The West Vancouver crime heat map offers insight into the total crimes on a neighbourhood level. Read more, including data on traffic injuries, calls for service and apprehensions under the Mental Health Act on the city's website. This Vancouver heritage house used in a TV series is being given away for free, with a slight catch, Pamela Anderson helps build new barn for Vancouver Island animal sanctuary, Metro Vancouver secures new conservation land, inching it closer to a regional park, B.C. But some of the most serious offences—homicide, sexual offences, and bank robberies were down. “We are good now, but if the legalisation has a big impact, then clearly we will be going to council and saying we need more police resources because of the things that come out of cannabis legalisation,” he says. Where does your community rank?

Violent crime rate rises in Vancouver in 2019, but homicides fall by 33 percent. “The short answer to why property crime has gone up here is addiction. The top 20 most dangerous cities in this annual report are: These are Canada’s most dangerous places. West Van’s violent crime rate has fallen since peaking at an average of 7.1 per 1,000 in 2012 and the district is now far below the B.C. West Vancouver approves citywide plan for 5,000 new homes, Family of raccoons sneak in and cause chaos in West Vancouver home, This Metro Vancouver mayoral race was won by just 21 votes. These included: Landing in the top spot this year was the town of Wetaskiwin, Alberta. Get the latests news, prebuys and contest updates.

Fairly safe. Vast majority of property crime in West Vancouver is committed by those who don’t live in the district, and is overwhelmingly driven by those who commit these crimes to support a drug habit, says Len Goerke, chief constable for West Vancouver police. Now the police has partnered with social service agencies such as Hollyburne Society as well as the Squamish Nation to provide services such as counselling so that repeated incidents don’t happen. Conversely, there were only 10 homicides in 2019, down from 15 in the previous year. That's because assaults are the most common violent crimes, accounting for nearly four in five in Vancouver. Crime rate in Vancouver has been steadily rising since 2016. With a crime rate of 36 per one thousand residents, Vancouver has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes - from the smallest towns to the very largest cities. If the stats are any indication, it looks like West Vancouver police have managed to reduce traffic collisions, which Goerke credits to focused and data-driven enforcement on problem areas in the district. Producer, 's most dangerous city, in Canada's top 5, Surrey crime by the numbers: 15 homicides, 251 sexual assaults, From bike thefts to homicides: Vancouver police launch crime stats hub, Remembering the contributions of Indigenous soldiers, Deer crashes into Ont. What makes West Vancouver unique is the fact that criminals travel to West Vancouver neighbourhoods to commit thefts as it’s seen as an affluent place for such crimes. Due to that increase, Vancouver's overall crime rate was up 7.2 per cent. An ideal indicator of whether Vancouver is becoming a safer or more dangerous place to live can be done by analyzing the year over year crime rates per 100,000 people. Property crime was up 5.2 percent on the year, driven in part by a spike in break-and-enter crimes at businesses.