by pressure-responsive devices, by flow detectors for pipes, cables or tubes; for pipe joints or seals; for valves ; for welds for pipes, GENERAL TAGGING OF NEW TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENTS; GENERAL TAGGING OF CROSS-SECTIONAL TECHNOLOGIES SPANNING OVER SEVERAL SECTIONS OF THE IPC; TECHNICAL SUBJECTS COVERED BY FORMER USPC CROSS-REFERENCE ART COLLECTIONS [XRACs] AND DIGESTS, TECHNICAL SUBJECTS COVERED BY FORMER USPC, TECHNICAL SUBJECTS COVERED BY FORMER US CLASSIFICATION, With casing, support, protector or static constructional installations, 南京施迈艾库智能科技有限公司, International Business Machines Corporation, PATENT EXPIRED DUE TO NONPAYMENT OF MAINTENANCE FEES UNDER 37 CFR 1.362, Apparatus for multiple meter installation, Based on Hall flow meter leakage point detection algorithm, Pipe network, with a hierarchical structure, for supplying water or gas and/or for removing industrial water, process for detecting a leak in such a pipe network and process for determining, with the aid of a computer, the operating life theoretically remaining for a renewable power source for at least one flowmeter in such a pipe network, Device for entrying and processing information recorded on counters, Apparatus and method for measuring water quality in a water distribution system, Apparatus for displaying, monitoring and/or controlling shower, bath or sink faucet water parameters with an audio or verbal annunciations or control means, Water use monitoring apparatus and water damage prevention system, Method and system for automatic residual consumption, System for remote transfer and collection of data, in particular from meters, Reader/programmer for two and three wire utility data communications system, Assembling module for sanitary plumbing and method for manufacturing same, Devices and system for channeling and automatic monitoring of fluid flow in fluid distribution systems, Fluid flow measuring method and apparatus, Method, medium, apparatus, and system for sensing events affecting liquid flow in a liquid distribution system, Flow rate measuring apparatus and program thereof, Method and apparatus for the measurement of flow in gas or oil pipes, Encoder-type register for an automatic water meter reader, Leakage identification in supply system and leakage location, Accounting for losses: The bursts and background concept, System to monitor fuel level in a tank, and fuel dispensed from the tank, to determine fuel leakage and theft losses, Leak detection by means of a stochastic mass balance, Assessment of apparent losses in urban water systems, Tracking vibrations in a pipeline network, System and method to communicate flow information between a service distribution line and a destination point, System and method for sharing public resource use in multiple-unit in building, Apparatus, system and method for monitoring, recording and billing for individual fixture and unit water usage in a multi-unit structure, Practical experience in using the Infrastructure Leakage Index, Steam flow rate metering device and metering method therefor, Methods of assessment of water losses in water supply systems: a review, Method for MID measurement of flow rates and MID flow meters, Method and Apparatus for Detecting Leaks in a Building Water System, System for billing individual units of a multi-unit building for water use and for water related energy use, Lapse for failure to pay maintenance fees, Information on status: patent discontinuation, Expired due to failure to pay maintenance fee.

On ordinary work, the hot-water supply is run from the hot-water main, and ends at the fixture which it supplies. 4 shows a unitary water meter assembly 50, wherein the water flows vertically as it approaches and departs the respective meter.

For large apartment buildings, office buildings, etc., it is far more satisfactory and more economical to provide a large tank heated by a special heater. Each ancillary water meter provides the building owner with information on cold water consumption and hot water consumption by each apartment tenant. 4, the water meter assembly is located in a wall between two vertical wall studs 56, 56.