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Back. Why You Need Managed Detection And Response Services, Worried about fraudulent calls? Every industry and agency can benefit from a Verizon Wireless Business Continuity solution. Sincerely, Your Customer. After assessing the situation, the Verizon sales representative proposed the franchise use wireless as a primary connection to uncover significant potential savings over what it was currently paying for DSL at many store locations. Build a strong voice security strategy, Why 56 % of large business are turning to SDN for cybersecurity. Protect your business or agency from costly disruptions.

Want to keep your business going and revenue rolling in even when wirelines are down? Increased flexibility allows the franchises to efficiently distribute and receive information—reports, sales summaries, marketing data—swiftly and securely across multiple locations.

Granted, there's always satellite but I'm not interested in the latency. Choose your country to view contact details.

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Private Network with 4G LTE and wireless routers can also provide secure, reliable and cost-effective connectivity at temporary sites, so you quickly provide assistance when and where it’s needed. When the power unexpectedly goes out, or landlines go down, many businesses grind to an abrupt halt. Businesses—especially those with multiple locations—thrive when they can efficiently manage the flow of information between offices, while keeping overhead costs low. Granted, there's always satellite but I'm not interested in the latency. Wireless backup Business Continuity solutions give you fast, secure and seamless connections to the people, information and systems that matter most.