This calculator is intended to measure the approximate water use of relatively simple businesses and organizations.

Portland OR 97204 0000253256 00000 n 0000254063 00000 n xref If you need to measure the water use of a more complex business (including those with overseas operations, multiple facilities or a complex product lifecycle), please complete our consultation request form to obtain customized support.

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Its goal is to develop a new method for estimating the design flow in residential buildings. 0000003696 00000 n 0000013767 00000 n

<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> 0000228490 00000 n 0000254741 00000 n 0000256846 00000 n 21702 113 Home The WDC provides an easy-to-use, statistically based method for estimating peak water supply demand for single- and multifamily residential dwellings, resulting in more accurately sized systems consistent with the lower flow rates and consumption values from water-efficient plumbing fixtures and appliances. Looking to make the design and manufacturing of your products more agile? At the end of the calculator, you will be presented with your estimated water use and a recommendation to balance all or a portion of your use with with a corresponding volume of Water Restoration Certificates® (WRCs) from BEF. Modeling Energy Use Intensity of 17 kBtu/sf/yr. endobj This option provides a building-type specific estimation of your water use. (3) For Hotels/Motels with commercial space, the water demand will be based on the commercial area-based demand factor for the hotel’s/motel’s parcel area, plus 125 gpd/room. 0000255610 00000 n On-site electric vehicle charging stations available for guests and staff. “With the use of the new WDC, we are finally bringing Hunter into the 21st century.

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That way, you can quickly compare your building’s water usage against other buildings just like yours. total number of showers x (1.5 gpm to 2.5 gpm) as the potential peak flow. Water demand using UPC and other approaches, Mechanical engineering general discussion Forum. x��[�o�F�������t�"ml'���n�8��:x`��a��_U��@�0�u:E;���WU��}��dݰᄏy�4�z�����U�T�7_�����%/�&���g?�ݲ./n~�,f������P؎���(��Cqy����������|�Xު�j��u���Z�Y�&�{�ţ����.����_�pUZׁ����vi/�j��v���=�����A�4'6���|Zͭuǎbs�{���1�}� �u�r��>�A/�]��}'�����Z�پg���]N֎���Q0.��6��g4�cî������./�aeg�б�ȃ5� �|a�>s��qHk7�\^�br�9��Ǟ��?�2v������w�1|�e��;握�~Б����{o����|��>:؜�:��绶�tm� ���G�����pe2w�Wp�P���������-���R���uH鷉��#*�8�]>��= ���2��`]0��Ģ|]F�ٙ3�b��zc"�>�O;ۀ��2ŘRde�b˺*e�f���M��j��m*�]լ�f����o�:Z���ڰ#�W4{M`/�;Z�.�hW\��fy#�ž*3�V6l��F^1x���,)��F����D�*�Y$Q���E�j����p����;.�c���釔5{&B��R��=+��([�\����E�d�|�7�f�a�K���XJda��;s��R6Y�b� ��u�D��j9�Ặ盏��W$ؘ,��7���0^J9*)S��C>�!yj����HLiK�������Cm3)u"7J�H�Yf����;p����ރZ��y������eU�GAI��Bj�öp����@��X,�[�AF&A�?����'�z�K����$KrG� �C,ц(��4�Q� ���Z�����2�3�{A�q��~.�z!�Ia��3���x�,�ص�hDY�'���tC�6֟�����@R8�'D�#D�� ! 0000252580 00000 n

ONTARIO, CA — The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) has made available a Water Demand Calculator (WDC) that estimates peak water demand in residential buildings. Both documents will contain a download link for the WDC. The reason in my opinion the UPC and/or the IPC are silent is they are code, not engineering design guides (mostly) The UPC (which I don't use much as I work in IPC areas) includes water pipe sizing in the actual code whereas the IPC has it in an appendix. 1-800-667-2345, Monday to Friday 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.Saturday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.Sunday & Stat Holidays Closed, Grab your monthly bill and enter your type of building, water usage and number of units into our calculator. Useful daylight illuminance (>300 lux) at the work plane Window Wall Ratio (WWR) 79.9% Existing – New WWR east/west 33.5%  -  north/south – 41.9%. The 'Water efficiency calculator for new dwellings' is the Government's national calculation methodology for assessing water efficiency in new dwellings in support of The Code for Sustainable Homes and the Building Regulations. A realistic demand for a supply system will always be far less than the total theoretical demand. 0000004580 00000 n It was supplied from a municipal main.

In this section you will calculate the estimated water use of your business or organization.