They will also learn how to work scientifically, how to observe closely, and how to record their observations.

2. Giving your child access to a variety of writing styles – including a range of fiction and non-fiction books – will expand their vocabulary and knowledge as well as develop their reading fluency. Expressive Arts                                 Carousel. Mathematics in Year 2 focuses on the 2, 5, and 10 times tables, and they will learn multiplication and division facts for these tables. endobj 2 :�zwz�m���_?�^~�?������r�euQ�eVW���O�饝��k��/U�����Ǐ�Ie�js���i��^��� �*�"���_V?�e�ڮ������G/�b� �R7y#V�e��ۨ�X�����ðʲ�j���kU����Z�2[o�շ��z��&[w��w���:\��}��e��[email protected]���ޔ���Z���]tC��r::�*e۴��gM]���͚/���j]�����^���~��N�K��7 ���Z�ݞ����:�t����2S*/Z�\ First choice university destination, 2020 leavers, 2020 student poll results "I get a high standard of teaching in all my lessons". l�: e���^M��F�W�6E^��g����"�r#V.�!Z�x���j��]��u���lU�PY��"�;�!�@^�h��KUe������ nM�U_M�S^b���h��=i_7�o�=׷�1�p���U���I����MW㕕&���K�@=ؽy��;�]�u��Fڮ�[sp�U ,i��?j �=��4��翇#����ˡ�wt�J�C;��n(�k�5{��Z�ˢ˛�+W!����������zӮ^ ��kxa��=���^������כ!r^K��i���WE��jn��K�A����S�0�Nj�ZF;^�FN�[M?�7���@8����YxZh�ǧ�U�����׫����_tr]���Q'���s�Rj,�QJ�eL�8�VZ=�R��+~f�E�?���V�5������(z�[��AK>s�\��.� Year 1 Curriculum Plan 2019-2020; Year 2 Curriculum Plan 2019-2020; Year 3 Curriculum Plan 2019-2020; Year 4 Curriculum Plan 2019-2020; Year 5 Curriculum Plan 2019-2020; ... Maths; PE; Science; Parents Consultations Booking System; Children. Think about pointing out statements, commands, questions, or exclamations when reading with your child.

Year 2 2019-2020 Curriculum Map Here is an overview of year 2's curriculum, what they will be learning and small steps of how they will achieve this.The Curriculum maps are planned from the National Curriculum. Grammar is a hot topic in Year 2! This PDF gives details of what we are working towards in Year 2. Children are expected to achieve different milestones at the end of each year. 4 0 obj Teachers' high expectations are at the heart of teaching in the school and pupils' attitudes to learning are highly positive.

Year 2 End of Year Expectations. There will be a more detailed focus on handwriting, with children encouraged to form their letters correctly, learn which letters are to be joined and make letters a consistent size. Finally, you can develop their independence at home by encouraging your child to get dressed on their own or organise their belongings more independently. There are many different ways you can do this, but it is beneficial if your child can use and apply this knowledge – for example, not just knowing that 10 × 2 is 20, but also realising that 20 divided by 2 is 10. For example, ask them to help you pay for goods or calculate change when shopping. Expressive Arts Carousel . Children in Year 2 will also learn to add and subtract with two-digit and one-digit numbers. SEN students. - STAC's Vocabulary success.

Learning to tell the time, especially to five minutes, is another great way to support your child’s learning at home; this also links neatly to their counting in 5s in the 5 times-table. Refer to these curriculum links for more detail: National Curriculum for England, Scotland, and Wales, Read our tips on helping your child become a. Welcome to Year 2! Your child has now entered an important stage of their primary school experience: this is the year of the Key Stage 1 (KS1) end-of-year attainment tests known as SATS, which mark the end of their KS1 journey.