying to impress your mother in law with your homemaking abilities or friends and strangers who like to see top quality work results. This helps extend the lifespan of any garments and it will make the garments more stand up from the tear, wear, and washing. This stitch looks like what was used on sacks of flour, sugar or dog food. It removes a lot of those sewing chores you hate to do. I use the cover stitch to hem those knit garments.

The normal setting for a lot of fabrics is 1 but other fabrics may require you to change that setting to make sure your fabric is fed through the machine as it should. Any garment you want! Having one around is advantageous to your sewing projects and makes your work look like a professional sewer did it all. Before we get to some of the different projects a Serger machine is capable of completing. The trend of sheer and lightweight blouses, dresses, and skirts is rising. But, and you knew it was coming, Serger machines are not a replacement for regular sewing machines. Also, you can cut down on your worrying about whether the project will be done right or on time.

One reason is that you can avoid doing those sewing jobs you find distasteful. The result is the upper looper thread on top with the lower looper thread on the bottom and the threads locking at the fabric edge and the needle. Serger may not have as many features as a regular sewing machine, but it can still do multiple tasks at once. Copyright © 2020 Serger World.

My suggestion would be to start with garments that have simple design lines. Clothes last longer - That is one of the key features when you use a Serger. Read More. Our answer is because a Serger is the perfect complementary tool for your regular sewing machine. For example: • Silk: If I am using a lightweight silk, using a four-thread stitch is a little too heavy for construction or seam finish. There are a lot of options on a Serger machine that your regular sewing machine does not have. The upper and lower looper threads are carried to the needle as the stitch is formed. The rolled hem should not weigh down the fabric and should also invisible. 5. The two machines work well together and help you do better sewing in less time. Finally, you also want to watch out for thread spilling. Copyright © 2020 Baby Lock. The upper and lower looper threads lock or cross at the fabric edge (locking). What a Serger does, is make your sewing life a little easier to do. Keep the stretch - The overlock stitch will make sure your knits stretch naturally and without ruining your seams. When your kids need to go to after school activities, you can make sure you are there to pick them up on time when you use a Serger. Some of these top machines can work with 2, 3 and even 5 different colored threads. There are more things that you can do with your Serger. I have been ‘playing’ with it by using pieces of fabric. And also, making classic pillow also gives the instant result as well. It is possible to get enough features on a Serger machine to handle sewing chores like rolled hems, gathers, and a cover stitch. A Serger is a wonderful sewing machine that helps speed up your sewing time while doing duties that you would normally do with regular sewing machines. Also, uneven threading can cause both the threads and the needles to break. Finally, you can thread the different needles. The only drawback is that the regular sewing machines just take more time. With some machines, you can turn the blade off so it does not do any damage to your sewing project at the same time. 3.

I had never even thought to use a serger to hem my clothes. 6. The pillow can be used for bed or throw pillow. The short answer is no you don’t. Watch this recorded Facebook Live featuring National Training Manager Patty Marty... Save time - With the Serger you are looking at doing several tasks at the same time. Replacing a needle takes a light touch and you shouldn’t force them into place. • Knits: When working with knits, I will use a stretch needle rather than a standard overlock needle. Besides sewing fabric, a serger sewing machine handles the seam sewing, edge finishing as well as trim away excess fabric.