Coke syrup is about 2 proof. Vanilla extract contains alcohol. colourings, preservatives and so on, it is permissible to eat them because alcohol and that it is pure, and we have mentioned the ruling on foods and Gelatin as nutrition sourc for starter cultures, ... Gelatin in stationary (Carbon-free copy paper), ad... Gelatin in Confectionary (Candy / Tofee / Sweets). It will be halaal to consume such foodstuffs that contain the extract on condition the alcohol in producing the vanilla extract is not made from grapes or dates. But Charles Candler says in the same book that the Pemberton formula included "an acid for zest." There was even a news article about this back in 1988 in Austin, Texas. One analysis of the syrup claimed: Phosphoric acid (H 3 PO 4 ) (percent) 0.26?0.30, Caramel, glycerin, lime juice, essential oils,and plant extractives Present, There seems little doubt that Coca-Cola contained lime juice circa 1909. Al-Suyuti also wrote that one should avoid food and drink that has been left uncovered. Directions: 1. 33763 we quoted the following But as with Coke, the kola really didn't contribute to the flavor. The proportions which are used in the process as follows: 380 lbs. bacon, deli meats, ham and sausage, Blood used as an ingredient or used in preparing the food, Meat and poultry not slaughtered according to Islamic dietary law, Canned beans, peas and lentils containing pork, Any meat and meat alternative dish prepared with alcohol, pork products or animal shortening, Miscellaneous: chocolates/candies made with alcohol or pure or artificial vanilla extract, Sweeteners: chocolate liqueur (made from alcohol, Main dish entrées: any combination foods prepared with Haram foods and ingredients, Soups/sauces: any prepared with Haram foods and ingredients, Desserts and sweets: any prepared with alcohol, pure or artificial vanilla extract or any other Haram ingredient, Pork and its by-products e.g. The officials at the plant claimed to be ignorant of this fact I but promised that enquiries will be made. Vanilla extract is produced by 1. From what substance do you make that Merchandise No. Q. One whose stomach is over-stuffed with food cannot think clearly or wisely. Citrus juices are easy to fake. Maple Leaf Farm’s All Natural Halal Ducks; The facts came to light during a supreme court trial regarding the ingredients of Coca Cola.

Gin and Whiskey are unanimously proclaimed haraam by our Ulama. Of the Coca leaf and the Cola nut, and of dilute alcohol sir.