Add your indicators to your tool bag so you can find more precise levels to enter a stock and get the best entry possible. Webull is an online brokerage that says they’re “a financial company with the customer at heart, the internet as our foundation, and technology as our lifeblood.” Webull’s leadership team has experience in both the financial and technology industries. I can say after 2 years of intense trading I can draw support and resistance on the fly in about 20 seconds, even while day trading. Learning how to draw support and resistance levels is key to becoming a successful trader. Stockcharts is another really good charting service to use. There are many different charting software services that you can use. Their customer service isn’t as good (or quite as available) as Webull’s, but since things are a bit more straightforward, that might not be an issue for you.

I wrote a review on Robinhood so you can read more there, but where I see Robinhood edging out Webull is when it comes to beginners. Watch our video on how to draw support and resistance levels. Beyond that, here’s how they use and safeguard your information, according to their privacy policy (note: I am not an attorney, this is just my interpretation of their privacy policy): We may collect non-public personal information about our customers from the following sources: This means that they’ll collect non-public information about you. Auto Pivot Points Support & Resistance. ThinkorSwim charting is incredible. LOL k thx". You’ll then be taken to your account screen, where you’ll click “Open Account”: Here, you’ll enter all of your personal information: After that, you’ll select what type of account you want to open, sign risk disclosures, and get started. We will adhere to the policies and practices described in this notice regardless of whether you are a current or former customer of Webull. You’re 100% responsible for any investments that you make. Enjoy Investing. All rights reserved. Technology is the future. Use drawing tools to connect. It has all the features you need and allows you to analyze stocks, make trades, and a lot more right from your mobile phone. Peak levels … Trade Alert “Setups” – Updated Daily By 9 PM! And since there is no cost to get started and make trades, I don’t see any risk in trying it out. You can learn s/r level from youtube or even r/Fxview for better analysis. My advice is to check it out–it won’t cost you anything, and it might be one of the best investment apps you’ve tried yet. You can contact them in a variety of ways, too: The closest alternative is Robinhood. If you're looking to do day trading then we highly recommend using TOS. We want people to understand the big picture of support and resistance but also be patient and use your tools to find a good entry. Correspondence, written, telephonic or electronic between a customer and Webull or service providers to Webull. (Check out our live trading room to see us teach and trade live daily. Plotting support and resistance levels isn't an exact science. Review of: Webull | Reviewed by: Chris Muller | Last modified: July 29, 2020. Remember...those pictures that drove you nuts trying to see the picture inside of the picture?!?! As a result, over time, just like those "Magic Eye" pictures, the patterns and lines pop right out at you like they were there all along. In fact, one of our favorite free ones is ThinkorSwim. How Do You Determine Powerful Support and Resistance? First, just click “Get Started” from their homepage: From there, you’re taken to a screen where you can either sign up with your email address or your phone number: Note that you’ll have to click “Get Code” before proceeding. In technical terms that means to buy at support levels and sell at resistance levels. ahh. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with federal standards to protect non-public personal information of customers of Webull, including policies and procedures designated to assure only appropriate access to, and use of information about customers of Webull.

Webull has a slick mobile app available for both iOS and Android.

Automatic Fibonacci Levels Indicator. Webull’s formula for this is: Daily Margin Interest (Short Position) = The Daily Market Value of the Borrowed Stocks when Market Closes* Stock Loan Rate for That Stock/360. For those who are comfortable with it, though, the option is there. How Much Life Insurance Do You Really Need?

Here’s a look at some of their other pricing and fees: You can get up to 4x day-trade buying power and 2x overnight buying power with a margin account–and you need $2,000 to qualify. However, this takes a lot of practice which entails studying hundreds, of charts over the course of several months. This means that the largest price movement is expected to occur … Diagonal peaks and valleys can be higher highs, lower lows, lower highs, higher lows. This is also helpful once you do sign up to practice making trades, reviewing charts, and analyzing stocks before you put your money on the line. You need to sign up for an account with them but you could open a virtual account without having to fund it. Finding a new investment platform can be stressful–especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Dan is big on finding "angular momentum" and horizontal resistance to place his trades.