The WD_BLACK™ P10 Game Drive's easily portable and highly durable form factor gives you the ability to bring your library with you wherever you go.

When talking about WD My Book 4TB alone, it is important to mention that there is no USB Type-C support, which automatically prevents its use with a MacBook without an adapter.

High-performance HDD in speeds up to 130MB/s** to optimize your console or PC gaming experience and drive your game.

Contacted amazon customer support to get a new one and after about 3 hours of back and forth, the ignorant, unskilled tech support said they weren't going to give me a refund or replacement.

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WD Black P10 Game Drive 4TB USB 3.0 - ekspresowa wysyłka i bezpieczeństwo zakupów – 21 dni na zwrot. Due to its Adaptive Memory technology, this drive analyses your frequently accessed data and stores the most accessed data on the flash drive. The cable is 18 inches long and comes in a package. The best hard drive for gaming today is an SSD. RTV EURO AGD to już 296 sklepów w 194 miastach! 577-581 k.c., ani też rękojmi za wady fizyczne lub prawne. This amount will certainly satisfy most people, even the most hardcore gamers, who like to keep all their games installed, just in case they want to play at any time. From headphones to graphics cards, we’ve got you covered. Portable form factor that provides fast access to your gaming library, anywhere you go. We’re sure you’ll find the right one for you in our list, so – happy gaming! Western Digital 5TB P10 Game Drive Portable External Hard Drive, Black (PC, PS4, Xbox One), Western Digital WD6003FZBX WD Black 3.5" PC Hard Disk Drive, 6TB, 7200 RPM, 256MB Cache, Western Digital 500GB WD Blue SN550 NVMe Internal SSD - Gen3 x4 PCIe 8Gb/s, M.2 2280, 3D NAND, Up to 2,400 MB/s - WDS500G2B0C, Crucial CT500P1SSD8 P1 500GB NVMe PCIe 3.0 x4 M.2 Internal SSD, 500GB, SanDisk 250GB/500GB/1TB/2TB Ultra 3D NAND SATA - 2.5 inch Solid State Drive 500GB, Crucial MX500 2TB 3D NAND SATA 2.5 Inch Internal SSD - CT2000MX500SSD1(Z), Western Digital WDBA2W0020BBK-WESN P10 Portable External Game Hard Drive, 2TB, Black. On the other hand, its read/write speed of 170MB/s is around 50% better than the My Passport’s, but still 10MB/s slower than the Seagate Backup Plus Hub’s speed. I am waiting for another deal to get another 8TB, or get a 12TB (helium for sure). You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies.

This is one of the best Toshiba’s hard drives, with a standard rotational speed of 7200 rpm and fairly big 128MB of cache. On average, with this SSHD, you will be able to store about 80 games, depending on their size and the length of your game library. Forum Thread .

The thing that keeps them in life is their price. Probably not worth the trouble unless you get an especially good deal one one. Samsung T5 500GB Niebieski (MU-PA500B/EU), Seagate Backup Plus Portable 4TB 2,5" USB 3.0 czarny (STHP4000400), WD Black P10 Game Drive 4TB (WDBA3A0040BBKWESN), Seagate Expansion 5TB Czarny (STEA5000402), Zalogowanie oznacza akceptację regulaminu Ceneo w aktualnym brzmieniu. Dysk WD P10 Game Drive 4TB HDD Czarny | DARMOWY TRANSPORT!

Za wystawienie opinii otrzymasz 3 CeneoPunkty.

8:00 - 21:00 WD_Black P10 Game Drive for Xbox One też został wyposażony w złącze USB 3.0 (USB 3.2 Gen 1), ale występuje w wersjach o pojemności 1 TB, 3 TB i 5 TB (na najpojemniejszym można zapisać więc do 125 gier). Well then, FireCuda from Seagate is definitely for you! The drive started failing 30 days after purchased. WD_Black 1TB AN1500 NVMe Internal Gaming SSD Add-In-Card - Gen3 PCIe, Up to 6500 MB/s - …

Dysk WD P10 Game Drive 4TB HDD Czarny DARMOWY TRANSPORT, Zewnętrzny dysk twardy Western Digital WD_Black 4TB P10 Game Drive (WDBA3A0040BBK-WESN) Czarny, Dysk przenośny Wd Black P10 Game Drive Usb 3.2 4TB.

Aby ułatwić wybór odpowiedniej oferty, wyróżniliśmy produkty z najlepszych sklepów, które: Sklepy, które spełniają wszystkie powyższe kryteria mogą również decydować o miejscu, na którym znajdzie się ich oferta w ramach strefy.

