Verizon was a name change back in 2000. Though the Verizon Fios website claims that you can cancel online, it will always end in a phone call. Yep it is called the cost of getting new customers. so keep that in mind when calling or writing or chatting with them. Canceling your Internet service isn’t an easy process. What will happen if I do not sign up for a new Fios contract?

New FIOS customer here. Here is a list of possible excuses that you could try on your cancellation call.

It's called "new" customer pricing for a reason. Executive Relations assures the customer that "retention" will work on a payment plan that they can afford based on how they get paid because of higher bill (even though they have been getting Verizon to help them lower the bill for over six months) and all that is offered to compensate is a $50.00 credit on the account.

Do they offer better deals as soon as the contract ends? In fact never sign contracts for these services.

Here are a few steps you can take to simplify your cancellation call: When you first call Verizon to cancel your Fios service, you will be greeted by a “Chat Bot.” This is an automated voice that will gather account and billing information from you. Otherwise, you may find yourself being enticed into one of their “limited time offers.”, Your excuse is your first line of defense in your battle to cancel.

You then can play the new customer pricing game or you can call Verizon up and choose cancel services.

It all depends on who you get from FIOS. Verizon now is considered the best in broadband, in fact their gigabyte service where available can’t be beat for value for the dollar. They will fight to keep you on board with them, and if they fail, you can bet they’ll attempt to recoup some of their losses with cancellation fees.

There’s nothing worse than spending an hour on the phone just to find out that your Fios account is still active and you have to make the call all over again. Because fiberglass imposes less resistance than cable internet’s coaxial wires, Verizon Fios Internet customers enjoy a faster, more reliable connection, with enough bandwidth to support multiple devices and users at once.

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Definitely shouldn't switch to fake names but the most effective way is having a roommate or significant other and putting it in their name every two years. It can be frustrating, but If you follow these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to speed up the termination process, and hopefully save some money too. ps- has anyone noticed that not only do new customers get better prices but they are promised better programming!!! This department and executive relations has become nothing but a joke for Verizon as of late. Feel free to get creative with your excuse. There is a nugget of wisdom buried in your wall-of-text....... "Is cancelling then resigning up under a different name the only option?". If you’re encountering the above issues, suffering from unreliable or not-as-advertised service, or simply want to find a cheaper internet alternative, here’s how to cancel Verizon.

Well after talking with the agent that claimed she couldn't help my disconnect scheduled, and my equipment boxes on their way. I am a 20 year customer of Verizon(and obviously am a sucker for staying so long) and was looking at upgrading phones and getting some perks. In the end what was the complete deal you got? Not the only option but the most effective and cheapest. Because of the time frame it takes "retention" will not accept any arrangement unless a payment of half the entire balance is paid and then they will work on a payment arrangement for the rest. You have the option to return the equipment via mail (a prepaid label will be provided through Verizon), or you can return it to a Verizon retail store. Now, Fios wants to play the game. Their customer retention is now HORRIBLE! But I had them from the first day they started selling cellular back when it was Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile.