[34] [22][94] Sailen Dasgupta served as chairman of the Left Front Committee from 1990 until his death in 2011. [66][68], The combined strength of the Left Front in the newly elected assembly stood at 62; CPI(M) managed to win 40 seats, CPI 2, AIFB 11, RSP 7, SP 1 and DSP 1. West Bengal Assembly elections 2021: Election Commission to convene all-party meet today. [14] The CPI(M) contested 32 seats, CPI 3 seats, AIFB 3 seats, RSP 4 seats. A Legislative Assembly election was held in 2016 for the 294 seats of the Vidhan Sabha in the state of West Bengal in India.The All India Trinamool Congress under Mamata Banerjee won 211 seats, and thus was reelected with an enhanced majority. Left Front contested only 26 out of 42 seats.

Likewise, a land dispute issue surged over a planned chemical factory in Nandigram. The 2014 Indian general election polls in Kerala were held for the twenty Lok Sabha seats in the state on 10 April 2014. [15] CPI(M) leader Jyoti Basu remained as Chief Minister, being sworn in for a second term. Singh as special guest. [4], In 1978 Sharad Pawar named former West Bengal Congress leader Priya Ranjan Dasmunsi as president of the West Bengal Pradesh Congress Committee (Socialist). [7], Ahead of the subsequent June 1977 West Bengal Legislative Assembly elections seat-sharing talks between the Left Front and the Janata Party broke down. [21] 16 candidates were fielded by the remainder of Left Front partners (RCPI, WBSP, DSP, BBC, MFB) and contested as independents. Both the Congress and the CPM have lost the ambition and skill to reimagine their vision, introduce new leaders and mobilise people: They have opted to wait for voters to return after exhausting trust in the incumbent party. The CPM central committee on Saturday stamped its approval on an alliance with the Congress to fight the assembly elections in West Bengal next year, while the two parties will face off in Kerala around the same time. [28] However, DSP also one candidate with its own symbol in Pingla. [75][76][77][78][79][80] In 2014 the 16 party alliance pledged to commemorate 6 December (the day of the destruction of Babri Masjid) as Communal Harmony Day. TMC general secretary Partha Chatterjee demanded an error-free voter list. [3], As of the early 1980s the Congress(I) was heavily divided in West Bengal.

[87], Ahead of the 2016 election Nanda and his SP again resigned from the Left Front, citing opposition to the electoral tie-up with the Indian National Congress. [90] He got 751 votes. The Elections.in – Chintamani Exit poll for Bihar Election 2020 couldn’t have been more accurate to predict the win of NDA. We also produce below a detailed analysis by @_TheEnigmous, a Congress supporter from Bengal. [26][27] CPI(M) won 27 seats, CPI 3 seats, AIFB 3 seats and RSP 4 seats. (File photo) The BJP has emerged as the primary opposition party in West Bengal, but its bigger challenge is to be able to retain the position till 2021. [27][30] CPI(M) won 27 seats, CPI 3 seats, AIFB 3 seats and RSP 4 seats. [7] CPI(M) won 17 seats, AIFB 3 seats and RSP 3 seats. The Left Front supported Janata Dal candidates in 8 constituencies, mainly in and around Calcutta, as well as 1 candidate of the All India Gorkha League and 1 candidate of the Communist Revolutionary League of India. [33] However, in terms of votes the Left Front and the five JD candidates got 18,143,795 votes (49.3%).

[35][39][40] The Left Front also fielded Prasanta Chatterjee, the sitting mayor of Calcutta for the Calcutta Northeast seat as well as fielding sitting Howrah mayor Swadesh Chakravarty against the Congress(I) MP Priya Ranjan Dasmunsi. [24], On 30 June 1985, the first Calcutta Municipal Corporations elections were held under the Left Front rule, an election that the alliance won. After two terms in office, Mamata Banerjee has lost some of the lustre that fetched her a substantial majority in the last two assembly elections.

[25] The Left Front vote stood at 13,924,806 (53%). [49][55] [6] The IC(S) performed poorly in the 1982 assembly elections and a merger of the West Bengal units of the (S) and Congress(I) took place soon after the 1982 polls. [57] CPI(M) won 26 seats, CPI 3 seats, AIFB 3 seats and RSP 3 seats. [59] One of the RJD candidates was elected. [35][37], A mammoth United Front, the national alliance backed by the left at the time, election meeting was held in Calcutta on 31 January 1998 with Jyoti Basu as the main speaker. [32], In 2000 a by-election was called for the Panskura Lok Sabha seat as the sitting CPI MP Geeta Mukherjee died. These movements eventually resulted in the Sarkaria Commission. [83] At the time the Left Front was engaged in building a broader front with parties like Janata Dal (United) and NCP against the Trinamool Congress government.

[19] CPI(M) won 28 seats, CPI 3 seats, AIFB 3 seats and RSP 4 seats.

1962 West Bengal state assembly election [21] The combined Left Front vote was 11,869,003 votes (52.7% of the votes cast in the state). [13], According to an unnamed Western diplomat, quoted in India Today in regards to the polls, "Bengali democracy has come really close to the East European variant of the 'people's democracy' where nobody expects an upsetting victory or defeat". [8] The primary objective of the party was to create a nucleus for a future third force in West Bengal politics. [17][58] The Left Front had contested 290 seats (210 CPI(M), 34 AIFB, 23 RSP, 13 CPI, 4 WBSP, 2 DSP, 2 MFB, 1 RCPI, 1 BBC). [58][59][60] In selecting candidates, the Left Front denied tickets to 64 incumbent legislators (52 from CPI(M), 8 from AIFB, 2 from WBSP, 1 from RSP, 1 from CPI), seeking to rejuvenate the list of candidates. [14] These two conflicts put severe strains on the Left Front 2007–2008. [5][20] Some of the older, smaller Left Front constituents were uncomfortable with the expansion of the alliance, claiming that CPI(M) was diluting it politically. The headquarters is located in Kolkata. Elections in Tripura have been conducted since 1952. Kolkata: The preparations for the West Bengal Assembly election has started in the eastern state. While the ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC), led by its supremo Mamata Banerjee, would be fighting for its third term, the BJP, which has made impressive gains in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls clinching 18 of the 42 seats, is now eyeing the West Bengal assembly. Bardhan campaigned for the Left Front candidate whilst Mamata Banerjee campaigned for the Trinamool Congress candidate. [6][16] Hasim Abdul Halim of CPI(M) became speaker of the Legislative Assembly, a post he would hold until 2011. On neither occasion did the alliance make a dent in Trinamool’s showing. [46] The by-election, as it occurred just months before the 2001 West Bengal Legislative Assembly election, was attached crucial importance. [2][3] In the 2011 West Bengal Legislative Assembly election the Left Front failed to gain a majority of seats and left office. The alliance will need a powerful message and action-plan to improve upon this vote-share and offer itself as a contender for office. The Left Front won a landslide victory. [93] Mukherjee retained the post until his death in 1990. [25], In the 1989 Lok Sabha election, CPI(M) contested 31 seats, RSP 4 seats, CPI 3 seats and AIFB 3 seats. 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