I also get a woking L2TP/IPSec connection, but I was not able to implement a certificate based authentication for server nor clients as well.

[...]  I'd invest in a cheap (five-port?) - can't get any thing to work in IKEv2 using certificates nor IkEv1 using certificates ... most frustrated with this. Frankly a few from our team spent some weeks chasing this and frankly it has been very frustrating mainly due to publicly available (inter-webs) clumsy, sometimes overly motherly ,broadly generic and worse blandly incorrect "black magic" type instruction as well as frustrating default configurations and limitation of some VPN IKE inbuilt clients. I have found that application forwarding does work, DHCP reservation for that system (, port forwarding for that system on range 3389=>3389 using TCP+UDP. > I cant believe you have never heard of bridging your internet> connection? Hallo @Zyxel_Cooldia and thank you for your reply! No one is spying on you. As such, I configured: 1. To acquire firmware, software, driver or other support files for Zyxel devices, enter the model number in the search box.

And when I am reapitdly told here and other forums to set it up in AP mode and thats not working, and then people are like im not doing it right. If you want to forget about the WAN/Internet Ethernet port, then youshould be able to configure almost any router as a WAP in a more manualway.

And when the WNDR3400v3  is in AP mode you can't get at it using the usual IP address. This was ultimately the deal breaker for me, so I did not even attempt to contact CenturyLink for support (given my issues with their support on item #1 above). I'd expect the second Ethernet port on the computer to be used for asecond subnet, and configuring everything for that kind of arrangementis where you'd need some serious effort/knowledge.

> I read the documentation and went thru every menu on my router.

Im really having trouble trying to configure the ip address is what it comes down too. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! See "I'd invest [...]", above.> Oh and thats the other issue, setting up the N600 as a access point? In other words, it goes nowhere near what most people know as the worldwide web. PS. Exactly. [...]    You wish.> [...] Im really having trouble trying to configure the ip address is> what it comes down too. TheWNDR3400v3 has a WAN/Internet Ethernet port, so you need to be morecareful not to use it.

Why ever, these legacy units have no simple switch to convert between router and AP mode. I say this because it might help you to work out what is going on. Take the router off line and connect it to a PC that also has no other network connect, internet or otherwise. And yes, I would have fired several product managers, QA testers, and developers, too. The windows bridge does everything automaticly, you just highlight two connections and right click, then create network bridge, and it does it all by its self.