Productivity: US$27.10 to the country’s GDP for each hour of work. Miratel Solutions is a Canada call centre, eBusiness, and letter shop mail house specializing in professional fundraising services including telephone fundraising, online fundraising, lottery services, donation caging, donation processing and other donor management services. At just six hours and 45 minutes, both countries clock the least number of hours per average work day. Mexicans work far longer days than anyone else. By Benjamin Elisha Sawe on May 24 2018 in Society. In March, South Korea's National Assembly passed a law that will give a substantial amount of its workforce a well-deserved break. South Korea has currently longer working hours than any other developed country: an average 2,069 hours per year, per worker, according to 2016 data compiled by the OECD.

Death by overwork is so prevalent in Japan that they have a word for it: Karoshi (Credit: Getty Images).

Around the world different countries have different working hours. People in South Korea spent an average of 2,113 hours working in the year 2015. Zoom vs Google Meet – Which One is the Best for You? The average working hours for workers in Greece is 42 hours per week. Prior to a change in the law, South Koreans had much longer working hours than they do now, which would have put them higher up this chart. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Therefore we wrote this article to tell you working hours in different countries of the world. In the Slovak Republic, the average working week lasted 32.6 hours in 2018 while only 4% of workers work very long hours, well under the OECD average of 11%. All maps, graphics, flags, photos and original descriptions © 2020, Countries Bordering The Most Other Countries, Types Of Crimes By Number Of Offenses In The US. That's also a drop from 2017 where the average working week lasted 32.2 hours.

Workers’ rights groups claim that the actual figures could be many times higher due to underreporting. That's a far cry from the 80 hours of overtime that a government survey reported a quarter of Japanese companies made employees work every month in 2016. On top of this, Irish law states that those in full-time work should have a minimum of 20 days paid leave, as well as eight public holidays. Mexico – Average annual hours worked per worker: 2,225.66.

Average hours worked per week: 40.9. The long working hours in South Korea is due to the industrial system in the country and night cultures.

Turkey – Average annual hours worked per employee: 1,855.06.

That’s 892 fewer hours spent at work per year than Mexicans. In Portugal work tends to start at 9am, before a two-hour break at 1pm.

Productivity: US$27 to the country’s GDP for each hour of work. But in the private sector Slovenians often work as much as 10 hours per day. Despite enjoying the shortest working hours among OECD member countries, Germany manages to maintain high productivity levels.

South Korea – Average annual hours worked per worker: 2,163. According to Mexican laws, the maximum working hours per week is 48 hours. In India, where there is no universal national limit for maximum working hours, workers do not have a guaranteed minimum amount of annual leave. However, in 2018 the average working week was recorded at just 26.7 hours. The idea behind the pilot is to see whether working 30 hours could actually make employees more productive than a 40-plus-hour-week. BBC Capital’s greatest hits from over the last year. Read about our approach to external linking.

The USA, however, is one of only 13 countries that does not guarantee paid time off, and it is left to employers to provide leave. Average hours worked per week: 42.1. According to Mexican laws, the maximum working hours per week is 48 hours. Productivity: US$19.20 to the country’s GDP for each hour of work. In 2018 the average working week lasted 38.2 hours. Nations that work the most hours on average: In terms of the nations with the highest working hours, Qatar takes the top spot. We’re bidding farewell to 2018 with some of BBC Capital’s greatest hits from over the last year. Estonians also benefit from generous holiday, typically receiving 28 days of holiday per year. But following concerns about social problems, including a low birth rate and slowing productivity, President Moon Jae-in has led a push to reduce the country’s working hours and give workers the “right to rest”. In 2018, the average hours worked across all types of workers was actually 34.4 hours per week.

But the law now dictates a five-day working week of eight hours a day. Israel may not have the longest workweek, but it spends a lot of time working over the course of the year, as shown by their annual hours worked.

In 2018, the average week worked was 29.8 hours.

… Russia – Average annual hours worked per employee: 1,789.92. Workers in such cases can arrive at work at 10.00 am and leave at around 6.00 pm.

That's a drop from 2017, where the average week was 35.5 hours, which suggests the new laws are starting to have an impact.

It is usually said that Americans work more than European because Europe is a socialist economy and they are very lazy people.

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Top 10 Countries with Longest Working Hours 1.

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