Taste: 6 The peanut butter chocolate flavor is a delicious choice that will satisfy chocolate lovers. For people like me, though—people who lead lives without milk—it’s a sad reminder of what’s missing from my summer: a good dairy-free ice cream. The salted caramel chocolate is ideal for those who love decadent desserts.

It was surprisingly good but in comparison with the decadence of today's vegan ice creams, it could be considered underwhelming.

You can cancel anytime. Ingredients: Ben & Jerry’s vegan ice cream’s major drawback is its ingredients. The texture looked so nice, creamy & fluffy. It’s creamy, smooth, and not overly rich. Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss is one of the healthiest vegan ice cream brands. This one felt more like a chilled brownie batter than an ice cream. Seriously this was a clear winner and has to be one of Ben & Jerry’s best!

Simplicity, a lesser concern, got a scale from 1 to 5. It’s a thumbs up from us! Each serving of Vanilla Island has 210 calories, 16 grams of fat, 16 grams of carbs, and 13 grams of sugar. It was so different from the other vegan caramel versions we’ve tried and looks like they took this one to a whole new level of caramel deliciousness. Their Soy Dream® ice cream range is made from certified organic, non-GMO soy and their whole line is free from artificial sweeteners. The pint we chose was sort of a cheat because it had chunks of chocolate mixed in to it.

(This ostensibly preserves foods’ maximum nutritional value.) The creamy fluffy texture showed great quality and it was so easy to scoop due to its well-whipped consistency and balanced density. Your email address will not be published. 15 Dairy-Free Ice Cream Brands That Taste Like the Real Thing These non-dairy ice cream brands passed our taste test, too! We could really feel the almond milk flavor and it was somewhat similar to having a frozen chocolate almond milk though it was a tad sweeter, more chocolaty and less nutty in this case. Almond Dream ($4.19 per pint)

Unlike soy milk ice cream, cashew milk ice cream doesn’t lack in richness.

Best vegan ice cream to buy.

But now vegans and everyone else looking for dairy-free, lactose-free or egg-free ice creams are so lucky to enjoy a vast array of delicious vegan ice cream flavors that can challenge dairy ice creams head-on!

We always marked the first and last day of school by eating it for breakfast—in fact, we celebrated just about everything with it. It’s great for those who prefer lighter desserts. Join Slate Plus to continue reading, and you’ll get unlimited access to all our work—and support Slate’s independent journalism. We subscribed to the Rickey Henderson school of thought.) The consistency is not too dense and again looks to be a well-whipped ice cream.

The taste held so true to its brand name, it was so delicious!

We used to love chocolate chip mint ice cream when we were non-vegans. Almond Dream® Ice Cream Range: 1 Cappuccino Swirl 2 Chocolate 3 Praline Crunch 4 Vanilla 5 Strawberry 6 Mint Chocolate Chip 7 Toffee Almond Fudge, Rice Dream® Ice Cream Range: 1 Cocoa Marble Fudge 2 Mint Carob Chip 3 Strawberry 4 Vanilla 5 Mint Chip 6 Mocha Almond Fudge 7 Vanilla Bean 8 Cookies ‘n Cream Gluten Free 9 Oh-so Strawberry 11 Oregon Mixed Berry 12 New Blueberry Cardamom 13 New Cold Brew Coffee 14 New Toasted Coconut Key Lime, Soy Dream® Ice Cream Range: 1 Butter Pecan 2 French Vanilla 3 Vanilla Fudge Swirl 4 Vanilla, Certified Vegan?

Best Overall While New York City has some great local options, we aimed to only use national brands.

The caramel swirl was so appetizing as well and there was a good amount of it which was genuine caramel (unlike some artificial caramel you get in some other ice creams), generous and something to admire! The flavors were so natural and easy going on us that were soothing and palatable. Taste: 8 But now, vegan ice cream has gone mainstream with brands such as So Delicious conquering the shelves with a range of dairy-free flavors. 1 Chocolate Salted Fudge Truffle 2 Coconut Caramel 3 Mocha Chocolate Cookie 4 Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge 5 Coconut Cookies and Crème with Trio Crispy Layers 6 Crunchy Peanut Butter with Trio Crispy Layers, Certified Vegan? Flavor: Ben & Jerry’s vegan ice creams receive mixed reviews among vegans and non-vegans. It comes with a combination of almond milk, Oreos (yes, they’re vegan) and the beautiful peanut butter swirls. We had three main criteria: taste, texture, and simplicity. In fact, this is one of the creamiest coconut vegan ice creams we’ve tried. Taste: 2 The moment we put that first spoonful into our mouths, we were still & silent in awe and continued indulging ourselves.

Not too long ago, the vegan ice cream selection at the grocery store was limited, if it existed at all.

No, but it’s vegan as we couldn’t find any animal ingredients as of 15th June 2018. Not perfectly creamy as dairy ice cream but certainly not bad for a rice-based vanilla ice cream.

Texture: 5 The dairy-free bases for ice cream seem to be endless with coconut, soy, almond, and cashews, even rice.

At the time, I had no qualms about that since I had no idea such a wide range of non-dairy milk bases were waiting to be discovered. So, given that it has more emulsifiers, it’s more processed than some of the other vegan ice creams on the market. Since it offers soy milk, coconut milk, cashew milk, and almond milk based ice creams, each one has been reviewed separately. Good thing about this one is that you get the taste of both chocolate & cashew milk flavors.

The second coconut-based ice cream we tried was the first to fully live up to its name. Dream makes its desserts from almonds, rice, coconut, and soy. Another flavor you can give with confidence to your non-vegan guests or friends! Flavor: Almond Dream ice cream is great for those who don’t like the flavor of coconutmilk ice cream. But it was all full of chocolate goodness without a trace of almond milk flavor.

Nutrition: This particular ice cream uses multiple additives including locust bean gum, gellan gum, and guar gum all as emulsifiers.

Coconut Bliss was the first of the two coconut-based ice creams we sampled, and it tasted overwhelmingly like its base, which was not a positive for the coconut averse in our group.