Dieses erstklassige externe Laufwerk mit Kapazitäten von bis zu 5 TB ist speziell für Gamer entwickelt, die das Potenzial ihrer Konsole oder Ihres PCs weiter ausbauen möchten, indem sie ihre Spielebibliothek in einem mobilen Formfaktor speichern.

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This amount will certainly satisfy most people, even the most hardcore gamers, who like to keep all their games installed, just in case they want to play at any time. Więcej o przetwarzaniu danych osobowych przez, w tym o przysługujących Ci uprawnieniach, znajdziesz tutaj. Method 6: Switch connection port.

I have two of those in my PC.

Slightly better than other 5TB external drives.

To najwyższej klasy zewnętrzny dysk twardy o pojemności 4TB stworzony specjalnie z myślą o graczach poszukujących sposobu na zwiększenie potencjału konsoli lub komputera poprzez zapisywanie biblioteki gier na dysku przenośnym.

1 TB and 2 TB models have 7200 revolutions per minute (RPM), while 3, 4, 6 and 8 TB models have 5400 RPM, meaning that the ones with less storage are quite faster. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. It comes in several variants, depending on what you are looking for and how much storage space you may need. Only complaint is that it’s LOUD.

Expand Your Realm As your game library grows, you'll need space to save your new treasured titles, along with extra room to save your old favorites. Historia cen dostępna jest po zalogowaniu się. All models have similar characteristics though, with the exception of RPM. I'm sure it's just a 2.5" 15mm SATA drive. Dzięki prędkościom odczytu do 140 MB/s oraz interfejsowi USB 3.2 Gen1 (dawne USB 3.0), dysk do gier WD_BLACK P10 przeniesie konsolę lub komputer na nowy poziom wydajności, co pozwoli Ci na grę bez ograniczeń.

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When it comes to RPM, or revolutions per minute, which tell you how many times the disc inside your HDD spins in one minute, things are a bit different. We are a team of tech enthusiasts who love building new PCs and testing everything related to tech. Der WD_Black P10 Game Drive bietet Ihrer Konsole oder Ihrem PC leistungssteigernde Tools, damit Sie weiter vorne dran bleiben können. Dysk do gier WD_BLACK P10 o przenośnej i wytrzymałej konstrukcji pozwala Ci na dostęp do swojej biblioteki w dowolnym miejscu. I've had good luck over the years with WD. All names, logos, brands and images are trademarks or copyrighted materials of their respective owners.

Dysk do gier WD_BLACK P10 da konsoli lub komputerowi dodatkowe narzędzia, aby zapewnić Ci przewagę podczas gry. WD_Black 3TB P10 Game Drive for Xbox One, Portable External Hard Drive with 2-Month Xbox Game Pass - WDBA5G0030BBK-WESN, Comes with a free 2-month membership of Xbox game pass ultimate, giving you access to over 100+ game titles and Xbox live gold, offer does not expire. WD My Book 4TB is a “big brother” of WD My Passport, in both size and storage capacity.

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KUPUJ TANIEJ I WYGODNIEJ! Dysk WD P10 Game Drive 4TB HDD Czarny ***DARMOWY TRANSPORT***, Dysk zewnętrzny WD Black P10 Game Driver 4TB Czarny WDBA3A0040BBK-WESN, WD Black P10 4TB- szybka wysyłka! Toshiba X300 6TB offers a great performance and a large capacity in one hard drive. Our Legacy Lives On Tried and true, gamers trust WD_BLACK™ with their lives (and saves). Tried new devices, never worked.

Kompatybilność z Xbox One i PlayStation 4, Dodaj pierwszą opinię dla Dysk do konsoli WD Black P10 Game Drive 4TB USB 3.0.

Zapewniamy inteligentny wybór.

Wherever You Go, Your Games Follow Quickly get into the game, no matter where you are. This is the hard drive made for the power users with an excellent combination of performance, price and capacity.

To check whether … Available for a limited time.

Then, with the help of Multi-tier caching technology, it makes loading times for that data, and the overall hard drive performance, much better.

Przenośny magazyn danych dla Twojej upragnionej kolekcji gier. Western Digital 1TB Blue (EZEX) is among those solutions – affordable, with a decent performance, specifications and a capacity. Przedłuż Gwarancję® to umowa ubezpieczenia (polisa) zawierana między Tobą, a ubezpieczycielem. WD_Black P10 Game Drive for Xbox One. In my opinion, Yes, WD Black Game Drive 8TB and 12TB will be good purchases. If you are looking for the best 1TB hard drive for gaming, for small bucks, WD Blue is the most reasonable choice.