Not only is it beautiful, but the fit is generally far superior than the poorly cut lingerie from US chain stores. French jam is delicious, whether you go with a supermarket brand or seek out specialty jams. French soap originated in Marseilles, Provence, and is known for its quality, scent, and texture. This famous folding knife has a catch and is decorated with a symbol (a bee). The southern region of France is famous for their production of olives. I love all French cheese– cow or goat, stinky or mild, hard or soft. In particular this “trendy” sandal has been redesigned by a manufacturer from a little village near Bayonne: Paregabia (External link) . I know, this sounds ridiculous, but I always pick up French sponges when in Paris. These souvenirs are not only authentic, they are also affordable! Discount Paris Fashion from an Outlet Store, 11. Whether it’s a vintage post card or a hand drawn sketch or painting, it can be fun to pick up a little something from these stalls. Best Cute, Lightweight Cross Body Handbags for Travel. Fleur de Sel can be pricey to buy at gourmet stores in the US, so if you have the suitcase space it makes sense to buy a big sack of it to bring home. Skip the tourist gimmicks and bring back souvenirs that truly captures the essence of your stay with the list below.

Although Parisian women these days sport cool chic sneakers as much as anyone else, the classic ballet flat is still very French. When in Paris, I skip the mini chains like Maison du Chocolat (I have a branch a few blocks from me in New York City) and look for unique local purveyors. A national emblem, it is one of the popular images which represent the French man. Drinking tea at night is a habit of many French people, so why not try it yourself to relieve stress after working all day and improve the quality of your nights sleep?

Despite being worn more by instagrammers than the actual French, the floppy hat remains a souvenir favorite.

Paris is filled with bakeries (called boulangeries en francais) offering crusty baguettes. The majority of the world’s supply still hails from the Provence region, making them the perfect little treat to remember your stay. For a bit more flair, try an oil infused with herbes de Provence. While I loved sorting through the artwork, it would be a little cumbersome to bring home. While the classic beret might be better known, the floppy French hat is a bit more wearable. We like their list in general, it’s fairly exhaustive : France is about fashion, perfumes, gastronomy, wines and accessories. French lingerie in my opinion is the best in the world. The price is only about 1.70€/product. All you need to know before you set off for France. Some salt from Guérande.

Absinthe is an anise-flavoured spirit made from various botanicals and herbs, including wormwood, green anise and sweet fennel. I like vintage shopping, but find the whole process overwhelming, especially in a big city like Paris. Top Parisian souvenirs– jam from a local market. If the table settings at Cafe de Flore above are too outrageously priced or cumbersome to bring home, consider a free, highly packable alternative– those paper placements at your favorite french bistro. You can divvy up your fancy salts into individual baggies for inexpensive gifts. It is most commonly used as an hors d’œuvre, but is sometimes used for stuffing poultry. From the fragrant lavender fields to shady olive groves and cobblestone confectioneries, a trip to the south of France is one you’ll want to … What’s the use of bringing back home an Eiffel Tower that was produced in China ?

Salted Butter: Really great salted butter is available in every French supermarket (Tip: Look for one with a blue and white label and aux cristaux de sel de mer, or ‘with sea salt crystals’) and if your home country allows it, you can bring back blocks of this butter and store it in your home freezer for months.