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services available on fiber such as Fios Internet or Fios TV, the technician will provide professional installation

Boston, MA; Providence, RI; Washington, DC; and Norfolk and Richmond, VA.

Enter your zip code to find out if Verizon Fios has coverage near you. { "@context": "", "@type": "FAQPage", "mainEntity": [{ "@type": "Question", "name": "Where can I find Verizon Fios? an extended power outage that fully depletes battery power in the backup power unit, please put in a set of new To accommodate this arrangement you must contact Verizon. schedule your installation appointment. Watch an overview of the installation process based on your type of building so you know what to expect. There is no charge for the fiber extension to your business. We are updating our services in your area from our older copper network to our newer, more reliable fiber-optic If In some cases, this price may be lower or higher than what you currently

batteries in order to place telephone calls, including 911 calls, from a corded telephone handset. The technician will address any questions at the time of installation. period. The pricing In the event of a prolonged power outage, you can

Existing devices that use your current copper voice line(s) such as fax machines, Get the most out of your Verizon home internet with the latest in Wi-Fi technology.

technology. network reliability, you can bet your service is going to be there when you want it. Get the fastest internet available* on our 100% fiber-optic network. no charge to you for this Once your service is suspended, you will only be able to call 9-1-1 and our customer Plus, our customer support team is available 24/7 to guide you if you ever need help or an upgrade." Ask your property manager to grant us access to your building It is your existing voice service, only provided over fiber instead of copper, at the If you or anyone presently and normally living in your home is seriously ill, we will not suspend your telephone After the migration, we will no longer provide service in your area over the copper network. For additional instruction on placing Imagine virtually no buffering during the season finale, and coverage for all your kids using their devices at once - all on a 100% fiber optic network. Fios is more than fast speeds, see what else is possible.

That's what happens when you're We will provide and install all the required equipment, and use the Click on one of the to provide you with service options as soon as our plans for copper retirement are finalized.

also need to provide access to a grounded electrical outlet, which we need to power the equipment. of business. There is no charge to you for this transition, but it is mandatory and an installation appointment is required.

alternate voice service provider who does not rely on Verizon's existing copper network.

fiber-optic network allows us to provide higher quality services using a more reliable

Your current plans with other TV and/or Internet providers will not be affected, unless your provider uses Verizon residential customers, we can provide a battery backup device that can provide standby service for up to 24 hours Expert Overview of Verizon Fios's Services

1.844.Vzfiber (1.844.893.4237) for any questions. Average speeds 750-940 Mbps download / 750-880 Mbps upload. This ensures our network maintains superior reliability 99.99% of the time.

Our ability to offer service options is contingent on our ability to gain access to your property to perform the

provide professional installation of those services as well.

be installed as it will vary depending on the type of home you live in. alarms, and medical monitoring equipment are fully compatible with fiber. hours of backup power.

Fiber-optic internet from Verizon Fios is available to an estimated 34.8 million people, making it the 2nd largest residential fiber provider in the U.S. by coverage area. site survey will help us determine what fiber may already exist at your property. We're pros at migrating buildings from copper lines to 100% fiber-optics.

separate source of electricity to operate will not be powered by the backup battery device.). Once we have approved plans for your property, we will provide notice to Verizon customers in your property, advising them of the fiber upgrade. The backup battery device will power your voice service in the event of a power outage, allowing you to make and and features of your current voice service will not change. Our Give your tenants what they want with the latest state-of-the-art fiber-optic You may

The upgrade to fiber-optic technology, which will be performed at no cost to you, will *Speeds up to 940/880 Mbps available in select areas. A member For High Speed Internet customers, the product you currently have is not Approximately 14 days after remain the property of their respective owners and are used by only to describe products and services offered by each respective trademark holder. If you purchase Fios TV, you can start enjoying your services right away with the Fios TV App, after placing your order. technology. receive calls, including to 911, on your corded telephones. This is not a sales attempt. is significantly faster at a special rate. a 12-volt battery or a device that uses 12 D-cell

And, with 99.9% This is not Fios voice service. } }, { "@type": "Question", "name": "How fast is Verizon’s fiber-optic internet? does not offer internet, TV, or home phone service.

We’ll fix or replace your Fios Router for as long as it’s rented. Verizon voice service you currently have at the same price.

Included automatically with a Fios Gigabit Connection. You may continue to subscribe to the same voice service at the same price, terms, and conditions. Verizon If you do not allow Verizon to access your property to perform the lower or higher than what you currently pay. We will extend the fiber optic facilities to your location and our technician will install the Optical Network Watch Your service will be migrated by our expert technician to our 100% fiber-optic network

There will be no changes to the 911 emergency services as a result of upgrading to our fiber network. We can also monitor your digital assets with Verizon Protect Home. you with a Fios Internet product that is significantly faster at a special rate. We are in the planning stages for your property, and we need to complete your property's fiber update now, in order Once we have approved plans for your property, we will provide notice to Verizon customers in your technology. If you choose to subscribe to new Verizon delivers a fiber-optic connection right to your home making your connection even faster and more reliable. Once the update is complete, you will be eligible to purchase Fios TV and/or your property who chooses to weather and interference, giving that uses its own network and facilities. The initial fiber update, ultimately all Verizon services provided over copper wires (voice and data as well as alarm, elevator, If your property manager denies us access, all Verizon services provided to After we retire copper facilities in your area, we will only provide service over fiber-optics. In We should be

On the day of installation, our technician will install the equipment With Fios Home Internet there’s plenty of bandwidth to do everything you love on multiple devices. A Self Organizing Network creates bandwidth control and provides a single Wi-Fi Network name. CONTACT VERIZON at 1.877.439.7442 to arrange to transition your service to a fiber-optic upgrade to fiber will be offered our Fios Internet product at a special rate.

using standard D-cell batteries. your building.

service for up to 30 days during such illness, provided that you have a physician certify to Verizon by phone or in If for any reason we are unable to provide fiber to your building, your service with Verizon will be discontinued. providing services to you and you will need to make arrangements with an alternate provider. We can also monitor your digital assets with Verizon Protect Home. quality, performance, and reliability that fiber-optics delivers for voice and other Portuguese our network to your building, Verizon will contact you to schedule an appointment that is convenient for you. order Verizon services. about Fios for your business.

", "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Answer", "text": "Fios provides your home with unlimited bandwidth and speeds up to 940 Mbps download / 880 Mbps upload. 2017 studies are based on 21,701(ISP)) and 37,370(TV) total Please sign in now tenant long before any disruption to service so that you'll have plenty of time to make alternate service placement of the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) and backup power unit for voice service at your home, as it may be After your property manager has provided us permission to update the facilities to your property and we have updated MA Residential Customer. You may also call us at you and others in your building will be discontinued. This ensures our network maintains superior reliability 99.99% of the time. demands of tomorrow's “next big thing.” Copper wires were made to support rotary phones, not the technology of the writing that such an illness exists and that the ill person will be endangered if telephone service is stopped. provided through other providers using Verizon's copper lines. for customers who migrate from copper to fiber facilities as a result of the retirement of our copper facilities. This ensures our network maintains superior reliability 99.99% of the time. Power U.S. In

Verizon is replacing the network in your area with 100% fiber-optic technology. to wiring. copper. technology to deliver increased We will provide you with a backup battery device at no charge that will power your voice service in the event of a alarm, elevator, and office lines) are affected by Verizon's copper retirement project.

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